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Name: Bill
Address/Area: Columbus, Georgia (100 miles south of Atlanta)
Phone: 706-568-9039
Model(s): 2002 R1150R
Comments: no nearby dealers (nearest is in Atlanta), Have tools, place to work, trailer.
Last Update: Mon, 06 May 2002

Name: James Allmond
Address/Area: Macon, Ga, I live right off of I-75 on the North Side of Macon.
Phone: 912-471-9153
E-Mail: JAllmond@AOL.Com or
Model(s): 1988 Harley FLHS (+100,000 Miles), 96 R1100RT, 1951 Serv-I-Car (yes, it's weird to "drive")
Comments: Since I've got 3 kids (for real! not the bikes), I really can only put someone up in an emergency. However, if you need help, CALL. My garage has enough room to store or work on bikes. My metric tools are very rudimentary, having been a long time Harley rider who happens to own a BMW haven't really had the need. These damn BMW won't break! Have friend who owns a motorcycle shop, he is very capable and speaks BMW as well as Harley and the other stuff including old and new British. James Allmond, Airhead #1337, 10 year member ABATE of Ga, Member Ga Sidecar Club.

Name: Fred Anderson
Address/Area: Bethlehem, GA
Phone: 770 307 5788
Model(s): Y2K K1200LT
Comments: tools, garage space, camping space.
Last Update: Thu, 31 Aug 2000

Name: Danny Andrews
Address/Area: Athens, Ga
Phone: 706-548-9503
Model(s): 86 K75C
Comments: Tools, shop area, truck & trailer, secure storage area, plenty of camping room and two spare bedrooms if you can tolerate our house cats (wife is DVM).
Last Update: Sun, 23 Sep 2001

Name: Gregg Bates
Address/Area: 1295 Taramore Dr., Suwanee, Ga. 30024
Phone: 678-473-7977 or (cell)770-656-6171
Comments: I am a new BMW owner and an "always glad to help" type for those broken down, lost or other. I have a big truck and heavy trailer, and even a spare room when needed.
Last Update: Thu, 12 Aug 1999

Name: Ulrich Becker
Address/Area: Atlanta, GA , directly in Midtown, across the Park
Phone: 678 596 4376 (Cell)
URL: still under construction
Model(s): R1150GS, (first oilhead after an Air-cooled GS and /6)
Comments: Well, I have no truck, no trailer, almost no tools, and no real experience as a mechanic to speak of. But if you need a coffee or someone to tour the Appalachian Mountains with, give me a call. The same holds true if you're a homesick german biker looking for a beer.
Last Update: Mon, 23 Jul 2001

Name:Tom Bowman
Address/Area:Alpharetta, GA/Atlanta area, between I-85 and GA 400
Phone:770-442-6825 by day, 770-475-9948 by night
Model(s): R1100GS, various others at any given time
Comments:I am available for emergency assistance to fellow BMW travellers or as a reliable partner for sport-touring rides. I am a competent mechanic with an array of tools and equipment suitable to get you back on the road should the need arise. Always looking for others with similar outlooks and ageless attitudes who like to ride and experience whats "out there."

Name: Michael Colloton
Address/Area: Norcross (NE suburb of Atlanta)
Phone: 770-729-9091
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT
Comments: I have a fair selection of tools and a carport in which to work on your bike. I'm also about two miles from a BMW dealer. Depending on time and distance, I'll be glad to rescue you from the wilds of North Georgia. Also have a couple of couches and plenty of floors to sleep on, should the need arise. Bail requires two weeks' notice. If you're looking for some company on your ride into or through Georgia, you have but to call or e-mail. There are some terrific roads here, and some great camping spots. I'd love to share them with you.

Name: John Dendy
Address/Area: Sugar Hill, GA.
Phone: Work 404-773-8137 / Home 770-932-5800
Model(s): 1998 R1100R
Comments: I live on the northeast side of Atlanta, just a few miles off of I-85.  I'm 1.5 hours from Suches, GA which is the home of "T.W.O." (two wheels only) motorcycle camp ground and some of the best twisties riding in the state.  My wife and I have a large home with 2 furnished spare bedrooms and a
sofa bed in the den. I have a garage and a few tools, but limited BMW technical knowledge. I do have the Haynes oilhead maintenance manual and a Carb Styk for throttle sync.

Name: Stan Dulemba
Address/Area: in-town Atlanta, GA; near intersection of Briarcliff and LaVista
Phone: 404-486-4281
Model(s): 1998 K1200RS
Comments: I have a garage and rudimentary tools, but no truck or trailer, for emergencies.  I might have a couch to sleep on and the garage has overnight storage space.  Call first.  Grew up in North Georgia and have fairly good knowledge of area, and usually plenty of map reference materials, so if you are lost....  Member MOA, RA, OGA (Georgia), AMA, sometime subscriber to big list (too many messages sometimes).

Name: Bob Hancock
Address/Area: Warner Robins, GA
Phone: 912-929-1740
Model(s): 1999 R1100S
Last Update: Tue, 1 Feb 2000

Name: Bob Harper
Address/Area: Marietta, Georgia (20 mi. NW of Atlanta)
Model(s): 1993 K1100RS (Silk Blue)
Comments: 50 Years old and married with 1 daughter (13 yrs. old) and a black Scottie named BB. Enjoy touring and riding the North Georgia mountains, scuba diving, camping and cruising the Caribbean. I ride with my next door neighbor (1983 R100) and a group of riders from New Orleans (Gulf South BMW Club). My desire is to retire by 55 and put more miles on my Beemer.

Name: Drady Hendley
Address/Area: Duluth, GA  North of Atlanta between I-85 and GA 400
Phone: 770-396-8105 x202   (or use 888-922-8105 x202) Cell: 404-456-2210
Model(s): 1999  R1100RT
Comments: No experience with BMW repairs but close to Blue Moon Cycle. I have a trailer for emergencies, distance depends on circumstances. I travel on business a fair amount but Voicemail should tell if I''m out of town. Member MOA, OGA (Georgia), AMA.
Last Update: Mon, 10 May 1999

Name: Dave Johnson
Address/Area: Columbus, GA
Phone: (706) 545-5135

Name: Ivan Konermann
Address/Area: Hinesville, GA (SW of Savannah, GA)
Phone: (912) 877-5385
Model(s): 1999 R1100GS
Comments: I am a new BMW owner, but am willing to help out with whatever I can. If you are in the area, I can help out with minor mechanical stuff. I have a space for a tent if needed (no garage though, sorry). Give me a call and if nothing else I can ride with you for a while and show you some of the better palces to eat in Savannah.
Last Update: Wed, 26 Jan 2000

Name: Jonathan Morgan
Address/Area: 2214 Indiana Ave. Savannah, GA
Phone: 912-201-2491
Model(s): 85 K100 RT
Comments: no nearby dealers, But I'm a former BMW/Ducati Tech. and can always help. I have a work shop you can put your bike in if needed (if my planes not in it) and an extra room too. call if your in the area I'm always up for a ride.
Last Update: Tue, 1 May 2001

Name:Bob Reynolds
Address/Area:NE Atlanta, GA minutes frm north junction of 85&285
Model(s):Various air cooled twins, hey they all got their good points
Comments:Xprez BMW owners of GA ( inquire for info.) will help touring riders, distance depends on situation and circumstances have many airhead parts and a good many tools as well as space. Know area well including western NC, VA, and East TN (Much fun near Morganton NC some of best Mtn roads anywhere)

Name: Pat Roddy
Country: USA
State/Region: Georgia/Southeast US
City/Area: Buford/North of Atlanta
Phone: 770-932-8913
Model(s): K11LT, R100GS
Comments: If you are ever in the area or are just passing through, please drop me a line or call. I do have basic tools and a work area if needed. Also a truck and a ramp make an adequate 'rescue' vehicle if the need arises. A room is also availabe if needed. I am familiar with the area fairly well so if you need help with directions, just ask. If I do not know the way you wish to go, I can always find someone who can! :-)

Name:Ian Schmeisser
Address/Area:Atlanta, GA
Phone:770-995-9003 (h) 770-621-6912 (w)
Model(s):R100G/S PD K100RS 16V
Comments:I belong to the BMW MOA, Airheads, GS/International, IBMWR President, and the AMA. I love sport touring (the longer the distance, the more the sport, the better) and dual sport riding. In both modes, I love to camp. Northeast Atlanta is where I call home, and have extra space for IBMWR Presidents in need of a place to stay or work on their motorcycle. I also have a trailer and will gladly drop everything and come get you, should you need that kind of help. A fair amount of tools are also available, however, I'm not much of a mechanic. During 1998, I hope to depart on my world tour, riding my R100G/S PD (that's an R80G/S that's been upgraded to R100 with 40mm carbs). Keep an eye out for my home page (coming soon) that will detail my plans for the trip!

Name: Tom Stites
Address/Area: Dawsonville, GA, USA
Phone: 706 216-4130
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT, 1978 KZ1000A
Comments: Two dealers in Atlanta area ~40mi, great roads nearby, lake, workspace and tools, bike trailer. Available for rides and information.
Last Update: Tue, 31 Jul 2001

Name: Benjamin Voiles
Address/Area: 706-820-0170
Comments: We live on Lookout Mountian Ga. Just a few miles south of Chattanooga TN. We have a trailer, garage, manuals, tools, and an extra room. We can try to help out about anybody that needs help around this area.
Last Update: Fri, 18 Aug 2000

Name: David Westfall
Address/Area: Gainesville, GA
Phone: 770-532-7010
Model(s): '91 K75RT
Comments: Re-emergent rider who enjoys the roads of the north Georgia mountains. Room in garage to work on bike. No specific motorcycle tools and no technical knowledge - always willing to learn. Occasional availability of guest room with adequate notice.

Name:Gary White
Address/Area:USA, Georgia, Atlanta
Comments:Owner Blue Ridge Motorcycle Rentals, Inc. We rent all models of the BMW K75. We offer free pickup and delivery to the Atlanta airport. Some of the best motorcycling roads in the country are in the Southeast. Within a half days ride are 4 motorcycle-only campgrounds, Deal's Gap (318 curves in 11 miles), and many other motorcycling interests. Call, write, or E-Mail for touring information.

Name: Carol Youorski (aka Skert)
Address/Area: Atlanta, Ga.
Phone: 404-296-4101
Model(s): R1100RSL(Dancer)
Comments: One hour and 45 min. from Two Wheels Only camp ground in Suches, Ga. and twisties galore. Two and a half hours to Cherohola Pkwy. I live on the east side of Atlanta, Ga. 2 miles from I-285 exit 31. I have storage space in my garage . A very few tools, but friendly work space. I have space in my yard to store vehicles and trailers for a short period of time. Yard is fenced in and guarded by Bad Dog Blue. Very safe. I have a trailer and truck for emergencies but my time is limited. There is couch space and floor space, occasionally a bed frees up. Riders always welcome, and room will be made for a safe haven from weather.

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