Norway - Land of the Midnight Sun

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Name: Oscar Fr. Egeberg
Address/Area: Brattberget, 2224 Austmarka (southeastern part of Norway)
Phone: (+47) 62 81 44 45 Priv. / 90 15 73 60 Mob.
Model(s): R 1150 GS (modified)
Comments: In this part of Norway you will find deep forests and nice lakes with plenty of fish. You can explore them by gravel back roads where you (if you are lucky) can see moose, wolf, lynx, and bear . Or you can take the highway to Norway's capitol Oslo, only two hours away from this eldorado. At my place you can stop for the night, but phone me first so I can join your trip for a longer or shorter distance. This part of Norway is also close to the Swedish border, so on your way there, this is a much better trip than the E6 or E18 highways. Welcome to stay here, or get good ideas where to go in Norway.
Last Update: Wed, 25 Dec 2002

Name:Gunnar Likvern
Address/Area:Bryne, Norway
Model(s):1994 K1100LT
Comments:I am 53 years old and a former Harley rider (for 20 years) who converted to BMW - never to late :-) If you want to travel some of the worlds best roads for biking - in breath taking sceneries, come to the western part of Norway.

Name: Hilde Stoltz
Address/Area: Lxbergsalleen 1, N-5073 BERGEN, Norway
Phone: Home: 55 29 08 08 Work: 55 90 66 00
Model: R65, R 100/7, R50
Comments: I live in Bergen on the West coast, "The Doorway to Norway, Gateway to the Fjords". If you ride in Norway you'll want to ride on the West coast - and visit Bergen. I am currently (and for the foreseeable future) secretary of the Norwegian BMW motorcycle club, and have a large network to tap into. When I started riding in 1983 I went straight for an R65, which still is my solo bike. My husband soon got kicked from the pillion seat and bought an R100/7, then a somewhat mixed R50 with homegrown sidecar. The latest acquisition is another (newer) R65 which I have fitted with a British ETH sidecar. We live 3 km from the city center, in an old traditional wooden house with lots of room for visiting motorcyclists (and some others). Norway probably has the best on-road motorcycling in the world, if there's anything you want/need to know before coming feel free to ask. Please note that I may not be at the work phone listed above, but they should know where I am and supply my current work phone.
Last Update: Mon, 25 Oct 1999

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