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Name: Philippe Balestrucci
Address/Area: Belgium Brussel
Phone: 32 2 346 55 55
Model: BMW K1 Blue and grey
Comments: I crashed my motorbike this February... I'm waiting for the money of the insurance.

Name:Peter Meyers & Marieke Van Coppenolle
Address/Area:Kontich, near Antwerp in Belgium (Europe)
Phone:31 3 457 01 92
Model(s):old R100RT but great fun
Comments:Willingness to host passing BMW-travellers for a short time, and a place where you can drink a cup of tea or coffee in rainy Belgium and tell some stories.

Name: Frank Fensie
Model: 89 K75s, 95 K1100 LT
Comments: I'm a pedestrian for the moment, but I think it won't stay that way for long. Meeting Carlo Ratzersdorfer (famous Caratz) means generally meeting me !
Last Update: Sun, 17 Dec 2000

Name:Jean (male french name for John) Moxhet
Address/Area:Europe, Belgium, Longfaye (near the Spa-Francorchamps race circuit)
Phone:*-32-(0)80-339056 (home) *-32-(0)41-665335 (office) Fax: *-32-(0)41-665722 (office)
URL: (G/S, ST and GS page)
Model(s):'81 R80G/S
Comments:Belgian Ardenne is a beautifull area for bike tourisme, you can find there marvelous twisty roads in forest country. I have the possibility to help bikers in problem (tools, trailer,...) and there is a good BMW dealer in Liege.

Name: Carlo Ratzersdorfer
Address/Area: Antwerpen
Phone: home ++32.3.2262721 Fax 2267896 Mobile : (0)475230777
E-Mail:  or
Model: R1100RS (1994)
Comments: I live in the center of the city of Antwerp.  I am always happy to meet fellow riders coming from all kinds of places.  I don't wrench but have an excellent dealer about 15 kilometers from here.  Time permitting, I enjoy showing my country to anyone visiting us during the riding season.   Feel free to contact me.

Name: Herbert Roelandt
Address/Area: Belgium Aalst
Phone: 32 486-55.38.50
E-Mail: /
Model: BMW K100RT BMW R1100GS
Comments: world traveler. The K- bike has almost 600.000 km now. I can offer mechanical help and a spare bedroom for a few days.
Last Update: Sat, 11 Jul 2000

Name:Michel (Mike) Ruelle
Address/Area:Mons (Belgium) near the french border
Model(s):BMW 100 GS paris-Dakar - 1989
Comments:Belgium is one of the most interesting country in Europe ! We have the sea (100km - 60 miles from Brussels) We have the mountains (not that big but.. at 100 km - 60 miles from Brussels) AND WE HAVE the most tasty CHOCOLATE and the biggest variety of BEERS of the world. Come and visit our country !! I have place fo camping and good tools. I can provide help for touring. Feel free to ask some help if passing by .... :-)

Name: Marc Schepers
Address/Area: De Bosschaertstraat 27, B-2020, Antwerp, Belgium, Europe
Phone: 00/32/3/2372484
Model: 1996 R1100RT
Comments: nearby dealers present, best illuminated roads in the world, bank cards used for fueling.

Name: Koen Vandecauter / Tine Van Yper
Address/Area: Oudenaarde (near Ghent), Belgium
Model: 93 R1100RS - XJ600S Yamaha
Comments: Oudenaarde is in the centre of the Flemish Ardenne, one of the most butiful places in Flanders for touring. If you want some touring info send me email. If you wanna stay for a short piriod, no problem, you can stay at my place or on a camping site at 500 meters from my home. There are two dealers nearby.

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