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BLITZ to BRANSON Eighteen 2013

Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center, Branson, Missouri, USA
April 19-20, 2013

List of Folks Attending

18th Annual Blitz to Branson, MO

Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center, Branson, Missouri, USA April 19-20, 2013

The official location of this year's Branson Blitz will again be The Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center,3598 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. That is right at the corner of Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and Highway 76 (the main highway thru Branson). Don't know what the B2B is? Keep reading!

MAKE YOUR OWN RESERVATIONS at: 1-888-386-3648 and tell them you're with the Internet BMW Riders to get the special rate or they might tell you they're full. They kind of like us and give us special rates! ***Please note, they do have a two day cancellation policy AND if you're arriving later than 9 PM please let them know so they hold the room for you.)

The Honeysuckle Inn rooms will be all non-smoking and cost $55 for a double with 2 queen beds. A room with a King is $65. The rooms all open to the outside with a covered walkway. They have an indoor pool, complimentary breakfast and a lot of level (for Branson) parking. The meeting room seats 100 so we will be able to fit everyone in for the Saturday night event.

Point your BMW towards 3598 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. If you plan to come please let know so she can add you to our officially registered updated almost daily list. Planning on camping?

Most Scenic Camping is at Table Rock Lake State Park - 10.3 miles from the Branson. Located on Table Rock Lake - 90 camp sites. No need to reserve a site due to early season. Showers are available. To get to the State Park exit Hwy 65 approx. 4 miles south of Branson on Hwy 165. Go WEST approximately 6 miles and the State Park is on your left.

How did the B2B get started? It all started in 1996

The East and West Coast contingents of the IBMWR - not to mention the South Coast contingent - had been riding and writing all winter long and it was definitely time for a No Coast rally, so we organized one and named it "The Blitz to Branson" (since political correctness was not valued by me or my friends). Jim and Sherryl Hair found the site and after frequent intense road explorations shared the secret with us all. You don't need a coast to have really twisted roads.

VI Make your plans now. Year I-XVI are all in the history books. Time to add your chapter.

Happenings Informality is the key. This is one rally who no one works and we all play. What organization there is is done by people who want organization. Mostly we just want twisty roads free of traffic and time to talk to riders - friends old and new.

The usual agenda is meeting and greeting on Friday afternoon and evening in the hospitality room or anywhere in front of The Honeysuckle Inn. Some come as early as Thursday afternoon.

Saturday there's a complimentary breakfast in the hospitality room or you can walk or ride to nearby cafes or restaurants.

This year your miles to and from Branson all count in the MOA Mileage Contest. If you haven't gotten your forms signed by then, the Blitz is the place. It's not too late.

Supper can be purchased at one of the nearby restaurants Saturday but eat early so you can be back for our incredibly cool awards - usually around 7:30 - including door prizes donated by fellow presidents. Do you have some to share? Please bring them. One year there was even a bike! And every year local and some not so local dealers have given us cool door prizes. And Bones! And . . .

The banner picture will be staged in the courtyard.

You may DRESS FOR SATURDAY DINNER in your best - or worst - to be considered for Fashion Police awards.

We're looking for a leader for our fellow Presidents in the no longer Virgin Blitz Band. We've added 4 and 8 PM on Saturday as official musical times, but I expect there could be practice on Friday too. So if you've got instruments, bring 'em. There are even awards!

Sunday morning - more complimentary breakfast in the hospitality room, or arrange your own gathering. Any other questions? You might check past events pages on the IBMWR site,

or write to me: Awards likely to be awarded include:

Most Protected Rider, Highest Tech Bike, Highest Odometer, Oldest BMW, Most Colorful Rider, Oldest Rider, Lowest Odometer, Youngest Rider, Largest Instrument, Most Musical, Long Distance Two Up, Long Distance Lady Rider, Long Distance Gentleman Rider WEST, Long Distance Gentleman Rider EAST, Hard Luck, BMW MOA Contest Leader for Day, Fashion Police Before, and After, as well as breaking news awards.

Awards are decided by the assembled Presidents. A good story is always valued more than the literal truth.

Any President in good standing can provide more awards as seems appropriate. Or not.

Voni , sMiling, plotting and planning in RED and Paul, general all around good guy.

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