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Name: Gary Appelbaum
Address/Area: 830 Hoods Mill Road (AKA 830 Route 97) Maryland, Cooksville 21723 - Howard County, approx 20 miles west of Baltimore 1-1/2 miles north of I-70 at exit 76.
Phone: home (410)992-8538 work (410)792-6000 ext 4424
E-Mail: (obviously, I only receive mail at work)
Model(s): '72 R75/5 (swb) monza blue toaster tank
Comments: Original owner of '72 R75/5 (swb) monza blue toaster tank ~130,000 miles dirty, but still runs and runs. My house is way off the road and has plenty of room for parking, repairs (although no garage) and camping. I also have floor space available for crashing (as long as my wife's first impression of you is not too sleazy; you know how those biker types can be!). Some tools are available. Pick-up truck is also available. Nearest brand-x bike shop is 10 miles. Both Bob's BMW and Speed's Cycle are about 25-30 miles away. I love to ride and can show you some beautiful back roads in my area. Come by for coffee and conversation, or if you're lost or need help.

Name: Donna Buckley
Address/Area: Northeast Maryland
Phone: 410-620-7708
Model(s): 1991 BMW K75SA
Comments: Camping, coffee and donuts, conversation
Last Update: Tue, 9 May 2000

Name: Rick Cavanaugh
Address/Area: Ellicott City, MD USA
Phone: 410-461-4219
Model(s): 2002 R1150RT
Comments: Close to Bobs. Have tools and garage.. no trailer, have friends with trailers. Can help with suggestions for good local roads.
Last Update: Mon, 04 Mar 2002

Name: Walt Dabell
Address/Area: Elkton/Fair Hill, Maryland. 1 mile from Rt213 and Rt273 in NE corner of MD. 6 miles from Delaware, 3 miles from PA. just a few miles off of 95 near Elkton.
Phone: (302)831-1499 work / (410)620-6161 home
Model(s): '93 K75
Comments: Have trailer, tools, shop space, storage space, tent space, no spares (except an oil filter for my K). Would be happy to meet travellers or locals for coffee etc.
Last Update: Mon, Oct 16, 2000

Name: James (Jim) M. Dodmead
Address/Area: Glenwood, MD, about 25 miles west of Baltimore near I-70
Phone: 301.854.5503
Model(s): 1994 K1100LT
Comments: Garage, some tools, room for camping. Limited mechanical knowledge on beemer's, but substantial electronics skills. Bob's BMW about 20 miles away; generic auto parts stores ~10 miles away. Strict wife; but have grill and refrigerator. Impromptu rallying encouraged (but I have to check with SWMBO).

Name: Charles Elms
Address/Area: Ellicott City, Maryland - 15 miles west of Baltimore just off if I70 and Route 29
Phone: (410) 461-7144
Model(s): 97 R1100RT
Comments: Willing to assist riders. Have garage and tools. 8 miles from Bobs BMW and also Speeds. Have trailer and willing to pickup within 50 miles. Have manuals. Come by for coffee and conversation - please call first.
Last Update: Thu, 5 Jul 2001

Name: George Falcon
Address/Area: West End, City of Rockville, County of Montgomery, State of Maryland, USA.
Phone: 1-301-545-0542, call 1100-2100 hrs. only, lv. msg. if not in.
Model(s): 2000 K1200LTC
Comments: Camping in very quiet city neighborhood back yard, bath/shower, clean towels, use of gas range, toaster, coffeemaker. Can use driveway for repairs, can lend use of some hand tools here. Bob's BMW is an excellent BMW-only facility in Jessup an hour away. Battley Cycles has BMW, H-D, Ducati, Buell, and others, but is in Rockville is .5 hr. away. Indian, Vietnamese, Jamaican, Cuban, and Chinese restaurants within walking distance. No smoking here, please, and please call in advance because I like touring, too!
Last Update: Sat, 23 Sep 2000

Name:Charles W. Fetz
Address/Area:U.S., Maryland, Rockville Approximately 25 miles north of Washington, D.C.
Model(s):K75S and H-D FLT

Name: Mike Koeniger
Address/Area: Waldorf, MD
Phone: Work (202)267-0899
Model(s): 2002 R1150RT
Comments: 26 miles southeast of Washington, DC. 50 miles from Bob's BMW. Yard for camping and spare bedroom. Garage with room for one extra bike. Standard tools, though no special tools. Been told I make a good european style cup of coffee. Call work between 6 and 3, leave message and I will get back with you. Small truck. Always willing to take off for riding if schedule permits. Two sons, Jake (1988) and Mick (1986), married to Cindy. Two dogs, both friendly, though goofy as can be. Come by for talk anytime.
Last Update: Fri, 3 Aug 2001

Name: Don Maxfield
Address/Area: POB 503, Indian Head, MD 20640
Phone: 301-753-5050 voice/fax
Model(s): 85 K100RT
Comments: Indian Head is located 25 miles south of Washington DC at the end of Indian Head Highway (210). I work at the Explosive Ordnance Disposal School as the Head of International Training. Also a jack of all trades and master of none. Ride local and touring. Teach SCUBA diving and flying as hobbies. Place to throw a bedroll if you're on the road or just stop for coffee/chats. Travel regularly so call ahead.

Name: Jeff "Ponch" Pontrelli
Address/Area: Dayton, MD between DC & Balt
Phone: 301-854-1217 home 1-800-918-3025 voice/pager
Model(s): K1100RS
Comments: Certified bmw mechanic. LOVE, LOVE, Love M/C's. Can speak/understand some portuguese (Brasil) and spanish. Christian. Tools, storage, & room available when you are traveling.

Name: David Porter
Address/Area: Glyndon, Maryland (20 miles NW of Baltimore)
Phone: (410) 833-3771
Model(s): '93 K75 and some Italian stuff
Comments: Garage space and tools for emergencies. Bob's BMW 35 minutes away
Last Update: Tue, 20 Jun 2000

Name: Alain Roussel
Address/Area: Chevy Chase, Maryland
Phone: 301 656 8242 home / 301 986 4840 work
Model(s): R100GS, R27
Comments: French native, fluent in Spanish and English good knowledge of Mexico Republic (lived there 4 years), have garage, some tool & basic mechanic knowledge, can provide help depending on time and schedule, had a very good time during 1st Paris Panama rally
Last Update: Sun, 3 Jul 2005

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