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Name: Bryan
Address/Area: Worcester, England
Phone: 07879 650449
E-Mail: bryansandy5r@supanet.com
Model(s): 1994 R1100RS
Comments: Close to town centre.less than 1hr from Stratford on avon. Close to great roads in Herefordshire and Shropshire. Dealer less than 1hr. Welcome to stop for few nights but only til June when I go off to tour USA.
Last Update: Sun, 18 Mar 2001

Name: Derek G Bate
Address/Area: Hurley, North Warwickshire, England
Phone: + 44 (0)1827 874220
E-Mail: Derek_G_Bate@msn.com
Model(s): 1994 R1100RS SE
Comments: Toured to France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Keen to go further - considering Italy in late `97 and Arctic circle in `98. I would be pleased to offer any assistance I can. Nearest dealer is 20 miles.

Name:Nick O Bishop : aka NOB
Address/Area:Newbury Berkshire England / Stevenage Hertfordshire England
Phone: 0468 105621
E-Mail: NOB38334@ggr.co.uk
Model(s): F650
Comments: IT Consultant new to BMW bikes but impressed to date. Willing to help any fellow biker in need of some grub and roof over their head for the night ( note singular no plural ) :^)

Name: Tony Cassidy
Address/Area: York-England - Haxby town north of the City just off the A1237 ring road
Phone: 1904-763645 Mobile:07803862685
E-Mail: Tonkingtosh@Hotmail.com or Tosh@york1.prestel.co.uk
Model(s): R100R Mystic 1994 - R65 1980
Comments: I'm always willing to offer help/local info. to passing bikers. I don't need any encouragement to join in a ride!. I have a garage and lots of tools. I do my own basic maintainance and have limited knowledge of basic Airhead mechanics. I can accommodate in an emergancy (sleeping bags on couch) or can reccomend local B&Bs etc. BMW dealer within 2 miles.
Last Update: Wed, 24 Jan 2001

Name: John Clamp
Address/Area: Barnfield College of Further Education New Bedford Road Luton Bedfordshire LU2 7BF United Kingdom
E-Mail: jc@barnlib.demon.co.uk
Model: BMW K75S '85
Comments: General Touring, UK / Europe Looking to upgrade soon !

Name: Paul Cummings
Address/Area: Cheam, Surrey, England (South West London)
Phone: home +44-(0)181-641-3612 work +44-(0)171-894-7472
E-Mail: cummings@london.cantor.com, if all else fails: pcummings@cantor.com
Model(s): K75S 1988
Comments: Don't spend enough time riding (outside of my daily commute to the City), but will be happy to change that if anyone is available... Owner of (possibly) the world's biggest motorcycle specification database (about 400-600 models per year all the way back to 1980).

Name: Julian Dale
Address/Area: South East London/Kent border
Phone: 07989 384481 (mobile phone)
E-Mail: Jules-D@ukgateway.net
Model(s): R1100GS
Comments: Reasonable knowledge of South East England, (with maps if the scanner's working!!). Possibility of roof/food supplied if my shifts allow, secure garage with tools and some mech. ability. 13 miles from central London - 1 hr. from channel tunnel.
Last Update: Tue, 18 April 2000

Name: David Dancy
Address/Area: Cambridge, UK
E-Mail: ddancy@dircon.co.uk
Model: K1100LT

Name: Robin Deacon
Address/Area: Country: U.K. County: Berkshire Town: Maidenhead
E-Mail: robin.deacon@protek.co.uk
Model(s): R100RT
Comments: Bombing down the M4 at antisocial speeds. Touring around Europe - so far made it to Barcelona. Biking issues - no limits to BHP! (Even if no BMW is over 100 bhp!) Plans: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague. Saving for an R1100RT.

Name: John Dickens
Address/Area: Tyneside, North East England
E-Mail: jhd5858@hotmail.com
Model(s): R850RT
Comments: Cold and wet almost all year. Some great roads. Dealers fair. If you're in the area we can help with food, accomodation and garage facilities.
Last Update: Tue, 6 Mar 2001

Name: Marc Donovan
Address/Area: London (North), England
Phone: +44 (0)7879 693536 (mobile), +44 (0) 8440 4992
E-Mail: marc.ibmwr@dnrc.co.uk
URL: http://www.dnrc.co.uk
Model(s): 1985 K100RT, really beat up but mechanically good. Just getting my first new bike in 19 years, a 2000 R1150GS. Also have a 1985 Jawa TS350+Sidecar - useful for getting those more bulky parts. :-)
Comments: Canadian (from Calgary) currently working in London. Several good dealers nearby. I'm a crap mechanic, but a (poorly equipped) garage is available if you want to do your own work. Short-term loans of my K *might* be possible if you've broken down and you're really stuck. I've got a couple extra beds as well, so accomodation isn't a problem. I'm on the road a lot though, so plan ahead.
Since Sat, 10 Jun 2000

Name: Paul Edwards
Address/Area: Malvern Hills, Worcester, UK (Central England)
Phone: (Via email, if needed)
E-Mail: pae.r1100rt@g4ikj.demon.co.uk
URL: http://www.g4ikj.demon.co.uk/r1100rt/
Model(s): 2000 R1100RT
Comments: Nearest dealer Stroud, Glocs. Hills scenic, roads suffering "speed limit-itis". Sorry, no accommodation - suggest B&B/hotels nearby. Interests: riding, walking, dogs, bikes & cars - and my wife says "geology too".
Last Update: Sun, 19 Nov 2000

Name: Stuart Edwards
Address/Area: Tynemouth Tyne & Wear. England
Phone: +44 (0)191 2590240
E-Mail: stuart@priors2d.freeserve.co.uk
Model(s): 84 (Registered 86) K100RT 60k on the clock now. 40 of them mine.
Comments: Returned to biking (Thanks to my wife for the 40th Birthday present, detailed above) 5 years ago after quite a few years on 4 wheels.Toured across Spain several times now, we keep going back it's soooo fantastic. Tynemouth is 2 miles away from the ferry port at North Shields which serves ferries from Sweden, Norway, Germany & Holland. Local dealer 10 miles away in Newcastle upon Tyne. Get in touch if you're passing. Enough knowledge & tools if you've got problems.
Last Update: Thu, 6 Jul 2000

Name: Paul Healey
Address/Area: Hampshire, UK - Southampton/Winchester
Phone: 01703 695936
E-Mail: paul@thornsds.co.uk
Model(s): K100RS-16V
Comments: Happy to advise on where to go/what to see in my part of the world.
Last Update: Tue, 26 Oct 1999

Name: Paul Hounslow
Address/Area: Berkshire UK - 53 Leighton Court, Copperdale Close, Earley,
BERKS, England. RG6 2SG
Phone: Home: +44 7050 022267
E-Mail: Paul@triagonl.demon.co.uk
URL: http://www.triagonl.demon.co.uk/pmh/
Model: K100LT
Comments: Tools Some. Mechanical aptitude Nill.

Name: Adrian Jowett
Address/Area: England, South Yorkshire, Sheffield
E-Mail: a.k.jowett@sheffield.ac.uk
Model: F650
Comments: Novice biker, vegan, biologist, hill walker Let me know if you are passing Would like to do some touring in Europe.

Name: Barry Kirkham
Address/Area: North London, England
Phone: +44 20 8343 2812
E-Mail: roadcraftlondon@cs.com
URL: under construction
Model(s): K1200RS
Comments: Help for stranded/broken down/exhausted BMW tourists. Sympathy/tools & some mech. skills available. Interests: advanced riding techniques, UK & European touring.
Last Update: Thu, 20 Sep 2001

Name: John Lee
Address/Area: Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom
Phone: 01202-488570
E-Mail: jaybuzz@tiscali.co.uk
Model(s): K100RS (16V) K100RT (8V)
Comments: Willing to help tourists who have problems in this area, 17 years knowledge of K series bikes, good tools available, No accomodation.
Last Update: Fri, 13 Sep 2002

Name: Phil Manning
Address/Area: Guildford, Surrey, UK
Phone: Mobile: 07973-298287
E-Mail: g1lkj@amsat.org
URL: http://www.bmw-club.org.uk
Model(s): BMW 1992 R100R
Comments: BMW Club Southern Section committee member. Local meet: Black Swan ( Mucky Duck ) public house near Junction 10 M25 motorway. On the outskirts of London. Alternate Tuesdays at 20:00pm ( 30 miles west of London ).
Last Update: Tue, 20 Mar 2001

Name: Clyde Martindill
Address/Area: St. Albans, Hertfordshire,UK
Phone: 01727 852361
E-Mail: clyde.martindill@virgin.net
Model(s): K75RT Ultima (2nd K75 in six years)
Comments: Can recommend some nice rides, interesting places to visit and some great country pubs. Also recommend good local dealer.

Name: Cynthia Milton
Address/Area: Berkshire, UK
Phone: Home phone: +44 (0) 1635 865499 / Office phone: +44 (0) 1344 316729
E-Mail: cynthia.milton@uk.sun.com
Model(s): R80RT, R1100RT, R80G/S
Comments: near-ish dealers, workshop/tools, emergency bed
Last Update: Dec 1999

Name: John Munday
Address/Area: Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire
Phone: 01279 834381
Model(s): R100RS/RT 1977 (Converted due to old back problem!)

Name: Paul Narramore
Address/Area: Aylesford, Kent
Phone: 01634-683752
E-Mail: narramore@LineOne.net
Model(s): 1984 BMW K100RS (B466 EDP) and a 1977 BMW R100/7 (XGT 37W)
Comments: My K was once an RT and severely damaged in an accident. I bought the wreck and restored it as an RS. My R was only recently bought as my legs were getting shorter and my arms too week to lift the K onto her stand. She spent the first three years of her life registered in Munich as M-UJ3007, and I'd like to hear about her early history, please! Travellers through Kent to and from Dover/Folkestone welcome to a cuppa tea. Ports only 45 minutes away.

Name: Charles Newall
Address/Area: Bath, England
Phone: 01225 317942
E-Mail: Lucia@newallbath.prestel.co.uk
Model(s): '82 R100RT
Comments: I have an '82 R100RT which is ridden not as often as I would like. I have travelled quite a bit by bike and am willing to help anyone with Info, etc. My travels were in the late 70's and early 80's and included Australia to England. USA to Bolivia And round Australia. All these trips were 2 up on road R series BM's. I may be able to accommodate BM riders travelling through Bath. Some mechanical ability.

Name: Steve Parry
Address/Area: School House, Gwynfryn, Wrexham, Clwyd North Wales, Great Britain
Phone: Tel:01978-750187 Fax:01978-750187 Mobile:0589-534407
E-Mail:  slparry@wrexham.swinternet.co.uk
URL:  http://members.tripod.com/slparry
Model: 1990 K100-RS SE ABS
Comments: Age: 41 Occupation: Systems Administrator Ex Kawasaki Owner (various) Ex K100RS 1984 Ex K100RS 1987 Ex K100RS ABS 1989 Currently R100RS (but I NEED another K) I have tools and a fair spanner twirling ability. I am willing to act as a guide (time permitting) I am willing to advise on routes and places. I enjoy meeting people. I can also obtain discounts on accommodation at the hotel where I formerly worked which is in the pretty market town of Llangollen were they hold the International Musical Eistedfodd.
Last Update: Sun, 8 Aug 1999

Name: Joe Philipsz
Address/Area: 30 miles north of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Phone: +44 1383 851183
E-Mail: JoePhilipsz@msn.com
Model(s): 1997 K1200RS
Comments: I have toured extensively in Scotland and Ireland and can offer advice on routes etc. I have also toured a little in France and The Spannish Pyrenees. I have a good BMW dealer 30 miles away in Edinburgh.

Name:Daniel Quick
Address/Area: Oxford, UK
Phone: (01865) 202711
E-Mail: 100676.1712@compuserve.com
Model(s): K100LT (NO. 2) BMW's for 8 years
Comments: Advice for touring in the area (Cotswolds, Wales) or nationwide. Possible accommodation available if I am at home at the time (touring musician by trade) Reasonable tech knowledge and tools (Tea, chat & sympathy always available!)

Name: Mark Stratmann
Address/Area: England City London Town Walthamstow
E-Mail: ag62@solo.pipex.com
Model: R100 RT 1982
Comments: Will Help With Information for people travelling / riding thorugh London.

Name: Colin Sweetman
Address/Area: Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK. (about 40 km North of London)
Phone: 01707256103
E-Mail: colins@vvgr.demon.co.uk
Model(s): 1997 F650
Comments: Excellent Dealer about 10 km away (Sawbridgeworth M/Cs). This is my first Beemer, after over 20 years of riding, mostly off-road. I LOVE it.

Name: Nigel Thomas
Address/Area: Harlow, Essex, UK (25 miles north of London)
E-Mail: nigelt@liffe.com
Model(s): K1100LT (1994)
Comments: I'm a mechanical cretin, but have a garage and some tools. Always willing to welcome visitors.

Name: John Thompson
Address/Area: United Kingdom Location: village of Walgrave, near town of Northampton (50 miles North of London)
Phone: (office) +44 (0)1604 259056 Fax: +44 (0)1604 231489
E-Mail: 100443.24@compuserve.com
Model: R100RT (1990)
Comments: General info: Born 1947, married (to Sarah) Travel extensively on business. Owned 'R' series BMWs since 1978. Willing to entertain bike loan for overseas visitors on reciprocal basis.

Name: Ian Weatherley
Address/Area: Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, England.
Phone: 01642 723409
E-Mail: barbara@wetherley.fsnet.co.uk
Model(s): 2000 R1150GS
Comments: Willing to offer help and accomodation if required in an emergency.
Last Update: Sat, 10 Feb 2001

Name: David Wright
Address/Area: UK County: Surrey Town (Village): Chiddingfold
Phone: (01428) 684902
E-Mail: 113451.3613@compuserve.com
Model: BMW 1980 R65
Comments: Prepared to offer assistance to other motorcyclists who may have difficulties in the locale. Use phone number or contact at Blacksmith's Forge in centre of Chiddingfold village. Motorcycle trailer available.

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