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Name: Scott and Paul Bristol
Address/Area: Londonderry, NH (just of exit 5 on I-93)
Phone: 603-432-3168 (Paul) - 603-425-6277 (Scott)
E-Mail:  scott@nhlung.org
Model(s): 1998 r1200c, 84 K100lt, 72 /5, 69 /2
Comments: Garage space lots of tools, good knowledge of Airheads (Paul), some knowledge of newer models. We have a pick-up and will do rescue missions (up to 50 mi) when we can. We have some space to camp. Call us, we are always looking for an excuse to go for a ride.
Last Update: Tue, 21 Sep 1999

Name: Nick Brodich
Address/Area: Wilmot Flat, New Hampshire (Outside of New London)
Phone: (603) 526-7152 (H); (603) 224-3500 (W)
E-Mail: serb@fcgnetworks.net
Model(s): 1995 R1100RSL
Comments: No nearby dealers, but tons of nearby excellent roads to ride. These are "the boonies."  I have few tools, but plenty of garage space and accomodations.  The beer is cold.  The grill is hot.  Riding I'm into.  Repairing I'm not.
Last Update: Sat, 31 Jul 1999

Name: Jeff Brown
Address/Area: Deering, NH
Phone: h:603/529-3235, w:603/627-2424
E-Mail: jeffbbrown@gsinet.net
Model(s): 1996 K1100RS
Comments: Two dealers within a reasonable drive (Seacoast area, Merrimack) also indie mech nearby (Milford). Pickup truck (short bed), temp. storage for emergencies if I'm home (weird work hours). Camping/tent space - please call ahead. Some tools, little expertise. I do better on airheads. (Why do I have a K? I was seduced by the Dark Side!) sport-touring/camping with my wife when we get the time. Rides to Hampton Beach or the mountains, or just around my 'hood. Some fun twisties nearby! Coffee & conversation if you're in the area. 'MOA, AMA, etc.
Last Update: Mon, 26 Aug 2002

Name: Larry Budreau
Address/Area: Manchester, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-644-8797
E-Mail: LDB169@aol.com
Comments: 5 miles from 1 dealer, 25 miles from another dealer. Have trailer, garage, no tools, no skills, but will help as best I can.
Last Update: Mon, 6 Sep 1999

Name: Jim Fowler
Address/Area: Bow, NH Location: 2 miles from intersection of I-93 and I-89 in Concord, NH.
Phone: 603-226-0039 ( Home ) FAX: 603-225-7481 ( Home ) Office Tel: 603-229-0233
E-Mail: jim@is.mv.com
Model(s): R1100RSL, R1100GS, R60/5 and F650 with parts and manuals for all.
Comments: I'm available to all BMW riders traveling through the area for conversation and coffee, repairs ( lot's of tools and some parts available ), will travel up to 50 miles to help. I have an enclosed trailer designed for BMW racing and can transport broken Beemers in that. There are two BMW dealers in my area. One is 12 miles away and another is 35 miles away. I will, in some instances allow overnight camping for travelers or take them in as guests in my home. Currently working on a sidecar project. I race with the U.S. Classic Racing Association, BMW R60 - #48.

Name: Sepp Meier
Address/Area: Madison, NH - near Kancamagus Highway
Phone: 603-367-8508
E-Mail: seppmeier@peoplepc.com
Comments: Bavarian spoken (niederbayrisch preferred)
Last Update: Wed, 17 Apr 2002

Name: Paul Meredith
Address/Area: Merrimack, NH
Phone: 603 884 1393, 603 424 3858
E-Mail: paul.meredith@digital.com
Model(s): R11RT, K-1
Comments: Road Captain for the Granite State Beemers. Available for: help, conversation, possible rescue missions. Condo living limits other offers.

Name: Harry Pendexter
Address/Area: East Conway, NH
Phone: 1-603-939-3229
E-Mail: hfp@landmarknet.net
Model(s): '96 R1100R
Comments: Good roads to ride in all directions, camping space available - a call or email in advance would be appreciated, some tools available with work space, nearest dealer is 60 miles but local wrench should be available in an emergency, will travel to help however I can.
Last Update: Wed, 27 Dec 2000

Name: Jim Ryan
Address/Area: Londonderry, NH  Rt. 93 exit 4
Phone: 603-421-2931 (H) 603-884-5301(W)
E-Mail:  Jim.Ryan@Compaq.com
Model(s): 1985 R80RT, 1973 R75/5
Comments: 5 minutes off Rt. 93 exit 4.  Some work space for emergencies, some tools, technical ability limited to routine stuff. Airhead, Granite State BMW Rider.  Condo life offers room for little else.

Name: Jay Sherman
Address/Area: Hampstead, NH
Phone: 508-470-9006
Model(s):r11rtl & k100rt
Comments:love to camp and tour

Name: Eric R. St-Louis
Address/Area: NH,  I-89 exit 13 (Lake Sunapee region)
Phone: 603 863 6695   Fax: 603 863 7561
E-Mail:  eric@cyberportal.net
URL:  http://www.AsphaltRecyclerCorp.com
Model(s): '89 R100GS, '80 XS850SG
Comments: Nearest dealer 1hr away (Londonderry NH). I have no shop facility but the beer is always cold and the bed linen (usually) clean. Incredible riding, great beach & party HQ. I might even let ya use the computer. Repair advice, metric tools and airhead shop manual.
Last Update: Sun, 27 Jun 1999

Name: Ross Taylor
Address/Area: Milford, NH
Phone: 603.321.0916
E-Mail: rtaylor@tellink.net
Model(s): 1984 R65, 2001 R1150GS
Comments: 5 miles from dealer. Garage space, open field for pitching a tent, guest room if you don't like black flies or coyotes. Lots of coffee, always some beer, wine, or other libations. Some tools for basic maintenance, but I'm definitely not a "wrench". My friendly neighbor has a pickup for emergencies (if he's not retrieving his leaky HD). There are some great local roads, especially for GS riding, so I'm on the bike a LOT. Also, I have friends who speak Spanish, French, and German so we've got the bases pretty well covered. Ride safe, ride often, and see you at the 2002 Rally in Canada!
Last Update: 12/28/2001

Name: Tony Taylor
Address/Area: Manchester, NH
Phone: 603 644 7038
E-Mail: ataylor@grolen.com
Model(s): K75S, R80ST, R60
Comments: No dealer close by, but good repair/service facility fairly close. Willing to assist with travel hints/tips, local accommodations, minor service work.
Last Update: Fri, 19 Apr 2002

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