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Name: Malcolm and Jo
Address/Area: Temuka, South Canterbury, New Zealand (South Island)
Phone: (03) 615 6336
Model(s): 1989 R100GS
Comments: no nearby dealers, (closest 2 hrs in Christchurch). Excellent roads nearby, we've travelled most roads in the South Island and can offer good advice on places worth spending time, particularly off the main tourist routes.
Last Update: Sun, 9 Sep 2001

Name: Geoff Lang & Margaret Elstone
Address/Area: Napier, (small city on east coast of North Island)
Phone: (within NZ) 06 8435653
Model(s): 1992 BMW GS/PD
Comments: Heaps of great riding in this little bit of paradise in the Pacific. We have a spare room for touring Beemer riders,give us a bell.

Name: John & Rangi French
Address/Area: Napier,  New Zealand
Phone: (NZ) 06 8355933
Model(s): K100RS
Comments: Not fanatics, just like meeting interesting people. (p.s. Still looking for my K100RS)

Name:Max Fretter
Address/Area:Pukerua Bay, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND (this is approx 30 mins north of North Island's inter-island)
Phone:In the book, the only Fretter in Wellington
Model(s):86 K100RT (departing soon after 6 years) 84 K100RS (just arrived)
Comments:Feel free to contact (but don't feel offended if I'm shocked into silence for minutes if you call saying your N minutes away...!!) Some garage/tools (torque wrench etc etc), maybe usual K100 consumables available for emergencies Can talk hind leg off BMW-orientated & literate donkey, while supplying coffee.

Name:William & Yvonne Glendenning
Address/Area:Dunedin, A city 2/3rds of the way down the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
Phone:(+64-3) 477-0743
URL: (My own business)
Model(s):'94 K1100LTSE
Comments:Have a well equipped workshop. Would be pleased to act as a Guide for the local area and to advise on trips around New Zealand generally. Local Treasurer of Ulysses Club (a club for motorcyclists over 40). Member of BMW Owners Register of New Zealand.
Last Update: Sat, 29 Jan 2000

Name: Grant McRae
Address/Area: Dannevirke, Southern Hawkes Bay, North Island, New Zealand.
Phone: (64) 6-374-6749, (64) 25-431-870 (cell phone)
Model(s): R1100R
Comments: I am an active member of the NZ-BMWOR, my wife and I own a R1100R and cover about 10,000 miles a year touring blacktop and metal roads. Our area has plenty of good roading, from tight winding metal (shingle) roads to longer open straights.

Name:Michael J. O'Flaherty
Address/Area:New Zealand Auckland
Phone: 09 4165043
Model(s):BMW Model R90S

Name: Stuart Scott
Address/Area: City/Country Wellington, New Zealand Well known location 5 minutes from Welington airport.
Phone: International Code 64 Local Code (0)4 Work 472-8443 Home 386-1590 Cellphone (0)25 484676 Fax 473-3690
Model(s): 1984 BMW K100
Comments: One wife, two kids, one cat, one bike. Always happy to hear from or meet IBMWR riders visiting NZ. We have an apartment under our house, and have had 'Netters to stay as guests. Garage and some tools available for emergency repairs. Look us up!

Name: Grant & Annie Staveley
Address/Area: Auckland
Phone: 09 4835665
Model(s): 95 R1100RS, previous 76 kawazaki Z1000, K100
Comments: Member of BMWOR, NZ member of Bears Northern MC, I race my R1100RS at Bear's Club races (it's a stock standard road bike still!) I would like to see more people racing at my level (novice on standard machines) as it is a great buzz. Call in 4 tea or coffie.

Name: Douglas Weal
Address/Area: Paihia, Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand
Phone: (64 9) 402 8251
Model(s): BMW K100RT 1989
Comments: 100 miles from the top of New Zealand, 250 miles due north of Auckland. Drop in for coffee on your tour of the "winterless north". Spare bed usually available.

Name: Pam & John Wuts
Address/Area: Napier
Phone: +64-6-844 4751
Model(s): F650
Comments: We belong to the BMWOR as well as Ulysses (#4324). Not a mechanic but have trailer for anyone getting into trouble - BMW riders don't have trouble off course! Ever tried installing a new rear brake switch on the F650!!!
Last Update: Thu, 12 Oct 2000

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