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Name: Lance
Address/Area: Stillwater, MN
Phone: 651-351-0597
Model(s): 1998 R1100RT
Comments: Best place in the mid-west to ride.  Beautiful scenery, roads, and people.  Three BMW dealers an hour or less away.  Need help, recommendations, or directions let me know.

Name: Mike and Sandy
Address/Area: Northeastern MN, Iron Range, Chisholm MN
Phone: 1-218-254-7245
Model(s): 1972 R60/5, 1978 XS650 Yamaha
Comments: Looks like I'm the only guy listed in the Northern 2/3 of the state. No dealers within light years of this location, but I know just about everybody who has parts or expertise. Couch, shower and a hot meal usually available. I have tools and working area and can usually scrounge up a trailer or truck for a tow. Non-drinker but I enjoy company and conversation. Call for road information, tourist info, or weather.
Last Update: Wed, 3 May 2000

Name: Nate Birkholz
Address/Area: Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 612-825-0612
Model(s): 1983 R80ST
Comments: Not the most handy with a wrench, but I can help you find people who are. No garage, no truck, no spare room ... not much use at all???
Last Update: Mon, 12 Jun 2000

Name: Chad Brown
Address/Area: Alexandria, MN (halfway between Minneapolis and Fargo on I-94)
Phone: 320-763-3778
Model(s): 1988 K100RSA
Comments: Nearest dealer in Minneapolis (2 -1/2 hours or so), have garage, floorspace, and basic tools, truck for emergencies as schedule permits.
Last Update: Thu, 29 Aug 2002

Name: Rob Chamberlin
Address/Area: Rochester, Minnesota - 80 miles S.E. Twin Cities
Phone: Home: 1.507.281.1981 / Work: 1.507.252.5789
Model(s): 1985 R80/RT
Comments: No BMW dealer in town anymore. HD and others available for some parts (like tires), tools and working space available. Bed roll space available. Coffee is always on. Call for address and directions.
Last Update: Sun, 3 Feb 2002

Name: Don Fearn
Address/Area: SE Rochester, MN - Rochester is about 85 miles southeast of Minneapolis and about 10 miles north of I90 on US52.
Phone: W - (507) 253-2136 H - (507) 285-1202
E-Mail: W - H -
Model(s): '56 Harley chop (Butcher Boy), '65 Triumph TR6R (a Brit baby), '72 Honda CB500-4 (Harvey), '86 BMW K75-C/RT (Gretchen), '01 BMW R1100S (the tall black fellow)
Comments: The BMW motorcycle dealer's gone from Rochester again -- but I can offer tools, garage space, manuals on the above motorcycles, a spare bed and some breakfast to travelers in need. I have a mini-van that I can use for hauling parts or people (and maybe even a whole motorcycle? -- I've never tried). Or call on your way through so we can meet and chat over coffee.
Last Update: Tue, 17 Sep 2002

Name: Tim Foreman
Address/Area: Minneapolis, MN
Phone: H(612)377-1561 W(612)571-8642
Model(s): 82 R100RS
Comments: I have no truck anymore, but am willing to come and pick up riders. I also have tools available and experience fixing Boxers. Feel free to call me at work, but I may not be able to help you right away. I also have a spare bed at my house and garage space.

Name: Alan Hardacre
Address/Area: US, North Central, Minnesota, Rochester (90 mi S of MPLS/St. Paul)
Phone: 507/286-9084, fax 507/286-9085
E-Mail: or
Model(s): 78 R100S, Moto Guzzi 850T3, Kawasaki Concours
Comments: Have working/secure storage space, tools, some knowledge of airheads, trailer if absolutely necessary. Call for chat, coffee (I hope you like dogs) or ride recommendations.

Name: James Herne
Address/Area: Roseville, Minnesota
Phone: 1-651-633-9194
Model(s): 1985 K100
Comments: Recently moved from Romania to Minnesota, and am waiting for the weather to get better to go riding.
Last Update: Wed, 8 May 2002

Name: Tim Irwin
Address/Area: Caledonia, MN (La Crosse)
Phone: 1-507-724-1082 (-1083 fax)
Model(s): 1991 K100RS 16V
Comments: No dealers anywhere near. I try to keep some K parts on hand. I have a garage you can store your bike while you run for parts. River Road is a nice putt, watch for farm equipment and cow droppings in the road...
Last Update: Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Name: Jud Jones
Address/Area: Lakeland, Minnesota, St Croix Valley (17 Mi. E. of Saint Paul)
Phone: W: 612-373-0006 / H: 651-436-3911
Model(s): Airhead boxers, Guzzi cafe racers, East Euro, dirt bikes, etc.
Comments: I have limited lodging, but a campable back yard, no inside storage (too many bikes already), tools, some spares, and 30 years experience riding and working on BMWs. I also have access to a lot of assistance through the Indianhead BMW Club of Wisconsin, and its many members in the immediate area. Meet Indianhead members any Saturday morning at the Daily Grind on the main drag of Hudson, WI, and get advice on the great roads of western Wisconsin.
Last Update: Wed, 15 Nov 2000

Name: Steve Lauer
Address/Area: Forest Lake, MN (25 miles north of the Twin Cities)
Phone: (c) 651-336-3251, (w) 612-328-6954
Model(s): '78 R100S, 82 R100RS
Comments: Good road, good people, and the beer is usually cold. Garage space (sometimes), pickup, and plenty o' tools available. Plenty of room to camp by the lake, or there's usually a bed available as well.
Last Update: Tue, 26 Feb 2002

Name: Ken Matthews
Country: USA
State/Region: Minnesota
City/Area: Hokah (LaCrosse, WI)
Phone: (507) 894-4757
Model(s): '78 R100/7

Name: Mike Rice
Address/Area: Afton, MN  20m E of St. Paul, MN
Phone: (H)651-436-7246 / (W)651-281-3440
Model(s): 95 R1100 GSA, 95 FLSTC
Comments: Always have work space and tools and can provide tent space.  I don't have a trailer or truck, but I will do my best to help.

Name: Doug Swenson
Address/Area: Minneapolis
Model(s): '87 K100RS
Comments: Some garage space but no truck. I'm usally up for a ride and Chinese food though.

Name:Adam Wolff
Address/Area: Twin Cities, MN
Phone: 651/227-5076 (H) / 612/374-3233 (W)
Model(s): '72 R75/5
Comments: Will pick up the stranded and their bike. Hot meal, comfy couch, & home ph# of excellent mechanic gladly provided. Semi-secure parking in the yard. Beer.
Last Update: Wed, 1 Dec 1999

Name: Adam Wolkoff
Address/Area: US-Minnesota-St Paul
Phone: 612-698-5766 eves 612-339-8965 days
Model(s): 1994 K11LT *GOZ2XI*
Comments: All BMW riders are free to call for any--or no--reason. I have available work space, storage space, spare room. Emergency or just passing through, your call is welcome.

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