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Name: Ken and Erin
Address/Area: Lowell, Massachusetts
Phone: 978.446.9699
Model(s): 1983 R80RT, Kawasaki ZRX 1100
Comments: Tools, airhead shop manual, truck, garage. Emergency rescues (within a 20 mile drive). Beer is always cold, coffee always hot. Love to talk bikes, touring/travel, computers. I do lots of touring/camping in the NH/VT area, always up for a ride. Come by and say hello.
Last Update: Mon, 31 Jul 2000

Name: Michael
Address/Area: Wellesley, MA
Phone: 781.237.3762
Model(s): '75 R60/6
Comments: I definitely don't ride enough, so always up for a good ride or road trip. Also have pick up truck, so can help you out if you are in a jam. This is my first bike... so don't call me if you need a mechanic ... but if you are in a jam I do have some tools and some fresh spark plugs that will hopefully get you on your way.
Last Update: Mon, 25 Jun 2001

Name: Paul
Address/Area: Westport, Massachusetts
Phone: 508-636-4105
Model(s): 1999 R1100RT
Comments: Have trailer, lift and tools for break downs. Have beer and/or coffee for conversations. Have time for riding Cape Cod area on short notice.
Last Update: Tue, 28 Dec 1999

Name: Robert "Bob" Bendix
Address/Area:  Townsend N of Worcester
Phone: w-5084486111x3487 h-5085972545
Model(s): R50/2,R69s, R100/EML GTII
Comments: plenty of tent and bedroll space some /2 and /7 spares, competent technical skills (other peoples problems always seem easier to fix!) flatbed trailer available and access to welding as well. As a single parent, my 8yr. old daughter, the dog and I spend alot of time on/in the EML, rallying and camping. In 1980, I rode my 66 R50 to Oregon for the National in 9 days and took 5 months to come home, through 40 states, and Mexico.

Name: Roy Bertalotto
Address/Area: North Dartmouth, Mass
Phone: Home 508-994-3644 Cell 508-472-8628
URL: and
Model(s): 2002 K1200RS, 1998 Honda VFR, 2000 Buell M2, 2001 MuZ Baghira
Comments: Have trailer, will help! Well equipped shop if needed.
Last Update: 18 Jul 2002

Name: Tom Britt
Address/Area: West Tisbury, MA, Martha's Vineyard Island
Phone: 508 509-3078
Model(s): 1974 R90/6
Comments: Call ahead, come for a visit.
Last Update: Wed, 18 Dec 2002

Name: Don Cadorette
Address/Area: Bellingham  MA  02019
Phone: 508-883-0013
Model(s): Seeking an 84 to 87 K100RS ( I owned one previously in Germany "85 K100RS in 1985  while stationed in Neu Ulm from 85 to 87, but I sold it upon my return home)
Comments: Nice area to ride especially in the Fall .... Our property is great for small group camp overs (up to 3 Scoots I figure is comfortable)  (we only have one shower LOL) we have 2 acres of grass front yard....and about 5 acres of sparce woods  in the back yard    Great locale for history and museums... all within 10 to 15 miles away...

Name: Jeffrey B. Carpenter
Address/Area:  Dorchester
Phone: (617)296-1482
Model(s): 95 R1100R

Name: Kurt Cleveland
Address/Area: Beverly, MA / North of Boston
Model(s): R1100S
Comments: This is my first BMW and my seventh motorcycle. I believe I've found the answer to the age old question "what would be the perfect bike if you could have only one". Local (in Beverly) dealer is excellent in terms of friendly, fast service. Local roads offer spectacular ocean views with lots of curves and some select pavement (not too broken up). I'm mostly interested in local groups of riders (BMW not required) that like to take early morning trips (the roads are all yours at that hour). I'm married and a father of two so my available riding time is limited.
Last Update:

Name: Allan Cook
Address/Area: Amherst, MA
Phone: (413) 575-5995
Model(s): 2003 R1150R
Comments: Dealer 20 miles distant, great riding in lush, winding hills and mountains, camping, colleges, great places to eat and hang out throughout the verdant Pioneer Valley. In short, motorcycle heaven.
Last Update: 28 Oct 2002

Name: Lee Corwin
Address/Area: SouthEastern Mass.
E-Mail: LeeCorwin@aol
Model(s): F650
Comments: too many beutiful secondary roads to mention. gs and f650 riders have plenty of fire breaks and dirt roads to play in.
Last Update: Sat, 15 Jul 2000

Name: Jim Hayes
Address/Area: Methuen, MA
Phone: 978-686-2588
Model(s): 1958 R69
Last Update: Mon, 03 Jun 2002

Name: Steve Lazar
Address/Area: Arlington, MA; 5 mi nw of Boston
Phone: 781-641-2001 [home]
E-Mail: [home]
Model(s): 1996 R1100R
Comments: Formerly owned 1979 R65. Some workspace; some tools; will assist if able.

Name: Bruce Leung
Address/Area: Natick, MA (~15 miles East of Boston)
Phone: (h) 508 653-1184
Model(s): 1986 R80G/S, 1992 R100GS/PD
Comments: Have truck, will travel.

Name: Deb Shaw Macchi
Address/Area: Ashland, MA USA
Phone: 1-508-881-4023
Model(s): 1992 K75S Classic Black
Comments: Food, shelter, conversation and a good phone book.
Last Update: Mon, 5 Mar 2001

Name: Ron Mauk
Address/Area: Windsor, MA / Berkshire Co.
Phone: (413) 684-3644
Model(s): 1997 r1100rta
Comments: Camping available, will help within reasonable limits. Good riding in the area.
Last Update: Fri, 10 Mar 2000

Name:Sid Mann
Address/Area:Athol MA 01331 50 Miles N. of Springfield
Phone:508-249-4523 H 508-575-0427 W
Model(s):' 92 K100RS "Loco Motion"
Comments:15 miles from AJ's BMW in Gill Mass. Pickup for transport, space for storage, will try to help, within time, skill, and reasonable limits.

Name: Jim Morgan
Address/Area: Between Plymouth and Boston, Massachusetts
Phone: 781-837-1668
Model(s): 1960 R60, F650, 1976 Gold Wing
Comments: Have trailer and tools, nearest dealer 1 hour away, bed possible, yard for tent if extra bed full.
Last Update: Sun, 4 Jul 1999

Name: Ned Parsons
Address/Area: Massachusetts, Somerville Just West of Boston, North of Cambridge
Phone: h: 617-666-3149, w 617-695-2900
E-Mail:  or
Model(s): '71 R75/5
Comments: 'MOA 64316, have had this /5 for 8 of my 9 years of riding, tech help offered, no garage- driveway only, lotsa tools (can't help during normal working hours), car available- no truck, always happy to talk bike. Other: ski in the winter (telemark, ski patrol) do mac work for a consulting firm in Cambridge, general all around guy who does the stuff that needs to get done.
Last Update: Mon, 10 May 1999

Name: Philip E. Rose a.k.a. Phactory Phil
Address/Area: South Easton, Mass. United States
Phone: Day # (617)258-4442 Eve # (508)238-6009
Model(s): 1960 R26, 1969 R60/2, 1976 R90S, 1986 K75C
Comments: Limited camping space and storage space (short term), above average mechanical ability, always available for K+K.

Name: Richard Rosenthal
Address/Area: Wellfleet, MA
Phone: 1-508-349-7957(hm) 349-3702(wk)
Model(s): 1996 R1100R die fledermaus
Comments: Nice area, but few motorcycle services. Nearest Beemer dealer is 92 miles from my house. Some local mechanics are available in an emergency. Best riding months, May-June, Sept-Oct. The Cape is a nice place to ride. Just keep the speed down or the LEOs will get you. Out on the lower Cape (where I am) there's not much in the way of BMW services (my nearest dealer, 92 mile). If you have a problem, give me a call and I'll do my best.

Name:Terry Smith
Address/Area:Falmouth (Cape Cod)
Model(s):'96 R1100RT; '84 R100RS

Name: Fred Ziegler
Address/Area: W. Medford, MA
Phone: h:781-488-3439 w:617-949-1262
Model(s): '72 R60/5, '97 R1100RTL
Comments: Just beginning to ride again(2+yrs) after a 15 year hiatus. always available for K+K

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