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Name:Mark Bilan
Address/Area:Kealakekua, HI
Phone:(808) 322-2222
Comments:I have an '88GS and am happy to respond to anyone's questions about the big island.

Name: Rick Gass (aka wolfman)
Address/Area: Oahu, Hawaii
Phone: 808 488-1742 Home / 808 371-2914 Cell
E-Mail:  gassman@lava.net
Model(s): 1994 K75
Comments: Great weather, great roads, great beaches, this island is not the largest, but it's still a great ride. Lots of motorcycles out on the weekends doing the "ride around the island" bit. Bikes are available to rent (but of course not too many BMW's). You can always hop over to the "Big Island" of Hawaii if you need to pile up the miles. One multi-brand dealer handles BMW, they are good guys - just not much choice. Oh, and did I mention great weather?
Last Update: Tue, 26 Oct 1999

Name: Ted Powell
Address/Area: Waikoloa,HI - The BIG Island/South Kohala area
Phone: 808 883 0495
E-Mail: b.beguileme2@verizon.net
Model(s): '02 GS
Comments: The other folks describing our favorite island and home, have pretty much said all one NEEDS to know before coming ! Once here, you can call & ask specific questions about what ever is on your mind. There is literally TOO MUCH Great stuff/ places to go/things to see,visit etc.! This is NOT anisland one can see and really take in during a visit. My idea is a moving expedition, or read about this palce, go to an area that immediately jumps out at you and then explore it, and move on.
Last Update: Fri, 13 Dec 2002

Name: Ed Stokes
Address/Area: Waimea, Big Island of Hawaii (ie Hawaii) ~in the heart of Hawaii.
Phone: (808)-885-3173 (voice mail if no answer) (808)-882-1901 (machine - call only if your in the state)
E-Mail: stokes@cfht.hawaii.edu
Model(s): '94 R1100RS
Comments: Basically Hawaii is paradise. The weather is perfect year 'round for motorcycle riding. If you come to any of the islands for vacation, you can probably rent 'motorcycles'. On my island it is mostly Harleys and scooters. I can point you in the right direction for pretty much anything. The island of Hawaii is very country with long secondary type roads going around and across the island (9 hrs. round trip). + I have a '94 R1100RS that I drive daily to work. I am a mech. designer for a 3.6m telescope run by Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corp. The best thing I can do is give you a tour of our site at 14,000 ft of the worlds best optical telescope.

Name: Michael T. Sweger
Address/Area: 2424-B Challenger Loop, Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
Phone: Home Phone: (808) 421-1817 Work Phone: (808) 471-9775
E-Mail: MSweger999@aol.com
Model(s): 1988 K100RS/ABS
Comments: Special Interests (other than BMW motorcycles, of course!): - Aviation, Flight Simulators, etc. - Military History - Travel, camping, and hiking - Electronics and Electrical Engineering - Radars and Electronic Warfare - Military Intelligence - Reading - Mathematics and Statistics Affiliations: BMWMOA (#52066), Phi Kappa Phi, Air Force Sergeants Association. Would like very much to contact some of my old friends from the Beehive Beemers Motorcycle Club of Utah--my first BMW club experience--please e-mail me! Also, anybody who visits Hawaii on vacation and would like a personal tour guide to help them find the best roads on the islands--I'm always looking for another excuse to go riding (like I really *need* an excuse...heheh). If you're ever in the area give me a call.

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