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Name: Iceman
Address/Area: Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716.692.8124
E-Mail: iceman@ronconet.com
Model(s): 99 FR1100RT, 98 R1200C
Comments: 1 dealer 20 minutes, second dealer 1.5 hours. Tools, garage, trailer. Always willing to help a fellow rider
Last Update: Sun, 13 Feb 2000

Name: John Asaro
Address/Area: New York, Buffalo, Near Niagara Falls, NY
Phone: 716/688-1236 (H) 716/832-7000
E-Mail: Motoref@aol.com
Model(s): 1986 K100RT, 1994 R1100RSL
Comments: Motorcycle officiating at bicycle races, long distance touring, fly fishing. Can offer shelter, coffee, and conversation if your in area.

Name: Josh Ascher
Country: USA
State/Region: New York
City/Area: Latham
Phone: 518-785-4671
E-Mail: ascher26@worldnet.att.net
Model(s): 77 R75/7 83 R100 78 R100 w/ Velorex

Name: Toby Ballantine
Address/Area: East Hills, Roslyn, N.Y.
Phone: 516 621 9176...fax: 516 621 9178
Model(s): R1200C
Comments: There are several nearby BMW dealers, club meetings, and even R1200C owners. (Huntington, Valley Stream, Westchester, Manhattan). Manhattan is close by (about half hour through the tunnel to midtown) Roslyn is near the Long Island Sound, with some beauty rides along the coastal north shore. It is also close to major east west highways stretching from Manhattan to Montauk. There are great restaurants, a major outdoor sculpture museum, and plenty of country style "back roads" Visitors usually don't expect this much country this close to the city. Have garage space (no cars allowed in the 'two car' garage) if it's raining, you can park or do some indoor maintainence, while we talk by the fireside.
Last Update: Sat, 21 Apr 2001

Name: Rick Barry
Address/Area: USA, NY, Brooklyn
Phone: 718/232-2484 Fax/259-4641
E-Mail: rbarry@interport.net
Model(s): 87 K75
Comments: Graphic designer/illustrator. Computer graphics/electronic prepress teacher/consultant. Love to ride & tour, but not very mechanically-minded. Also love roller coasters, scuba diving. Play a little guitar and sing a little.

Name: Jim Behan
Address/Area: Clifton Park, NY (15 miles north of Albany) / Bolton Landing, NY
Phone: 518-383-0860 / 518-644-3556 (Bolton)
E-Mail: jpbpe@pobox.com
Model(s): K75RT, K75S
Comments: Have simple tools, garage, local dealers, friends with various spares, trailer; currently seeking vintage Beemer to use up all my spare time and cash.

Name: Jim Bello
Address/Area: Rochester, NY
Phone: 716-266-4810
E-Mail:  jlbello@usa.net
Model(s): 1999 R1100R
Comments: Excellent rides along the shore of Lake Ontario (aka The Senic Trail). Also an easy ride to the finger lakes (my favorite). Good conversation/coffee/brew.
Last Update: Wed, 27 Oct 1999

Name: Barry Blank
Address/Area: Roslyn Heights, New York (Nassau County, ~20 miles East of New York City)
Phone: (516) 621-8690 (no answering machine); Office - (516) 621-4275 (answering machine)
E-Mail: PsychB@Concentric.Net
Model(s): 1998 R1100RS
Comments: 2 dealers nearby
Last Update: Sun, 11 Jun 2000

Name: Kevin D. Boutelle
Address/Area: 91 Wayne St. Mexico, NY 13114
Phone: (315) 963-8970
E-Mail: kdboutel@twcny.rr.com
Model(s): 1977 R100RS
Comments: BMWMOA member since 2001. Nearest dealer is in Rochester, but there is a Triumph/KTM/Aprilia dealer in Baldwinsville, NY about 30 minutes away that knows BMW's very well. Garage/tools and full size truck available, always willing to help if I can. Pool is always open in the summer so bring your suit if you're going to stop by. Plenty of grassy tent space in the back yard, rent free of course.
Last Update: 08 Jul 2002

Name: Ron Bregman
Address/Area: Searingtown, NY (Long Island)
Phone: 1-516-621-6799
E-Mail: bregmanr@optonline.net
URL: http://www.libmwrc.com
Model(s): BMW: 2000 K1200LT-C, 2001 R1150GS Kawasaki: 2000 ZX-6R Ninja
Comments: Always looking for local riders to join our local Long Island BMW Riders Club (LIBMWRC). We have 2 local nearby dealers (BMW NY and Precision BMW), I have some tools. Feel free to call for emergency assistance anytime.
Last Update: Sun, 04 Mar 2001

Name: Richard Culmone
Address/Area: 101-36 104th Street Ozone Park NY 11416 USA - 3 miles north of Aqueduct Race track and 5 Miles west of Kennedy Airport.
Phone: Cell (on 24/7) (516)695-8612 home/fax (718)849-5820
E-Mail: k100lt@bellatlantic.net, richard.culmone@nassauwings.org or RCulmone@aol.com
Model(s): '90 K100LT
Comments: I am an Electrical shop teacher in the NYC Public School system. Ready for a ride almost any time including riding the entire summer. Always looking for someone to ride with. If your in NYC I have an spare room that your welcome to use and a spot in my garage to put your bike.
Last Update: Thu, 29 Jun 2000

Name: Frederick P. Davies (Fred)
Address/Area: Syracuse, New York (Central New York)
Phone: (315) 472-6511
E-Mail:  davieslaw@scctel.com
URL:  http://www.davieslawfirm.com
Model(s): 1985 K100
Comments: Unfortunately, no nearby dealers.  The closest dealer is Rochester, New York, about an hour west.  Great places to ride!!!  The Finger Lakes are beautiful with some of the best wine in the east.  To the far north is the St. Lawrence Sea Way and Canada.  To the east are the Adirondacks and to the south east are the Catskills.  More back roads and places to ride then you will ever have time to get to.  I am always available for conversation.  My bike needs some work so I am not riding at the moment, but plan to do so in the near future.  If you need help, time permitting, I will do my best to lend a hand.

Country: USA
State/Region: NEW YORK
Phone: 516-427-8531 ANSWER MACHINE 516-230-6946 PAGER EMERGENCY
E-Mail: rad96@worldnet.att.net
Model(s): R1100R

Name: Tom Dudones
Address/Area: Saranac Lake, NY, USA
Phone: 518-891-0967
E-Mail: tdudones@capital.net (home) or txdudone@gw.dec.state.ny.us (work)
Model(s): 1987 K75T, with Pichler fairing
Comments: I live up in the Adirondacks, just 8 miles from Lake Placid, home of the 1932 & 1980 Winter Olympics. Some nice roads - from May to October! Lakes & mountains everywhere. I'm interested in touring, and am also an avid birder. I have a spare room for a single rider or a couple, place to safely park your bike, and a few tools. Nearest dealer is about 100 miles away.
Last Update: Tue, 30 Nov 1999

Name: Wayne Edkin
Address/Area: Blossvale, NY, Just north of Oneida Lake, 20 miles from Rome
Phone: 315-245-1688
E-Mail:  docedkin@aol.com
Model(s): '74 R 60/6 & '99 K1200LTi
Comments: no nearby dealers, great roads nearby, spare room, phone but no mechanical ability--all thumbs.
Last Update: Sun, 3 Oct 1999

Name: Mike Hammer
Address/Area: Ithaca, NY, Near Watkins Rally!
Phone: (607) 272-0768 home, (607) 255-7343
Model(s): 1974 R90/6
Comments: Call for help, place to stay, referrals, or just to chat!

Name: Dennis Healy
Address/Area: Wappingers Falls, New York
Phone: 1-800-963-4156 (pager)
E-Mail:  Motorcyclist@earthlink.net
Model(s): 1999 BMW R1100RT Opal Blue - w/the N.Y. "IBMWR" plate
Comments: Nearby BMW dealer, great roads and views, emergency help - just page me.
Last Update: Sun, 25 Apr 1999

Name: David Jones
Address/Area: Herkimer, New York - almost exactly in the center of N Y
Phone: 315 891 3718
E-Mail:  djones100rt@yahoo.com
Model(s): '82 R100RT,  '85 R65
Comments: Spare room, camping space, tools, trailer, truck, storage space, some parts, about 100 miles west of 1999 MOA national

Name: Steve Jovais
Address/Area: Loch Sheldrake, NY (Southern Catskills)
Phone: (914) 434-7443
E-Mail:  nortn01@epix.net
URL:  http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Foothills/9027/motorcycling.html
Model(s): 1995 R1100GS  1975 R90/6  1970 Norton Commando Roadster
Comments: Always looking for folks to ride with here in the southern Catskills.  Plenty of twisties, most with some good chow at 'point B'.

Name:Betsey Kuzia
Address/Area:Albany, New York
Model(s):I currently have a 1987 K75T
Comments: MSF instructor, touring, safety stuff, riding wherever and whenever I can.
Last Update: Mon, 9 Oct 2000

Name: Joe Longacre
Address/Area: Bath, NY (Finger Lakes Region)
Phone: (607)776-5880
E-Mail: flt84@yahoo.com
Model(s): 1984 Harley dresser but I don't discriminate
Comments: Have great camping spot near pond, good spot for those attending the Watkins Glen rally (about 1/2 hr. ride). Have tools, truck and lift and like to work on bikes. Stop for a coffee or beer.
Last Update: Thu, 05 Jul 2001

Name: Anthony Lonigro
Address/Area: 283 Warren Avenue, Hawthorne, New York
Phone: (914) 741-6317
Model(s): '68 R50/2 with Globe sidecar, '68 R60/2, 60-something conversion project
Comments: Can help spin a wrench, I'm located close to a factory BMW dealer, Honda, Yami, HD, Suzi, Kawi, etc dealers too. Call if you're passing thru!

Name: Erik Molbach
Address/Area: Schenectady, NY
Phone: 518-347-0265
E-Mail: emolbach@earthlink.net
Model(s): 1996 R1100RT, R90S basketcase
Comments: Adirondack Mountains and Catskills nearby, great diners & roads within 10 minutes, tent space in yard, excellent coffee and breakfast from my kitchen. Some tools for basics.
Last Update: Thu, 17 May 2001

Name: Richard O'Regan
Address/Area: Manhattan, New York City
Phone: 1-212-222-9455
E-Mail: oregan@mindspring.com
Model(s): 1978 R100S
Comments: Journalist/TV Producer who travels a great deal, so you may not find me home. Enough space to put up a rider or couple passing through -- try to give me some warning. Will accept small parts & mechanical knowledge as barter for victuals and lodging. NYC can be a difficult place if you don't know it, though. If you're nearby and need a hand, call.

Name: Michael O'Sullivan
Address/Area: Queens, New York
Phone: 718 278 2050
E-Mail:  michaelo@akula.com
URL:  http://www.gettinglost.com
Model(s): 1995 R100RT
Comments: I'm on a trip with the R100RT in central south america at present. I have included some travel info on the WEB site WWW.GETTINGLOST.COM take a look if you like. I hope that this will be a help to anyone contemplating a journey like this. I know I should be driving a GS for this trip, but I like the RT's too much!
Last Update: Thu, 8 Apr 1999

Name: Paul R. Parsons
Address/Area: Western New York
Phone: 716-655-1261
E-Mail: pparsons@localnet.com
Model(s): 1990 K75RT
Comments: good coffee, avid telemarker & got a brother that likes to modify his /5 and make it look really small.

Name: Donald B. Price
Address/Area: Rockville Centre, New York (on Long Island) NY
Phone: Phone # 516 663-2873 (voice mail)
Model(s): 1986R80RT Before that I had a 1981 R65
Comments: BMW MOA #27106

Name: Chris & Erin Ratay
Address/Area: New York City
Phone: 212-308-1802 (Chris@work)
His E-Mail:  c_ratay@msn.com
Her E-Mail:  EDoher@law.columbia.edu
URL:  http://www.ultimatejourney.com
Model(s): 94 R100GSPD (his) & 97 F650 (hers)
Comments: Love to travel, good conversations/pictures, live in 1-bdrm apt in NYC.  TRAVELED: All Tent and/or B&B Europe;The Alps, Dolomites, N. Italy - USA : NY to Yellowstone (including Sturgis) to Grand Canyon to Blue Ridge Pkwy to NYC.,NYC to Americade,NYC to Finger Lakes, Canada, NYC to Montreal (2x),NYC to Nova Scotia (Yarmouth to Cape Breton) - FUTURE DESTINATIONS: We depart May 20 for our 15 month 'round the world journey - - Check out our web-page for details.

Name: Art Salomon
Address/Area: Monticello NY, 12701
E-Mail: art@yankeebarn.com / yankee@warwick.net
Model(s): 1986 k100
Comments: Lots of good riding in this part of the country.

Name: Jim Schuyler
Address/Area: East Syracuse, N. Y. 13057-9558
Phone: (315) 656-9484
Model(s): 1994 R100RT
Comments: D 50, Garage W. S., spare room, KK

Name: Phil Sikora
Address/Area: Warwick, NY
Phone: 914.258.7812
E-Mail: psikora@attmail.com
Model(s): /2 conversion hack, '59 R69
Comments: sidecars a special interest

Name: Dan Simoes
Address/Area: Yorktown Heights, NY
Phone: 914-245-6650
E-Mail: dans@ans.net
URL: http://coimbra.ans.net/dans.html
Model(s): 1988 K75s
Comments: Close to 2 dealers, have tools, truck. Call before 10PM though.

Name: Timothy Stacy
Address/Area: Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 718-768-6820
E-Mail:  tstacy23@hotmail.com
Model(s): '92 K75RT
Comments: The roads here are absolute crap.  But should you find yourself here, I can provide directions (sometimes they're even accurate), recommend restaurants, parking suggestions, dealers and provide entertainment info.
Last Update: Sat, 06 Nov 1999

Name: Anton Stayduhar
Address/Area: Greenwood Lake, NY in Orange County
Phone: 914 351 4082 during days
E-Mail:  antons@warwick.net
Model(s): '91 K100rs
Comments: Beautiful country roads, a dealer within twenty miles, about an hour from NYC.

Name: Ron Stone
Address/Area: Ontario, NY
Phone: 315/524-8184 (H) 585/421-0480 (W)
E-Mail: estone2@rochester.rr.com
Model(s): 1978 R100/7, 1981 R65
Comments: I live near Lake Ontario. Good roads and Historic towns and sites near by. 20 miles East of Rochester. I have a spare room, lots of camping area, a place to store and work on Motorcycles. I'm the Sales Manager for Country Rode Motowerks, the local BMW dealer, which is 16 miles from my home. Stop by for a cup'a, If the weather is good and you have the time, we can take a ride to Sodus Bay and go for a Sail. I also have a 30 foot Sail Boat.
Last Update: 23 Nov 2002

Name: Don Wagner
Address/Area: Blossvale, New York USA Near the south/west gateway to the Adirondack Mountains.
Phone: 315-443-4946 (w) 315-337-5024 (h)
E-Mail: dkwagner@mailbox.syr.edu
URL: http://plethora.syr.edu/plethora/don.html
Model(s): 1977 BMW R100/7
Comments: Macintosh multimedia computing; maple sugaring, birding, woodworking, tour riding, hiking, photography, philosophy.

Name: Mark Walker
Address/Area: NY, Ithaca Finger Lakes Areas, Wine Country in Upstate New York
Phone: 607-273-3046 607-255-5947
E-Mail: mjw3@cornell.edu
Model(s): R50/2 - 1961
Comments: Beautiful area in the summer and early fall. Winery tours are fun and follow nice routes along the finger lakes. A lot of people tour through. Many of the little towns have special events in the summer including music, marathons, bicycle races and craft fairs. That's the kind of thing I like to visit on my R50.

Name: Brian Welliver
Address/Area: Yorktown
Phone: 1-757-688-1181 (Work)
E-Mail: brian_welliver@ibm.net
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT

Name: Dan Wright
Address/Area: Huntington, New York
Phone: 516-424-7729 (H) / 1-800-690-1646 (W)
E-Mail: BMWDANNY@aol.com
Model(s): 1996 R1100 GS, 1992 K75
Comments: Dealer nearby, have access to a truck to help transport breakdowns, have tools, decent mechanical skills. Telephone calls welcome anytime for emergency's, otherwise 8:00 am to Midnight EST.

Name: Colin R. Young
Address/Area: Mechanicville NY
Phone: 1-518-899-9002
E-Mail:  cyoung67@aol.com
Model(s): 1982 R100
Comments: Harley Mechanic. Have bailing wire, McGiver tape and big hammer. Coffee, Beer (you bring it), help if I can.
Last Update: Tue, 8 Jun 1999

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