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From chinacat!rider! Sat Oct 9 18:20:35 1993
From: (Joe Senner)
Subject: Internet BMW Riders - RA Chartered!
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Date: 9 Oct 93 17:04:47 CDT (Sat)
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the packet came in the mail today. our list is now an officially chartered club in the BMW RA. we are officially chartered in the south central US region (district #2) as club #197.

the certificate came with a copy of the RA bylaws, which is fairly long and mostly boring, but I'll try to type in the interesting stuff and put it on the file server.

our confirmation was apparently delayed because they were redesigning the certification certificate. I'll see if I can get Noah to scan the certificate and we'll make the gif/jpg available so everyone can have a look see.

Joe Senner

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