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Name: Ken Dermota
Address/Area: Washington, D.C.
Phone: (202) 986-1151
E-Mail: kenbels@hermesnet.net
Model(s): '80 R100RS
Comments: I am a commuting rider, and make lots of day trips on weekends, especially to PA on an '80 R100RS. Will do what I can in emergencies, but few tools and less garage space. I leave any repair work in the hands of Nguyen Lap, the mystical Vietnamese mechanic who does it for less than I could do it my self, if I had to buy the parts--and a whole lot better. Plus, he guarantees all work, which I can't do, either. If you need road help, better to call LAP in Alexandria at: (703) 461-9404.

Name: Bob Higdon
Address/Area: Washington, D.C.
Phone: 202-966-3291
E-Mail: higdon@ironbutt.com
Model(s): '86 R80G/S, (2) '81 R80G/S
Comments: Long-distance touring.

Name: Darren 'Hal' McCabe
Address/Area: Washington DC / Northern VA
Phone: 703-425-6871
E-Mail: Hal@aol.com
Model(s): 1995 R1100GS
Comments: 25 yr old professional male looking for riding partners...male or female...for day trips and what not. Fast paced. Night rides are great too.

Name: DC Mike Schen
Address/Area: Washington, DC
Phone: 202.232.2871(home) 301.975.6741(work)
E-Mail: dcmike@erols.com
Model(s): 90K75 "Tom of Deutschland"
Comments: Sorry, don't have a garage, but do have local friends that do have them. Minor tools, lots of coffee, plenty of bull and a warm dry futon. Familiar with all routine and emergency maintainance issues on the K75. Close to Metro and DC bus lines.

Name: Ted Verrill
Address/Area: Georgetown, Washington D.C.
Phone: (H) (202) 337-8398 (202) 333-2827
E-Mail:esquireted@aol.com or tedv@fool.com
Model(s):1988 K75S
Comments: A few tools, no garage, limited technical knowledge, but can do the basic things on a K-bike. Can provide in-depth advice on sites in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. Irregularly have camping space, with advance notice, available on Islesboro, an island with ferry service in Penobscott Bay, Maine.

Name: John Weinstein
Address/Area: N. Virginia/Wash, DC
Phone: weekdays 703.681-8687; eves 703.528-7626
E-Mail: john.weinstein@osd.pentagon.mil
Model(s): 78 r80/7; 84 honda v-65 sabre; 81 honda cb750k
Comments: have tools and will travel a reasonable distance to help out any rider. know great roads in the region and can usually get away for a ride. always ready for kk.

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