AK Alaska - the Bowhead Whale State

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Name: Mitch Bethel
Address/Area: Ketchikan Alaska
Phone: (907)225-9503
E-Mail: mdjr@ptialaska.net
Model(s): 86 R65 & Yamaha Virago
Comments: Ketchikan is the first stop on the Alaska Marine Hiway coming from the south and is an island very limited on roads.So me and my riding partners ,R100GSPD & K75, do most of our riding in B.C.and the Yukon. Very few beemers here so if your passing through come up for a beer or coffee. Some tools and work space.

Name: John R. Boltjes
Address/Area: Juneau, Alaska
Phone: 907-586-8951
E-Mail: sdog@gci.net
Model(s): 1999 1100RT
Comments: Only about 100 miles of road, but some great scenery. BMW dealers only in Anchorage or Fairbanks. Heated garage, tools, mechanical assistance available.
Last Update: Sat, 18 Mar 2000

Name: Tom Creviston
Address/Area: PO box 302 Delta Junction, AK 99737
Phone: 907-895-4400 hm, 907-590-1262
E-Mail: tommij54@hotmail.com
Comments: Can provide help between Fairbanks and the Canadian border, work space, sleeping or camping space, coffee & conversation.
Last Update: Sun, 26 Jan 2003

Name: Keith Hull
Address/Area: Palmer, Alaska
E-Mail: keith@rentalaska.com
URL: http://www.rentalaska.com
Model(s): R1150GS, R1150R, F650GS, R25
Comments: We rent motorcycles and conduct guided tours for Edelweiss Bike Travel. Palmer is 40 miles north of Anchorage. Stop by if you are in the area, or contact me if you have any questions about visiting Alaska!
Last Update: Dec 2002

Name: Don & Mary Moody
Address/Area: Our location would best be described as Big Lake/ Houston. We actually live just off Big Lake Road.
Phone: home number is 907-892-8886 if no answer call cell 907-232-4227
E-Mail: the.mood@gci.net
Model(s): 1992 K75s
Comments: The nearest BMW dealer is in Anchorage, approx 50 miles away. We live approximately 50 miles north of Anchorage in the area of Big lake, very near the Parks Highway, on Big Lake Road. The Parks is the road which runs from the Glenn Highway intersection (38 miles from Anchorage and 10 miles from the city of Palmer, where it intersects) north to Prudoe Bay. It actually does change names but it still remains the only road. The northern part is the Dalton Highway (from Fairbanks to the Prudoe Bay oil fields). I have a small garage, very well equipped for minor maintenance. I have a cabin available for a fee and tent space out the kazoo. Spent this summer (2002) assisting others with their touring of this state and would love to continue. I have a trailer and would assist for expenses incurred as far away as 100 miles, if my work schedule and time/funds allow.
Last Update: Tue, 6 Aug 2002

Name: Mitch Roth
Address/Area: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Phone: 907-474-7098 (work), 907-479-0878 (home)
Model(s): '77 R75/7 (900cc), Yamaha '72 XS2-650.
Comments: I enjoy flying, skiing, motorcycle touring, drinking beer, and talking about any of the above. My house is located on the Chena River and I have a yard that is large enough for a couple tents. There is also a garage available for minor maintenance. If you give me a little notice, I might be able to join you on a tour when you're in the area.

Name: Bill Still
Address/Area: Anchorage, Alaska  USA
Phone: 907.563.6051
E-Mail: kitebill@aol.com
Model(s): R100RT & R100GS
Comments: Member of Northern Riders & Airheads.  I have good local knowledge and some mechanical skills.  Call if you are planning a trip or just want to talk Beemers.

Name: Anthony Taylor
Address/Area: Sitka, Alaska
E-Mail: tony@searhc.org (work), tonyt@ptialaska.net (home)
Model(s): 1975 R90/6
Comments: No nearby dealers; 14 miles of road (end-to-end). Not many places to ride, but Sitka *is* on the Alaska Marine Highway (the Alaska state ferry system). If you plan on stopping by Sitka, feel free to contact me.
Last Update: Mon, 14 May 2001

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