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Name: Russell
Address/Area: Montville, New Jersey
E-Mail: Russell.Poole@BMWNA.com
Model(s): 2000 K12RSA
Last Update: 16 Aug 2001

Name: Tim
Address/Area: Morristown, NJ
Phone: hm 973-292-1630; wk973-993-1760 x23
E-Mail: tslifkin@earthlink.net
Model(s): 1998 R1100R
Comments: Garden State BMW about 8 miles; great roads, conversation, garage for emergencies, help within reason (limited experience). Hotels and restaurants in the area, spare room in a pinch (small dark, dirty, smelly, dingy, but available).
Last Update: Tue, 2 Apr 2002

Name: Bob "Blueroad" Berto
Address/Area: Somerset, NJ ( near New Brunswick, exit 9, NJ Turnpike -or- exit 10 I-287 )
Phone: 732-247-4321 eve - 973-716-8953 day
E-Mail: blueroad@somerset-nj.com
Model(s): 1975 R90S "Ursula" -- 1975 R90/6 "Hollis"
Comments: Camping space, storage space, tools, some knowledge about airheads. Call for conversation or Central NJ questions.
Last Update: Tue, 16 Jan 2001

Name: Russ Butler
Country: USA
State/Region: NJ
City/Area: Rockaway
Phone: 201-983-9092
E-Mail: RBinNJ@worldnet.att.net
Model(s): R100GS
Comments: Will provide whatever help I can (within reason).

Name: Tom Coradeschi
Address/Area: Independence Township, NJ Possible reference to a well known location: 1mi west Hackettstown, NJ
Phone: [W] 973.724.4344 [H] 908.852.5459
E-Mail: tcora@skylands.ibmwr.org
URL: http://skylands.ibmwr.org/sbr/tom/
Model(s): 1985 BMW K100RS
Comments: General info of interest: Heck of a nice guy, that's me! Tools, tools, tools. K-Bike experience.

Name:James (Mac) Dennis, Patti A. Dennis
Address/Area:USA, N.J., Stockton
Model(s):R60/2,R50/5,R75/5,R65LS,R100RS,K75 Plus Ducks and Puch
Comments:tools, work space, parts, truck,bed roll/camping space KK

Name: Paul T. Donoghue
Address/Area: Northern New Jersey - Upper Greenwood Lake section of West Milford NJ (near Warwick NY)
Phone: 1-973-853-1074
E-Mail: pdonoghu@Optonline.net
Model(s): 1993 K75SA, 1998 R1100GSA Anniversary Edition, 1999 K1200LT
Comments: no nearby dealers, lots of great roads to ride, K and oil head mechanical knowledge (willing to help on air heads and Fs but no experience), tools & trailer available, space to work on bikes in an emergency
Last Update: Tue, 12 Dec 2000

Name: Bob Edmiston
Address/Area #1: Scotrun, PA / Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania (overlooking Camelback Ski Area)
Address/Area #2: Princeton, NJ Area (during the day)
Phone: (717) 839-2601 [evenings] or (888) 226-0663 [digital Pager] or (609) 951-2511 [days]
E-Mail: Edmiston@ptd.net or Edmiston@research.nj.nec.com
URL: (under construction)
Model(s): 1997 R1100RTL Blue

Name: Don Eilenberger
Address/Area: NJ Shore
Phone: 732-449-1533(H), 732-863-9500(W)
E-Mail: deilenberger@monmouth.com
Model(s): Early K's and some airheads.
Comments: Have work space/tools available and a friendly non-BMW dealer who will help people out. Always interested in meeting with IBMWR people passing through the area.

Name: John Filak
Address/Area: Sussex County, 10 miles south of Beemerville off Route 15.
Phone: 1.973.875.1894
E-Mail: filakjf@yahoo.com
URL: http://jfilak.tripod.com/
Model(s): '00 K1200RS
Comments: Tools, Airhead and K manuals, air compressor, trailer, no dealers within 50 miles, nice local roads.
Last Update: Mon, 15 Apr 2002

Name: Chris Klass
Address/Area: Jersey City, NJ
Phone: 201-222-7647
E-Mail: chrisk@klassreport.com
URL: http://www.klassreport.com
Model(s): 1982 R65
Comments: Love to take short to medium rides. Available during the week.

Name: Paul Kneisl
Address/Area: Westmont, NJ, near Philadelphia
Phone: home: 856-858-8206 10-3pm weekdays, weekends / work: 856-338-3616 3pm-12 midnight let phone ring, moron may answer, ask for Paul, keep trying if no success
E-Mail: 233@excite.com
Model(s): 2001 F650 Dakar
Comments: can provide: mechanical assistance, dealer 1 mile away, transportation locally to help out, cannot provide: trailer or pickup truck, a place to stay.
Last Update: 12 Jun 2002

Name: Herb Konrad
Address/Area: Haddonfield, NJ (10 miles E of Philadelphia) between exits 3 & 4 NJ Turnpike, Exit 30, RT 295
Phone: (cell) 609-839-8034
E-Mail: hk6428@aol.com
Model(s): R1100RT '96 & '99
Comments: Have trailer, and place to park, Can help with transportation. Former BMW dealer (good wrench) within 12 miles.
Last Update: Thu, 30 Aug 2001

Name: Aaron Leonovich
Address/Area: Somerset, NJ USA
Phone: 732-236-5171
E-Mail: aleonovich@aol.com
Model(s): 1965 R50/2
Comments: I'm currently restoring my "Bimmercycle" and could use parts, tips, money =) . I can help with tools and other basics. Visit my scattered parts of a motorcycle at my dad's shop, Daves Auto Body, in New Brunswick, NJ. I'll be ready to ride by Summer, 2000 (I hope).
Last Update: Wed, 15 Dec 1999

Name: Mike LoGalbo
Address/Area: Central NJ, near Tpk Exit 8A
Phone: 609-395-8991
E-Mail: gunger9355@aol.com
Model(s): K75S, Ducati 900 sp
Comments: Garage, tools, trailer, willingness to help, coffee, understanding family. What else could you want?

Name: Bill Mara
Address/Area: Somerset County, New Jersey
Phone: 908-647-6304
E-Mail: mmara60055@aol.com
Comments: am no mechanic, but have some common tools and a garage, have truck & trailer, will try to assist a rider who is broken down. Live near route 22, 78, & 287.
Last Update: Wed, 24 Oct 2001

Name: Martin and Laura Miller
Address/Area: Parsippany, New Jersey
Phone: 973-952-9015
E-Mail: motoemail@aol.com
Model(s): 2001 K1200RS, 2002 R1150RT and 2003 Yamaha V-Max
Comments: We will be happy to do whatever we can to assist. Many hotels within 1/2 miles of our home. Bike can be stored on our property in an emergency. Cross Country BMW in Metuchen, NJ within 30 miles. Do not recommend dealership in Ledgewood.
Last Update: 28 Oct 2002

Name: Max Monaco
Address/Area: Allamuchy, NJ 1 mile south I80 or 3 miles from Tom Coradeschi
Phone: 908-850-4048
E-Mail: cmmonaco@worldnet.att.net
URL: http://skylands.ibmwr.org/sbr
Model(s): 1999 BMW R1100S, 1998 Honda Gold Wing
Comments: Help available(within reason). Possible availability of a trailer.
Last Update: Fri, 28 Jul 2000

Name: Jay Ottinger
Address/Area: Hopewell, NJ
Phone: 609-466-1433 Cell 609-462-2770
E-Mail: jayottinger@earthlink.net
Model(s): 88 R100RT, 99 R1100S
Comments: Tools, trailer, tent area
Last Update: 01 Aug 2002

Name: Tom Plante
Address/Area: Hoboken, NJ - NYC
Phone: 201.610.0114
E-Mail: Tplante@dlj.com
Model(s): 1987 K75S
Comments: Can help with routes through/around NYC; limited help as a mechanic. Highly recommend calling Amol Motorcycles in Dumont, NJ (halfway between George Washington & Tappan Zee bridges) for emergency/other service-its an excellent shop. (201) 384-1103. Always eager to meet nearby riding partners.

Name: Brian Peterson
Address/Area: West Caldwell, NJ
Phone: 973-364-0187
E-Mail: bdpeter@bellatlantic.net
URL: in progress...
Model(s): 1996 R1100RT
Comments: looking for riding partners for weekend day trips, or just to share knowledge of the RT.
Last Update: Sun, 10 Sep 2000

Name: Elliot Porter
Address/Area: Livingston, NJ - (NY Metro Area)
Phone: 201-341-1171
E-Mail: elliot@elliotporter.com
Model(s): 2000 - R1200C
Comments: Call for conversation or rides, I have some tools, always interested in meeting with other riders
Last Update: Tue, 1 Aug 2000

Name: Todd & Susan Spayth
Address/Area: Annandale
Phone: (908) 735-5BMW
E-Mail: tspayth@att.com
Model(s): 89 K100RS, 86 K100RT with Champion sidecar, 1993 K1100LT with Flex-It Sidecar
Comments: Have trailer, work space, tools, 20 minutes from Touch of Class BMW shop. Can be reached weekdays at (908) 234-4690.

Name: Ernie Vaupel
Address/Area: Cranford, NJ/near GSP exit 136
Phone: 908-272-0782
E-Mail: demotors@hotmail.com
Model(s): '99 K1200LT
Comments: Have tools, garage, trailer, lodging. 12 miles from Cross-Country BMW dealer.
Last Update: 27 Jun 2002

Name: Mark Wintle
Address/Area: Morristown, NJ
Phone: H: 973-292-9543 W: 973-331-1010 x 636 pager: 888-916-7038
E-Mail:  mewintle@aol.com, mew@gtsystems.com (work)
URL: http://www.nerdbiker.com/
Model(s): 1994 red k75 (purchased Oct, 1998), 1980 kawi KZ440b
Comments: I'm completely useless as a mechanical resource. But I ride in all weather and can be helpful with local restaurants, tourist attraction info, etc. I have a spare bedroom, and a garage, but not many tools. I'm nerdy, but friendly. Feel free to call anytime of the night if you need assistance of any sort. I like to be helpful -- it's fun. I also have a small 2m FM Ham rig (W2MEW).
Last Update: Wed, 22 Nov 2000

Name: Troy Zabransky
Address/Area: Jersey City NJ 07304/ NYC Metropolitan Area
Phone: 1-212-435-7111 Work Monday-Friday
E-Mail: Tzabransky@yahoo.com
Model(s): 1995 R1100GSA
Comments: Nearby dealer in NYC. I would be happy to provide info. on visiting NYC. Sorry no repair help or accommodations available.
Last Update: Fri, 11 May 2001

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