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Name: Mike
Address/Area: Raleigh
Model(s): 2000 K1200LTC
Comments: Member IBA, will travel to witness start/stop (check for distance & availability). Have tools, garage space, spare bedroom, beer, coffee, and a welcome mat for courteous riders. Will consider any day or longer trips if you want some company but I do like to drag the wings :-)
Last Update: Wed, 05 Jun 2002

Name: Mark Abbott
Address/Area: 3000 Beech Grove Drive , Durham N.C.,27705
Phone: 919-383-5142
Model(s): 1967 R50/2
Comments: Can help if some one is stranded, place to stay with advance notice, cold beer
Last Update: Tue, 11 May 1999

Name: Ned T. Beck
Address/Area: Raleigh, North Carolina -near I-95, I-40, US HWY 64, US HWY 70, US HWY 1.
Phone: (919) 834-7476 (home); (919) 515-6620 (work)
Model(s): 1977 R100/7 (european)
Comments: Have tools and extensive experience working on my own bike, and a few others. I am interested in meeting others in my area for coffee, conversation, and riding. Will allow considerate list folk to stay overnight at my house upon approval and sufficient notice. I will help stranded riders if possible.

Name: Tara Clontz (formerly Tara Ribas)
Address/Area: High Point, NC
Phone: 336-869-4994
Model(s): 1981 BMW R65/80
Comments: I can provide assistance if needed -- have trailer, but limited mechanical knowledge. If you are in the area, please feel free to call.
Last Update: Wed, 31 May 2000

Name: Terry Cox
Address/Area: Charlotte, NC near I-85, I-77
Phone: 704-947-2705
Model(s): 1999 R1100R "Bertha"
Comments: Coffee, Tools, garage if your bike needs a fixin. Fairly knowledgeable about local area.
Last Update: Fri, 20 Apr 2001

Name: Thomas Creed
Address/Area: Asheville, NC
Phone: home: 828-252-6502 / cell: 828-273-7102
Model(s): 1989 R100GS, 1977 R75/7
Comments: Call in case of emergency. Nearest Dealer 1:15 away. I have tools (Airhead), garage with room for bike, yard to camp in, couch to sleep on, pickup, ramp for bike, tie-downs and cold beer in the fridge. I've been broken down many states from home and follow the dictum: "Be kind to strangers, for you were a stranger once yourself"...however weighty that sounds. Southern Blue Ridge Mountains are rife with twisties. Email me for good routes to take. Join for breakfast ride any given Sunday. Hablemos espanol.
Last Update: Wed, 07 Feb 2001

Name: Ron Davis
Address/Area: Matthews, NC, 10 miles SE of Charlotte, 4 miles from BMW dealer.
Phone: 704-847-3603 w 704-559-8674
Model(s): K1100LT
Comments: I am involved with the Carolina BMW MOA club, so will be able to provide info on local BMW activities.

Name: Matthew Donnelly
Address/Area: Huntersville, NC (15 miles north of Charlotte)
Phone: 704.892.2266
Model(s): 1150gs, ktm640lc4
Comments: Help whenever possible (I am mechanically impaired), room in garage to work with limited tools, place to sleep with enough time to warn wife, ride anytime.
Last Update: Sun, 30 Sep 2001

Name: (Mr.) E. Leigh Engelhart
Address/Area: Hillsborough, NC USA [11 miles west of Durham on I-85]
Phone: (919) 732-7011
Model(s): R75/7
Comments: Have tools and fairly extensive experience with repairs and modifications on my own bike.

Name: John Farmer
Address/Area: Stokesdale/Greensboro Area, NC
Phone: 336-643-9590
Model(s): '02 R1150R, 88 535i
Comments: I have a truck, and semi access to a trailer. Some tools at home, even more at work. I have mechanical and electrical knowledge. Can provide camping. Excellent dealer on other side of town. Can provide shelter for 1 other bike as of now. Located between Hwy 220 and Hwy68, N. of Greensboro, NC
Last Update: Sun, 23 Jun 2002

Name: John Forrest
Address/Area: Hillsborough, NC
Phone: (919)732-3431
Model(s): 1971 r75/5 and 1994 r100gspd
Comments: Just off I85 and I40 junction Orange Co. have trailer, tools and some mech. help

Name: Steve Forst
Address/Area: Asheville, NC
Phone: 1-828-681-0702
Model(s): 85 K100RT
Comments: I am glad to help a fellow rider in need. If it's route info you are seeking, feel free to e-mail me. I ride my neck of the woods quite a bit
Last Update: Sun, 25 Mar 2001

Name: Bill and Penny Garrison
Address/Area: Fayetteville, NC 28304
Phone: (910)423-2899 Home / (910)974-9000 Work
Model(s): 96 R1100RT
Comments: I can give you info on Good Dining, best routes, maintenance. Am willing to come pick you and your bike up if stranded I have a truck and trailer. Have a huge home, so plenty of room for you to crash. Whether you just want to save a few bux or bike is down. In good standing with the dealers so I can probably get you your parts and get you on the road - we can worry about the money later. Basically we can provide everything you could need if the bike breaks.
Last Update: Sat, 20 Oct 2001

Name: Bruce F. Harris Jr.
Address/Area: 2821 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, NC 27215
Phone: 336/584-7070
Model(s): 2000 K1200LTC
Comments: I have tools, storage space, truck and trailer for breakdowns. I enjoy riding as opposed to talking about riding. Cold beer and free advice at the ready. Oh yes, I've been married to the same woman since 1979. Ride Safe.
Last Update: Fri, 12 May 2000

Name:Jason Henske
Address/Area:Greensboro, NC (Central North Carolina)
Phone:910-393-0457 910-507-3823 (voice mail if cannot be reached at home)
Model(s):92 K100RS
Comments:All models welcome, I ride a 92 K100RS

Name:Bill & Nikki Hinkel
Address/Area:Apex, North Carolina, Hwy 64 West of Raleigh, NC.
Model(s):1990 K100LT, 1993 K1100LT
Comments:We're interested in motorcycle mechanics/retoration, and from time to time take in work for others, as a hobby of course. We try to do just enough to help pay for the next project bike, or neat accessory. We'd also be interested in some good day trip type rides if anybody's interested in the area. The parkway's only a few hours away!

Name: Bob Hodgin
Address/Area: Banner Elk, NC 28604 (Western North Carolina)
Phone: 828-898-2111
Model(s): 92 R100RT,  88 R100GS,  81R80GS
Comments: Available for help, storage or work space, trailer, camping space, conversation/war stories.

Name:Don Ivey
Address/Area:Raleigh, N.C., 27605
Model(s):'80 R100RT
Comments:I have an '80 R100RT, and would be willing to provide a garage, tools, and general help to anyone who needs it in this neck of the woods. I could also provide overnight floor space in an emergency.

Name: Jim King
Address/Area: Hickory,NC
Phone: (828) 256-6550
Model(s): 1990 K75RT
Comments: No dealers nearby but some good shops in area, within 30 min of Blue Ridge Parkway, tent space or floor available, hapy to provide guide or discuss routing, 24-hr coffee available.
Last Update: Tue, 2 May 2000

Name: Chris Kiricoples
Address/Area: Washington, NC 27889
Phone: (252) 975-1742
Model(s): 1996 R1100R
Comments: I live in coastal North Carolina, less than two hours away from most of the key beach areas such as the Outer Banks and Emerald Isle areas. Would be glad to share info about various destinations on central coast, and perhaps ride along if time and a pretty demanding work schedule permit. I also own a pick-up truck and could help out in the unlikely event your Beemer breaks down, up to about 75 miles. Member of BMW RA.

Name: Rob Libbert
Address/Area: State Road (Yep, thats the name of the town), NC, USA
Phone: 336-874-3183
Model(s): 1997 F650, (soon to be more)
Comments: no nearby dealers, some of the best roads in the world nearby, 12 minutes from BRP, tools available, beer on request, give me a call if you're in the area!

Name:Robin Michael
Address/Area:Tryon, NC 28782
Phone:704.859.6340 Day 704.859.9831 Night
Model(s):R-100/T 1979 touring
Comments:Working as a Bicycle MOTO and have two way radio on the moto. Ham Radio operator KD4SMM. Self Employed and have limited time to ride. Live in the foot hills of the Smokie Mountains so the Parkway is just a short distance away. Looking for local area hams that are moto riders that would help in the bicycle events in this area. Contact me and or look a the home page. Member of both the MOA and RA plus the AMA.

Name: Joe Myers
Address/Area: Cleveland, NC
Phone: 704-278-0313
Model(s): 1988 R100 RT & 68 R69S
Comments: Have truck will travel 50 miles +- Lots of storage space , some tools, bedroll space, will be glad to help.
Last Update: 16 Oct 2002

Name: Doug Nodine
Address/Area: Greensboro, NC
Phone: 910-288-0943
Model(s): R100S
Comments: Novice just bought the bike

Name: Douglas North
Address/Area: Charlotte, North Carolina
Phone: 704-529-0708
Model(s): 92 R100R, 83 R80ST, 66 R50/2
Comments: Have tools, air compressor, garage space, Airhead experience. 10 mi to dealer. Will help anytime. Have truck. Only 5mi from interstate 77.  Always have coffee on. If in area call for conversation camraderie and coffee. Can put up some one in emergency. Have room for camping as well.
Last Update: Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Name: Mike O'Connell
Address/Area: Charlotte, NC near I 85 at I 485
Phone: 704-599-8154 cell 704-953-6738
Model(s): 1993 K1100RS
Comments: New corporate relocation victim to Charlotte area. No local knowledge. No truck. Have garage and tools. Can be hard to reach but I'm willing to help.
Last Update: 11 Jul 2002

Name: Chip Robie
Address/Area: Clayton NC
Phone: house: 919-553-2370, cell: 919-319-1185
E-Mail: home: work:
Model(s): 1998 K12RS
Comments: Nearest Dealer: Matison Motorsports, Raleigh NC, 919-834-5111
Last Update: Thu, 8 Feb 2001

Name: Carlos Saraiva
Address/Area: Raleigh, NC
Phone: (919) 787-8124
Model(s): 99 CBR1100XX
Last Update: Mon, 15 Apr 2002

Name: Mark Sechler
Address/Area: Cabarrus/Rowan County NC
Phone: 704-786-4513 Work / 704-857-5797 Home / 704-792-3679 Pager
Model(s): '99 R1100R
Comments: Dealer about 35 Miles away, have trailer to haul broke bike, some good roads around.
Last Update: Mon, 13 Mar 2000

Name: Mark Wolfe
Address/Area: Boone, NC.(northwestern North carolina, about 8 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway)
Phone: (h) 828-963-4463 / (w) 828-262-1200
Model(s): 64 r60/2, 65 r60/2 with ural hack, 72 r75/5 toaster, 73 r75/5, 75 r90s
Comments: I have tools, a truck, workspace, and lots of local information. I always have a cold beer or two in my fridge....
Last Update: Wed, 24 Mar 1999

Name: Donald Zepp
Address/Area: Garner, NC (Garner is south of, but contiguous with, Raleigh)
Phone: work 919 549 2382, home 919 779 3671
Model(s): '85 K100
Comments: Some tools, minimal expertise. Always happy to provide help, coffee, or both!

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