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Name: Huck and Elf
Address/Area: Fulton, Missouri
Phone: 573-642-6992
Model(s): 1994 R100GS/PD, 1986 K75C, 1085 K100RT
Comments:We like to ride the scenic roads of wine-country river bottom Missouri. Check out our webpage for more info!
Last Update: Sat, 21 Aug 99

Name:Alan and Annie Allert
Address/Area: Columbia, MO - Halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City on the Super Slab
Phone: H 573-449-0360, W 573-876-1889
Model(s): '73 R75/5, '85 K100, '88 K75, '89 R100GS and some Hondas
Comments: Glad to help out or just visit. Always willing to talk beemers. Have truck and trailer, tools, lift, etc. Can usually travel to help, and have spare room for stay over travelers. Can provide references ;)
Last Update: Sun, 7 Nov 1999

Name: Marc Brooks
Address/Area: St. Louis, MO (downtown)
Phone: 1-314-588-1928
Model(s): 1999 R1100RT
Comments: Close to BMW Motorrad, I can do pickups/mailing for you. Plenty of tools, space, drinks and chatter available. Spare room for four overnight.
Last Update: Tue, 8 Aug 2000

Name: Brian & Karen Burdette
Address/Area: 33200 E. 219th Street, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080 - 45 miles SE from downtown Kansas City.
Phone: (816) 540-3854 home
E-Mail: Brian: Karen:
Model(s): airheads, oilheads, and K-bikes.
Comments: Airhead, GS, sidcar and LD riders ... beverages, rides, conversation, workspace, local information, trailer with tiedowns, heated/air conditioned garage, airhead & K-bike tech assistance, storage, parts and tools, spare room, camping space. MO airmarshal. Exceptional local dealer 40 min away.
Last Update: Wed, 06 Mar 2002

Name: Scott Carney
Address/Area: Richmond Heights (Western edge of St Louis, MO)
Phone: 314 645 8269
Model(s): 1996 K1100RS, 1977 Honda GL1000
Comments: Near Motorrad of St Louis. Have garage and tools. New to BMW (as of 01/01) but generally mechanically proficient, have Clymer K bike manual. Full size bed available plus full size futon (we don't mind if you don't mind). Two Great Danes, a cat, and a wife, all relatively friendly. Always ready to ride.
Last Update: Mon, 8 Jan 2001

Name: Jack L. Casner
Address/Area: East Kansas City, Missouri
Phone: (816) 356-4926
Model(s): 74 R90/6 Mother of Pearl; 98 R1100RT Godfrey Daniel
Comments: Local dealer (816) Engle Motors 241-7554. I have absolutely no mechanical ability and damned few tools. However, I am well intentioned and can provide barley leas, some work space and local directions.

Name: Dave & Donna Johnson
Address/Area: Hannibal, MO (100 miles north St. Louis)
Phone: 573-221-1381
Model(s): 1999R1100RT, 1997 F650ST
Comments: Have a pickup and almost no mechanical ability. Nearest BMW dealer 100 miles.
Last Update: 22 Jan 2002

Name: Chuck Lanczkowski
Address/Area: North St. Louis County, St. Louis, Missouri
Phone: 1-(314) 837-1205
E-Mail: (home) and (work)
Model(s): '91 K75RTA and '66 R50/2 with original '55 Bender hack
Comments: Tools, garage space, transport trailer, spare room, spirits and talk, I'm good for a ride, info, or local information.

Name: Tom Padden
Address/Area: Gainesville, Missouri
Phone: 1(417)-273-2067
Model(s): 2000 K1200LT
Comments: About 40 miles east of Branson on Hwy 160 (by Bull Shoals Lake), truck w/trailer (NO near dealers), plenty of room for guests, heated A/C work/storage area, beer coffee etc.
Last Update: Sun, 9 Jan 2000

Name: Tim Sanders
Address/Area:USA, Missouri, Sikeston 150 south of St. Louis
Model(s): 1993 K1100RS
Comments:Sport Touring, Touring, Camping

Name: John Simmons
Address/Area: Cape Girardeau, MO.
Phone: 573-334-6862
Model(s): R100GS, 1973 R/75 toaster, 1960/2 with R90 motor and Ural sidecar
Comments: Plenty of sheltered camping space. Lots of spare airhead parts for emergency sale or loan only. Lots of Mexico travel experience. Also I am a mechanic at Grass Roots BMW here in Cape Girardeau.
Last Update: Wed, Oct 18, 2000

Name: Larry E. Snyder
Address/Area: Highway V, Washington, MO (35 miles west of St. Louis)
Phone: 1-314-583-6605 or 1-314-316-9199
Model(s): 1979 R100T
Comments: Lots of nice roads, wineries and other sights in this German community. Avoid Maifest in Hermann (near here) unless you like big drunk crowds. I have a heated shop with tools in case of a problem.

Name: Nick Thrasher
Address/Area: South of Springfield, Mo.
Phone: 417-581-8084
Model(s): 1969 through 1985
Comments: Buy,sell,trade,collect, ride,advise,listen,speak,ride,eat,help,sleep,live,love,BMW motorcycles.
Last Update: Fri, 31 Mar 2000

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