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Name: Chris Bauer
Address/Area: Effingham, IL (Located in central Illinois, furthermore, it is where I-57 and I-70 cross.)
Phone: 217-857-1111
Model(s): 1976 R90 Super Clean!
Comments: No nearby dealers, but I have a set of sockets and a twig. (If you ride an R Bike, that is all you need to work on them.)
Last Update: Mon, 03 May 1999

Name: Lowell Beyer
Address/Area: Chicago, IL (downtown "Loop" Chicago--on the lake) Great in the summer; the pits in the winter.
Phone: 312-939-7375
Model(s): '87 R80

Name: Rick Bieles
Address/Area: Chicago, Illinois (North side)
Phone: 1-773-262-6526
Model(s): 1988 R100GS/PD
Comments: Love day trips and x-coutry hauls; prefer camping to hotels.
Last Update: Mon, 17 April 2000

Name: Kurt Bihler
Address/Area: (Shop) 2303 Oak Leaf St, Joliet Illinois 60436
Phone: 815-729-0001
Model(s): 2000 R1150GS
Comments: My shop is 1 light east of exit 130b on I-80 in Joliet, Illinois, if in need, please drop in or call, plenty of well lighted space to work on your bike.
Last Update: Mon, Oct 23, 2000

Name: Deb and Don Chapman
Address/Area: Fox Lake (Far NW Chicago Suburb 5 mi S of WI)
Phone: 847-740-2590 (h) 847-487-1580 ext 106 (w)
Model(s): '96 R850R '92 K75S '88 R100RS
Comments: Garage, tools, hot coffee & conversation available. 10 miles from full service BMW dealer. We are the gateway to NE IL & SE WI twisties!
Last Update: Mon, 24 April 2000

Name:Steve Degler
Address/Area:Mattoon, IL 25 Miles N of I-57/I70 intersection in East Central Illinois
Model(s):Ride K100LT
Comments:Have trailer, pickup, some tools, shop, overnite in emergency, Grain Farmer, have used the non-anon and have returned favor. Keep the light shining!

Name: Don E. Denny
Address/Area: Champaign
Phone: 217-398-4836
Model(s): 96 R80R and 70 75/5 (first new BMW)
Comments: BMWMOA & RA 899, Truck, trailer, some mechanical experience, call anytime, can put you in contact with ex-BMW shop mechanic. Champaign has a dealership as of 10/97.

Name: Sue and Jon Diaz
Address/Area: Elburn, Illinois (Near intersection of Route 47 and I-88)
Phone: H (630) 557-0089
Model(s): 01 K1200LT, 01 Duc ST2, 96 R1100RS, 88 K75, 86 R65, 71 R75/5
Comments: Plenty of tools, crash space, and sustenance. Have a pickup, misc BMW parts, adequate service/repair knowledge, and help whenever needed.
Last Update: Thu, 27 Dec 2001

Name: Dan Dummett
Address/Area: Dixon, IL-45 miles So of Rockford on I-88.
Phone: (w)815-288-1471 (h)815-652-7456
E-Mail: (w) (h)
Model(s): R1150GS
Comments: Nearest dealer in Rockford, have trailer, some tools, garage for emergency storage, will travel to help depending on my availability. Can show you some back roads to ride.
Last Update: Sun, 22 Jul 2001

Name: Rob Dressler
Address/Area: Chicago, Wicker Park (North Avenue & Kennedy Expressway)
Phone: 773 278 2712 Home    773 278 2792 Fax   773 601 7649 Work
Model(s): 1986 K75 T
Comments: I have overnight storage in the garage, some tools and manual for K bikes (K75 & K100), overnight lodging in a pinch! I've been riding for about 4 years, and I am always looking for a reason to go riding, even if it means taking off work. Food, beverages, directions guaranteed, stories on occasion. Interests include: Aikido, camping, computers, music, aviation, travel...

Name: Paul Evans
Address/Area: Chicago (Irving Park/Kimball)
Phone: day: 847.663.1123 eve: 773.478.4816
Model(s): 1958 R60
Comments: I have experience with /2s and some tools for working on them, and a garage.
Last Update: Thu, 30 Aug 2001

Name:Mary Fischer
Comments:I'm an Alaskan in exile and can provide guidance for your trip up the Alaska Highway.

Name: Bob Gaines
Address/Area: New Lenox,IL.~40 miles SW of Chicago, I-80 and US 30
Phone: :Home 815-462-0413 or 815-462-4113 Work 708-479-6115
Model(s): 1993 K75RTA
Comments: I have floor/extra bed space most of the time.Tools and garage space.I have been riding for almost 30 years and besides motorcycles, I have lots of other interests,Cooking,fishing,camping,mechanics,machine work,electronics,computers,travel etc.I'm also a professor of Human Anatomy and Physiology at Joliet Junior College and In private practice (Doctor of Chiropractic).

Name: Jim Goski
Address/Area: NW Chicago Suburbs
Phone: (847) 381-3010
E-Mail: or
Model(s): 82 R100RS
Comments: Trailer. call, e-mail - availability very dependent on family obligations. dealer: Cyclewerks, Barrington. nice guys, friendly honest service. Cool old bike collection not for sale :-(

Name: Chris Hargreaves
Address/Area: Aurora, Illinois
Phone: 630-851-7018 / Fax: 630-851-1785
E-Mail: Home: / Work:
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT
Comments: Purchased my first BMW in Spring of 1997. Got tired of tooling around town and wanted to buy a real touring bike on the first try. New to touring, but I've got one trip under my belt and I'm ready for many (MANY) more. Rode the bike 35 miles each way to work as many days as I could this year. Put almost 7000 miles on it before Summer was even over. Probably hadn't put 7000 miles on any one bike I've owned previously. Seek out BMW owners/riders from all sources, what a great group of folks. Belong to most local, national and international BMW clubs in addition to the AMA. We've got temporary room for someone in a pinch. Also have some tools and space, but have been away from mechanical details for some time, so I've got some catching up to do.

Name: Darrell Hoemann
Address/Area: Champaign IL. (at the intersection of I-57 and I-74 two hours south of Chicago)
Phone: 217-356-0078 or if in real trouble 1-217-373-6693 pager
Model(s): 1989 K100 RS
Comments: Can offer some assistance and guidance to local dealer sources.

Name:Alex Jomarron
Address/Area:Oak Park, Il (1st suburb west of Chicago)
Model(s): '88 K75S
Comments:Been to 48 continental states, most of Canada and Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Free advice, tall tales, cold beer, outdoor parking and a futon.

Name:Mike Kalinosky
Address/Area:Woodstock, Il (between Chicago & Rockford)
Phone:(815) 337-2542

Name: Wolf Koch
Address/Area: Sterling, IL, on the banks of the Rock River, about 45 miles SW of Rockford and East of Moline (Quad Cities)
Phone: 815-626-7125
Model(s): 1990 K75RT with Velorex side car, 1998 R1200C
Comments: trailer & storage available for emergencies, some tools, accommodations in a pinch. Deutsche Motorradfahrer willkommen.
Last Update: Fri, 27 Dec 2002

Name:Chris Kupczak
Address/Area:Chicago Illinois 60626
Phone:(312) 338-7843
Model(s):'84 BMW R100

Name: John J. Laukaitis
Address/Area: 181 Panama Avenue Hampshire, IL 60140
Phone: (Home) 1-847-683-1934 (Cellular) 847-917-3961
Model(s): 1994 K75
Comments: I live in a rural community just past the outskirts of the Chicago suburbs (Route 47 and Route 72). I would try to help those in need of help or a place to pitch a tent. I am also interested in finding groups to ride with.
Last Update: Sun, 06 May 2001

Name:Greg LeFevre
Address/Area:Waukegan, IL (40 Miles north of Chi-Town)
Model(s):1977 R100/7

Name:Christopher Link
Address/Area:(weekdays) Glen Ellyn, IL (west suburb of Chicago)
Model(s):1993 k1100rs
Comments:look me up if in chi-town, as i have nothing to do during the week.

Name: Mike Lough
Address/Area: Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Phone: (Day) 847-559-4691 / (Evening) 847-741-6462
Model(s): '91 R100RT
Comments: Garage space, tools and varying degrees of beer, non-emergency situations preferred.

Name: Gary & Marsha McCray
Address/Area: Springfield, IL
Phone: 217/793-9337
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT
Comments: Have working tools, garage, accommodations in a pinch. Stop by for a beverage on your way through. Hope we're home when you call. We tour, too!
Last Update: Sat, 29 Jan 2000

Name: Paul Murray
Address/Area: NW Chicago Suburbs (Crystal Lake)
Phone: 312-607-7493 cell (Best number) 815-455-3597
Model(s): 1975 R90/6
Comments: Have garage and tools. Best Mechanic in NW Chicago area is close by. Always ready for a ride. Know the area well and can offer suggestions for food, lodging and riding. Can camp in back yard.
Last Update: Wed, 3 Aug 2005

Name: Kevin Norris
Address/Area: Taylorville, IL< Springfield area, southeast ~30 miles.
Phone: 824-8061 (217)
Model(s): '71 R60/5, '64 Honda 305cc
Comments: Some garage space for emergencies, some tools. Website is sporatic. I always Have beer.

Name: Jim O'Malley
Address/Area: Crystal Lake, ILLinois, USA
Phone: 815-459-6457
Model(s): 99' BMW R1100SA; 81' BMW R100RS; 69' Moto Guzzi Ambassador
Comments: truck & trailer if you need help
Last Update: Sat, 25 Sep 1999

Name: Brian O'Neill
Address/Area: Peoria - Central Illinois
Phone: (309)688-7413
Model(s): 1999 F650
Comments: nearby dealer - most parts in stock, plenty of good roads around, some currently under repair, but good straight/twisty/hilly roads without a lot of holes - have pickup, readily available.
Last Update: Fri, 7 Jul 2000

Name: Dan Pagel
Address/Area: Rockton, IL (15 min. North of Rockford)
Phone: 815-624-7874 or 815-218-0501
Model(s): R1100R
Comments: Have truck, ramps, straps, and tools, and coffee (OK, beer too.)
Last Update: Fri, 15 Mar 2002

Name: Paul Pagliai
Address/Area: Charleston, IL; East Central Illiniois
Phone: 1-217-348-8662
Model(s): 2001 R1150GS; 2002 R1150GS/ADVENTURE; 1999 K1200RS
Comments: Modest technical help, trailer, 50 miles travel to help
Last Update: Tue, 03 Dec 2002

Name: Matthew E. Peek
Address/Area: Champaign
Phone: 217-403-1571
Model(s): R75/7, R51/3 sidehack
Comments: I have room for 3 or 4 bikes and riders if you don't mind spartan conditions and a wee bit of experience at fixing, repairing, and restoring. I work at a local all-brands (but primarily Japanese and Harley) shop and also have several good parts connections and there is also a local BMW dealership just down the street. I will also rescue riders stranded by the side of the road. I can get two bikes on my trailer. Give a call and stop by.
Last Update: Thu, 23 Nov 2000

Name: Bradley Rath
Address/Area: Downtown Chicago, next to the Expressway
Phone: 312-997-9900
Model(s): R90s, K75s
Comments: MOA # 78237, garage, tools, couch, hammock.

Name: Shaun Sartin
Address/Area: Aurora, IL
Phone: 630.264.0068 (H) 630.801.5488 (W)
Model(s):  85 K100RS
Comments: Dealer nearby (25 miles), have garage space, some tools, sofabed.
Last Update: Sun, 15 Aug 1999

Name: Bob/Okie Saxer
Address/Area: St.Charles, IL on the Fox River between Elgin & Aurora in the far western Chicago Boonies.
Phone: (H) 630-584-0548 (W) 630-577-0400 xt 213 (Fax) 630-584-0997
Model(s): '95K75RT, '85 K100RS, ''78R80/7 w/Velorex 700 sidecar, '86R80RT
Comments: Truck, trailer & storage available for emergencies, some parts, contacts for repairs & problems. MOA/RA/CHICAGO REGION. Active touring rider, Shop-garage-futon for emergencies.Will exchange/loan bike with someone in West or Central Australia.

Name: Al Schneider
Address/Area: Algonquin, Il. Far western suburb of Chicago
Phone: 847-452-8195
Model(s): 1995 R90S R90/6 and 1966 R50/2
Comments: Two 1975 R90/6 One 1975 R90S (bits and pieces) Comments: Local dealership is Barrington Cycle Works. Have garage, tools and airhead experience. Pickup with winch and ramps for hauling bikes. Could pitch a tent in the yard if needed. Cold beer and reheated stories.
Last Update: Mon, 12 Aug 2002

Name: Jeff Shaw
Address/Area: Round Lake, Il NW of Chicago 10 mi south of Wis line.
Phone: 847-546-5891 Home / 847-370-5164 Cell
Model(s): '83 R100RT
Comments: I have a HEATED garage and a good supply of tools and some parts for the R100. The P/U and trailer are also avaliable in a pinch as well as a trailer. I also drive a truck in the Chicago area, so if you are lost I can probably remidy that situation. Call if you want to ride, espically if you have kids, it's my 6yr olds' first summer on the bike. Hi, I hope this ok, if not let me know or just change it. I basically will do what I can to help someone out.
Last Update: Sat, 24 Feb 2001

Name: Jeff Sluiter
Address/Area: Machesney Park, Illinois
Phone: 815-877-4728
E-Mail:  BMW76906@AOL.COM
Model(s): 1976 R90/6
Comments: I've had the beemer for five years now and the longer I own it the more I understand it. I'm not sure on what I may be able to help with. I became a certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor this year at the age of 45 for the northern district of Illinois and I hope my 26 years of riding may help in that capacity.
Last Update: Mon, 26 Jul 1999

Name: Dan Stephans II
Address/Area: Lisle, IL (30 miles west of Chicago)
Phone: 1-630-271-9283
Model(s): 1991 K100 LT
Comments: got tools, crash space, cold beer, tall tales and time to ride. don't have a garage or a trailer tho' so bring a cover and a running bike. :)

Name: Steve Stoddard
Address/Area: Decatur
Phone: 217-424-5756 (W), 217-475-1704 (answer machine..SPEAK, or I won't pick up!)
Model(s): 995 BMW R100 GSPD, 1996 Ducati 900 SSSP
Comments: Have pickup and loading ramp; will travel. BMW dealer 50 miles. Ducati dealer 36 miles. Local non-brand shop for non-major repairs. If you're riding around here in the first place, you're crazy!

Name: Doug Stoutenborough
Address/Area: Decatur, IL
Phone: 217 877-4899
Model(s): 99 R11RT, 99 KLR 650
Comments: Have truck and or trailer, workshop area, and some tools. Nearest BMW dealer is 50 miles, local private shop for minor repairs. Other interest are GNC dirt track racing ( 35 mi east of the Springfield Mile) and ham radio (N9DHL).  If you are passing by stop by for a cup or can.
Last Update: Sun, 4 Apr 1999

Name: George Vrhel
Address/Area: Sterling, IL
Phone: 815-626-6488
Model(s): 2000 K1200LT
Comments: Professor (Ret.) - Sociology/Psychology
Last Update: Thu, 6 Apr 2000

Name: Kurt Wilde
Address/Area: Chicago (Norwood Park area, near O'Hare)
Phone: 773.775.5518
Model(s): '96 R1100R and a couple of older things
Comments: Have garage and some tools.  Mostly lacking in the ability department. Closest BMW dealer is 4 miles and another is within 25 miles. There is also a good mechanic within 5 miles who is familiar with older BMW models.

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