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From chinacat!rider! Sat Feb 26 23:06:39 1994
From: (Joe Senner)
Subject: MOA Club Status
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Date: 26 Feb 94 17:18:10 CST (Sat)
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I finally received the club application packet from Norm DeGroot today. I've filled out the application form, enclosed the check or money order for the club dues, and put the envelope in the mailbox.

Club name is listed as: Internet BMW Riders
(same as RA charter)

The 10 chartering Presidents were listed as follows (in the order I received numbers in my mailbox):

1. Rick Nagle
2. Paul Spencer
3. Jim Bessette
4. Ed Guzman
5. Josh Ascher
6. Cy Young
7. Walt Dabell
8. Doug Ruth
9. Ben Zaborowsky

I stopped at 9 and listed myself as the 10th President (do I look anything like James Polk?).

I'll keep you posted as to results.

Joe Senner

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