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Name: Charles and Grace Ann Carter
Address/Area: Wamego, Kansas, 100 miles west of Kansas City
Phone: (913)456-8596
E-Mail: aa0ri@tfsksu.net
Model(s): 1982 R100RT and 1984 R100RS
Comments: Machine may answer your call, but we check it often. Interests Touring, Racing, and Ham radio Mechanical ability above average, have tools, work space, and spare bedroom Am ready for coffee and conversation anytime.

Name: Jim Doyle
Address/Area: USA, Kansas Overbrook (30 S. Topeka)
Phone: 913-453-2320
E-Mail: jimdoyle@doylenet.org
URL: http://www.usa.net/~jimdoyle
Model(s): '76 R75/6, '77 R100RS, '90 R100GS/PD '92 325i
Comments: Dual purpose long range touring

Name: Duane Mike Eyman
Address/Area: Garnett, KS 66032
Phone: 913-898-4695
E-Mail: w0xm@paola-online.net
Model(s): 1989 R100RT
Comments: Breakdowns etc. within 40 miles. Have ramp and pick-up,some tools. Nearest dealer is Engle Motors at Kansas City (excellent crew). I am also listed in the Anonymous and Blue Book.
Tue, 7 Mar 2000

Name: Paul and Voni Glaves
Address/Area: Lawrence, KS
Phone: Lawrence, KS
E-Mail: p_vglaves@mindspring.com
URL: http://www.mindspring.com/~p_vglaves/index.shtml,
Voni's next big adventure: http://www.ronayres.com/TourLeaders.htm
Model(s): yes
Comments: Always glad to help travelers and locals solve their BMW puzzles or talk about riding. Call or stop by the Tall Grass Ranch.

Name: Chuck Hanna
Address/Area: Topeka, Kansas.
Phone: 785-273-5479
E-Mail: boom@cjnetworks.com
Model(s): (1974 R75/6) (1993 R100GSPD) (1995 K1100RS) (2000 R1150GS)
Comments: I would be glad to help any tourists in any way I can when in the area. I have a trailer and will travel up to 100 miles, depending. I buy, sell ,trade, collect, ride, advise, listen, speak, ride, eat, help, sleep, live, love, motorcycles.
Mon, 11 Feb 2002

Name: Joe Hartenbower
Address/Area: Overland Park, KS (Southwest Kansas City area)
Phone: 913-341-4192
E-Mail:  joeh@am-pm.com
Model(s): 1988 R100RS
Comments: Home office so usually there. Free beer or wine when discussing BMWs.  Trailer (will try and haul you), garage, local cheap motels, e-mail access, local dealer open all but Sunday and Monday.  Not great at fixing but enjoy riding and talking.

Name: Jim Johnson
Address/Area: Dodge City, Kansas
Phone: 620-225-4703 or 620-225-3234
E-Mail: jimj@dodgecity.net
URL: http://wwww.dodgecity.net/nws/ddcjimj.html
Model(s): 1963 R60/2, 1975 R90/6, 1990 K100LT
Comments: Have SMALL pick-up and tie-downs and will drive 50 miles in any direction. I work shift work, so leave a message if you don't get me. Free beer/wine when talking BMWs or kicking tires. Nearest dealer 150 miles but have a few misc. parts in garage for above bikes. No great mechanic but you're welcome to use my limited tool box and can provide 1 bike space in garage. If in Dodge City overnight, call and I'll buy the beer/wine/what have you!
Mon, 16 Jul 2001

Name: Rob Lessen
Address/Area: Arma, KS (SE Kansas)
Phone: Work 620-347 8679, Home 620-347-4375
E-Mail: Lessen1@ckt.net
Model(s): R11RT, R11RS
Comments: Nearest dealer, Bentonville (Ark) BMW (2 hours south), Engles BMW, Kansas City, 2 1/2 Hours north. I have a trailer with a tilt bed, I can you pick up with in a 50 mile radius, would enjoy visiting with other riders, on weekends wife and I ride to NW Arkansas for fun. I am NOT mechanically inclined but have some basic tools.
Mon, 4 Jun 2001

Name: Barrett Sexton
Address/Area: Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785 766-0446 work cell / 785 840-7446 home
Model(s): 69 R60 US, 98 R1100 GS
Comments: Just off I-70 able to help within a 25 mile radius, Help for those who need to get back on the road, able to provide garage and tools at my home, dealer 1 hr away, no towing available personally.
Mon, 3 Dec 2001

Name: Chris Stong
Address/Area: Lawrence, Kansas
Phone: (785) 749-4272
E-Mail: stong@eagle.cc.ukans.edu
Model(s): 1973 R 75/5 Toaster
Comments: Nearest dealer is Engle Motors in Kansas City, MO. This is about an hour away door to door. Plenty of parking space and a nearly complete tool kit (it can handle everything except very special applications), space to sleep, and complete town directions and cultural/sight seeing info. I have been on every road that is a gas tank in any direction, but this is not Colorado or Big Sur. Can travel to help and with enough notice, get a trailer as well. Riding and conversations gratis.


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