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Name: Eric Abramson
Address/Area: Nederland, Colorado USA The peak to peak (72) goes right by my house in town!!
Model(s): '92 R100GS (yellow&black)
Comments: I ride a '92 R100GS and can't think of a better bike for me considering where I live. Stop by sometime on your way south. My home office number is 303-258-3084

Name: David R. Asselin
Address/Area: Loveland, CO (15 miles south of Fort Collins, 70 miles north of Denver)
Phone: (970)278-1101
Model(s): 1990 R100GS/P
Comments: Newbie wrench so can't offer much help there but plenty of room for a crash on the floor, lots of beautiful riding nearby.
Last Update: Thu, 6 Jul 2000

Name: Joanie Barbier
Address/Area: Salida, Colorado
Phone: 719-655-2484
Model(s): bmw r100gs -bumblebee
Comments: No mechanical abilities other than changing oil. Have house, big deck and garage. 5 acres to ride around in. 250 miles west of Denver. Beautiful GS riding out my front door. No trailer, sold it. I can cook.....ha
Last Update: Sun, 20 Jan 2002

Name: Tony Black
Address/Area: Colorado Springs
Phone: 719-260-8764
Model(s): 97 K1100LT 77 R100RS 74 R90S 01 F650GS Dakar
Comments: Have tools and workspace available most of the time. Some mechanical assistance. Have access to a trailer. May have a spare room in emergencies depending on who's staying with me at the time.
Last Update: Sun, 30 Dec 2001

Name:John Bobela III
Address/Area:North Denver, Colorado (Westminster) I enjoy rides throughout the foothills & the entire Rocky Mountain Area, especially canyon riding.
Phone:Home 303-650-8236 Work 303-650-4708
Model(s):R100GSPD Classic (finally the ultimate bike in the ultimate color!)
Comments:If you live in the area, I'm always up for a ride. I'm relatively new to the sport, and don't have a lot of mechanical expertiese - YET. For travellers to our lovely state, feel free to call, I work out of the home and am easy to get a hold of. I've got a covered car port for emergencies, and plenty of coffee & beer.

Name: John W. Browning
Address/Area: Colorado Springs, Colorado (Pikes Peak)
Phone: Home719-550-9574/Work 719-475-2437
Model(s): 1978 R80/7, 1973 R50/5 Toaster Tank w/750cc top end.
Comments: I like to ride all over the Rockies when I get the chance. I have tools and work space and mechanical help. My passion is with airheads. Member of MOA, RA, AMA, Airheads, and the Pikes Peak BMW Riders.
Last Update: Sun, 16 Jul 2000

Name: Brian Brumfield
Address/Area: Northglenn (North Denver) : I-25 & 120th Avenue
Phone: (303) 252-9126
Model(s): 1985 K100RS (previous), 1999 K1200RS
Comments: I have done a significant amount of work on the K100 (inside & out), and have a lot of tools - would be glad to lend a hand, or share some coffee and stories.
Last Update: Thu, 22 Apr 1999

Name: Michael Dunkle
Address/Area: Greeley, Colorado
Phone: 970-356-9539 (Hm), 970-539-0968 (Work Mobile)
E-Mail: or
Model(s): 2002 R1150RT
Comments: New to beemers and riding in general, but loving every minute of it. A great BMW dealer within 30 minutes of home. Familiar with most of Northern Colorado, Northern Mountains, and Front Range. Glad to be of assistance if anyone needs it ...
Last Update: 18 Sep 2002

Name: Mountain Eagle
Address/Area: Denver, Co, (Central)
Phone: 1.303.619.6976
Model(s): 1989 R 100 RS
Comments: Will help if I can, Floor/futon/tent space. Coffee and BS availabel too.
Last Update: Tue, 18 Sep 2001

Name: Al Fink
Address/Area: 1021 Steele St., Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303) 377-1528
Model(s): 1976 R90/6

Name: Mark Foster
Address/Area: USA-Colorado-Colorado Springs
Phone: 719.634.1401
Model(s): '92 K75
Comments: I am constantly on-the-go, but will help/meet passers-thru if I'm around. HAM callsign: NW4Y (since '74). Local repeater: 146.97.

Name: Lee Freedman
Address/Area: P.O.Box 235 Fort Garland, CO 81133
Phone: 719-379-2658
Comments: Coffee, shower, sleep
Last Update: Fri, 28 Jul 2000

Name: Al Ferguson
Address/Area: Colorado Springs, CO (actually Cascade)
Phone: 719.684.8617
Model(s): 1980 R65 & 1998 Honda Aero
Comments: I'm Glad to get together for a ride in these mountains anytime. I have some tools and enough mechanical skill to get me in trouble. I have a trailer but nothing to pull it with at the moment. Looking for riding buddies in the area.
Last Update: 1 Jan 2001

Name: Keith Gawlik
Address/Area: Boulder, CO 30 miles NW of Denver
Phone: (303) 384-6260 work (303) 275-6001 work (303) 494-7175 home
Model(s): 1971 R75/5, 1962 BSA C15
Comments: General interests: Riding in the foothills and mountains west of here, cross-country skiing, reading. Do most of my own car and bike maintenance, so can help with a repair. If you are in the area, call--maybe we can get together.

Name: John Goodwin
Address/Area: Carbondale, CO
Phone: (h)970 9633612 (w)970 9478283
Model(s): K75C
Comments: I have a pickup and tools and workspace. Can tell you about some pretty neat roads too.
Last Update: Wed, 05 Jul 2000

Name: Rod House
Address/Area: S.E. Colorado, in the foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountains 16 miles west of Walsenburg (which is about 50 miles south of Pueblo.) in a small town called La Veta.
Phone: (719) 742-3334
Model(s): 98 R1100 GS
Comments: Planning a trip to Alaska this summer; leaving 7/20 and returning +/- 9/1. Any comments, info, ideas, suggestions, or possible fellow AK tourers feel free to drop me an e-mail. Nearest dealer is in Puelo West, about 75 miles away. I have a pickup truck with ramp and tie downs for emergency transport. I have a workspace and tools, and some mechanical know how. There are lots of both road bike type roads and GS type roads around here. Would welcome a call if you're in the area.
Last Update: Tue, 05 Jun 2001

Name: Lewis B. Howell
Address/Area: Boulder, CO
Phone: 303 413 1174
Model(s): R1100GS
Comments: Willing to take rides all over the the country. Spent much time in east TN, North GA, NC, Suches, Deals Gap, Utah etc..Will offer help to those stranded, recomend trips, have coffee, kick tires. Headed to Baja the 31st of December.

Name: Patrick Jones
Address/Area: Aspen
Phone: (970) 544-3906
Model(s): 1977 R100/7
Comments: I've got a truck, but it's always got a cap on it. No trailer, but a moderate amount of both skills and tools. Could probably put up a broken bike for a few days, but not too much room for the rider.
Last Update: 5 Jun 2002

Name:Jim Joslyn
Address/Area:Glade Park, Colorado 81523
Phone:home (970) 245-7967 work (970) 245-4099
Model(s):1993 gspd
Comments:25 miles south of Grand Junction, Colorado through the Colorado National Monument. I like riding two track roads and good conversation. There's room to camp, tools and coffee.

Name: Bruce G. Keahey
Address/Area: Arvada, CO
Phone: 03-456-8405 (home), 303-541-6778 (work)
Model(s): '93 K75, 96K1100RS
Comments: Have bedroll space, limited space to work, some tools. Willing to help/meet for coffee, conversation, eats, rides, etc.

Name: Jerry Kelly
Address/Area: Grand Lake, CO (near west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park)
Phone: 970-627-3581
Model(s): '92 K75S, '61 R69s, '74 R90S, '72 75/5 Toaster
Comments: I have some tools available for minor repairs. Coffee and conversation always available.  This is a "cabin" so I'm around more on the weekends/holidays. Email me in advance if you're passing thru and I'll tip you to the best roads in CO.
Last Update: Wed, 26 May 1999

Name: Brett Kushner
Address/Area: Denver, CO
Phone: 303-992-6063
Model(s): 1994 R11RS
Comments: Close to Foothills BMW, tons of great rides, have Jeep to pull trailer, can assist in emergency, mechanically inclined.
Last Update: Thu, 18 Jan 2001

Name: Steve Lawrence
Address/Area: Thornton, Colorado (25 miles north of Denver)
Phone: 303.254.7670
Model(s): BMW K75C, BMW K1200RS
Comments: Will help with Colorado tour suggestions, and with roadside area emergencies.  Enjoy sport-touring, kicking tires, etc.  Ich sprache ein bischen Deutsch, auch.
Last Update: Mon, 23 Aug 1999

Name: Garth Leonard
Address/Area: Castle Rock, CO; 30 mi. south of Denver
Phone: (303) 663-3627
URL: (still being constructed)
Model(s): '81 R100RS bought new, have ridden over 200,000 miles on it, '74 R90/6 w/Velorex sidecar, '01 F650GS Dakar just for fun!
Comments: Career in USAF has taken me all over the world. Have ridden USA, Canada, Europe (R100RS), and Philippines (883 Sportster--but that's a long story). Riding BMWs for 28 years. Service manager at local BMW dealer for 4 years. Have some parts, tools and mechanical help available. Also have trailer, storage space, workspace, spare room, depending on family visiting schedule. Two BMW dealers in the area. Have a friend who is a certified BMW mechanic nearby. Coffee, conversation, tips on local touring.
Last Update: Wed, 13 Feb 2002

Name: Myles B. Lewis
Address/Area: Gunnison, Colorado
Phone: 1-970-641-6011 CELL PHONE 1-425-210-8521
Model(s): 1989 Kawasaki ZX600R (closest thing that handles like an oilhead I could find cheap)
Comments: Yamaha/Kawasaki dealer only, plenty of roads and trails to ride, tools and trailer if needed, plenty of space for visitors.
Last Update: Sat, 11 May 2002

Name: Conrad Long
Address/Area: Fraser, Colorado, USA
Phone: (970) 726-8645
Model(s): 94 R1100RSA, 93 R100GS/PD
Comments: Have garage, tools, some wrenching experience, Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park nearby, as well as some other fun twisties.
Last Update: Tue, 7 Jan 2003

Name: Sandy Marks
Address/Area: Denver, CO
Phone: 303-888-1723
Model(s): 1999 R1100RT
Comments: always up for a ride and willing to help with CO route planning, and emergencies.
Last Update: Tue, 5 Sep 2000

Name: Dallas Masters
Address/Area: Boulder, CO
Phone: hm: (303) 543-7169, wk: (303) 492-4075
Model(s): 1988 R100GS, 1975 R75/6
Comments: Available extra bedroom and time for coffee, Boulder/Indian Peaks area riding, tips for touring northern New Mexico.
Last Update: Sun, Nov 5, 2000

Name:Samir Y. Naguib
Address/Area:Denver, Colorado
Phone:(303) 745-1905
Model(s):1994 K1100RS, 1992 K75RT

Name: Laszlo Nemeth
Address/Area: Boulder, CO
Phone: 303 444 4006
Model(s): many R bikes
Comments: if you need R bike help give me a call. always up for beer or coffee. do have crash space but my driveway is a "procede at your own risk"

Name: Jim Normandeau
Address/Area: Lafayette, CO (east of Boulder)
Phone: 303-661-9297
Model(s): 1985 K100RS, 1971 R60/5
Comments: Always willing to help out with a broken bike on the side of the road. Need those karma points!

Name: Derek Sells
Address/Area: Ft Collins, Co
Model(s): 1981R 65
Comments: College student which enjoys long rides.

Name: Bob Shannon
Address/Area: Nederland, Colorado
Phone: 1-303-258-0221/home, 1-303-492-3136/work
Model(s): 1978 R80/7
Comments: rural location near Boulder & Denver,  good local mechanic, plenty of good roads to ride - some interesting unpaved roads nearby, Best Western Lodge in town, restuarants, taverns, hardware store, grocery store.
Last Update: Mon, 17 May 1999

Name: Frank Snively
Address/Area: 429 Mill St., Buena Vista, Colorado (Buena Vista is 2 miles north of the intersection of US 285 and US 24, a bit over 100 miles west of Colorado Springs and 130 miles SW of Denver.)
Phone: 719-395-0605
Model(s): 1995 R1100GS
Comments: have hand tools and a Bigg Maxx stand; fabrication limited to Dremel and small wire feed welder. Have beat up but dependable Dodge Pickup with ramp if worse comes to worst. Being retired, I have time to help, but no guarantee I'll fix it, i.e. you may NEED the truck. Buena Vista is a "must" stop off for either one of the two standard loops out of Paonia - directly east via Kebler Pass, Crested Butte and Taylor Park, then over Cottonwood pass to Buena Vista. Return either through Aspen or through Gunnison. (or do both in a "figure 8" if you want a long day)
Last Update: Wed, 03 Jul 2002

Name: R. C. Sumner
Address/Area: Pueblo, Co
Phone: 719-560-0852
Model(s): Yellow k1200rs, Silver K1100lt
Comments: Call any time for anything
Last Update: Wed, 21 Apr 1999

Name: Terry Turnbeaugh
Address/Area: Aurora, Colorado, USA (east metro Denver)
Phone: 303-343-8972 home 303-366-3558 office
Model(s): 1976 R90/6
Comments: Sport-touring, shade-tree mechanics

Name: Marc Trice
Address/Area: Denver
Phone: 303 343 2706
Model(s): K100RS
Comments: Very near Denver BMW, ride alongs, bullshit over Bavarian brews, or place to crash to kindred touring spirits.
Last Update: Fri, 1 Mar 2002

Name: Jim Van Riper
Address/Area: Woodland Park Colorado (on the side of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs)
Model(s): '85 K100RS, new R1100GS
Comments: As listed in the anonymous listing I have extra rooms available and camping space as well. I do not have trailering equipment but woud be more than willing to give a fellow rider assistance if in need of repairs. I am interested in long distance rides and rally's and plan a trip to Alaska some time this year. I would appreciate any information about what to expect on this trip if anyone is inclined to write.

Name: Eric VanDenHoek
Address/Area: Divide(Colorado Springs)
Phone: 605-787-6338
E-Mail: /
Model(s): '85 BMW K100RS
Comments: IBMWR President / BMWMOA # 74038 / MSF Certified Instructor

Name: Craig Williams
Address/Area: Arvada, CO
Phone: (303) 420-8644
Model(s): 1999 K1200RS
Comments: Western suburb of Denver. Have tools, garage space, m/c lift, extra bedrooms for emergencies, like to chat and happy to suggest routes and things to see. Two dealers nearby.
Last Update: Sat, 17 Jun 2000

Name: Marcus Young
Address/Area: Denver, CO
Phone: 303 458-5348
Model(s): 1998 R1100RS
Comments: I am happy to assist with arranging service or lodging, tracking down parts, or offering recommendations for the area. Fellow riders should also feel free to call or email if you're in or near Metropolitan Denver. I'd love to join you for a ride, a beer, a meal, and/or conversation.
Last Update: Tue, 11 Dec 2001

Name: Ron Zaccagnini
Address/Area: Lake George, Colorado. 50 miles west of Colorado Springs.
Phone: 719-748-3992
Model(s): R90, R100RT and K100RS.
Comments: I have a shop available, with some tools, real cheap labor to assist with problems. I've made all the mistakes, so maybe I can help you avoid some. There's camping here and alot of nice country to see.

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