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Name: Mike
Address/Area: Elkhart, Indiana (East of South Bend)
Phone: 219-266-2915
Model(s): 1999 K1200LT Canyon Red, 1983 R65 Blue
Comments: Dealer nearby, happy to lend a hand if I can. If you are riding through and want some company for a while, I'll join you!
Last Update: Thu, 7 Jun 2001

Name: Tom Anspach (the trashman)
Address/Area: Winamac, Indiana
Phone: 219 946 4267
Model(s): 1985 K100RT
Comments: no nearby dealers, neat roads, Tippecanoe State Park nearby. Some work space, some tools, tenting space, maybe some covered space, usually some coffee, food and beer. Located on 'The Anspach Pine Tree Farm'.
Last Update: Sun, 16 Dec 2001

Name: Jim Buchanan
Address/Area: Kokomo (act. Center) (about 30 miles north of Indianapolis)
Phone: (317) 451-1389 (work), (317) 453-3584 (calls often screened, so leave a message)
E-Mail: or
Model(s): '73 R75/5
Comments: Feel free to call or email me at work, I may be busy, then again, I may not. I have a trailer if, heaven forbid, you should need it. Also a garage and a fair number of tools. Not bad at mechanics, but far from a professional as well. Other stuff: Electrical Engineer (By degree, not work title, EET Purdue), Unix geek (what I really do at work), read Science Fiction books, I have a *lot* of cats, Tinker with computers and electronics as a hobby (obsessed, who me?)
Last Update: Wed, 16 Jan 2002

Name: Bill Confer
Address/Area: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: (317) 276-2456 (work), (317) 293-8963 (home)
Model(s): '92 R100GS
Comments: Available anytime if you can get hold of me. I have garage space and tools to do most work. I also live three miles from BMW of Indianpolis.

Name: Ron Drake
Address/Area: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-702-7000
Model(s): 1985 K100RS
Comments: Truck and trailer available. Full garage of tools, air compressor, welder. I like to think I am a capable mechanic and have experience on several motorcycle makes. Have some tent space next to lake, coffee and beer. Enjoy conversation, sharing ideas for touring Indiana and of course getting out for rides.
Last Update: Mon, 1 May 2006

Name: Sean & Laurene Franklin
Address/Area: Plymouth, IN (Northern Indiana)
Phone: (219) 935-5298
Model(s): 2000 R1100RT
Comments: Garage & tools available.  No pickup or trailer.
Last Update: Tue, 18 April 2000

Name: Joel J. Janowski
Country: USA
State/Region: Indiana
City/Area: Gary
Phone: (219) 884-2754
Comments: 35 miles Southeast of Chicago. Have a truck for pick-up but the miles for pick-up are negotiable. Have storage space if needed. Clutching coffee is fine, but Earl Gray is probably what you will get.

Name: Carl Kulow
Address/Area: Bloomington, Nashville
Phone: 812-837-9550(H) 812-855-3629(W)
Model(s): R1100R

Name: Bradley Love
Address/Area: Indianapolis area (northside)
Phone: 317-414-0193
Model(s): 2002 R1100S boxer cup, 1959 R50
Comments: Have tools, trailer, etc.... will try to help fellow BMW rider if possible. I'm located on the northside of Indianapolis in the Carmel area.
Last Update: Sun, 19 May 2002

Name: Chuck "Gravel Detector" Novak
Address/Area: LaPorte, Indiana
Phone: (219) 324-4118
Model(s): 72 R60/5 "Eyesore"
Comments: LaPorte is in north central Indiana. The Eyesore and I host the Annual Airheads Family Reunion and Tech Day. I am always glad to help fellow Beemer owners in whatever way that I can.
Last Update: Wed, 8 Aug 2001

Name: Michael R. O'Connor
Address/Area: 106 East Hillside Drive, Bloomington, IN 47401
Phone: 812-339-0656
Model(s): r69us, r69s, r60/6, r75/5, r100s/7, 91 k75rt
Comments: Love bmw's and cycles in general. Tools, garage, tent space, trailer 50 miles range. Coffee and rest place.

Name: Andy Oltman
Address/Area: Evansville, Indiana
Phone: 812-471-1706
Model(s): R100RS
Comments: Have a trailer and can assist within 30 miles or so. Have tools and a place to work, but I personally have knowledge only of air cooled twins and have manuals for them. Coffee and conversation welcome (I provide the coffee). Looking for riding partners.

Name: Richard Reynolds
Address/Area: Borden, Indiana  (15 mi NW Louisville, Ky)
Model(s): K100RS
Comments: Trailer, truck, tools, garage available.  Excellent dealer nearby.  Also, local legend BMW mechanic Gunther Wuest has a private shop nearby.  Coffee and conversation when available.

Name: Brian Rozema
Address/Area: New Palestine, IN.
Model(s): K100RS (1985)
Comments: I own a K100RS (1985). I bought it new in '85. I'm planning on buying two more BMWs - a 1969 R50/2 and a R60/5. I want to restore the R60/5. I would like to learn from other BMW users who have restored early model BMW motorcycles. I would like to learn more about shows and road rallys in the midwest.

Name: Maurice Scheetz
Address/Area: Indiana, Greenfield really just off 70 & Mt.Comfort Rd. exit, 100 N, area - 6130 West 100 North 46140
Phone: (317)894-4681
Model(s): '94 R100GS PD
Comments: Touring & camping, self-contained bicycle touring, alpine ski racing, amature radio op K9CE, hiking Other: Chat anytime, way stop when needed, always looking for a touring partner.
Last Update: 14 Nov 2002

Name: Bob Santelik
Address/Area: New Palestine IN (just east of Indianapolis)
Phone: 317-861-6468
Model(s): 2002 R1150R, 2001 F650GS, 97 F650ST
Comments: Nearby dealer. Tools and workspace. Coffee and conversation. Pickup truck if needed.
Last Update: Wed, 18 Apr 2001

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