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Name: Scott and Frances Adams
Address/Area: Just W of Akron/ S of Cleveland, Ohio
Phone: 330-668-2006 Pager 330-250-9890
E-Mail: adamsesq@gwis.com
Model(s): 91k100rs16v (mine) / 86 k75c (hers) / trailer being KRS (baby)
Comments: Frances and I are a BMW riding family. We would love to help whoever/whenever it is needed. Also love to have you stop by on your way to wherever. Spare bedroom and couches always available. Garage space, tools and some assistance as well (Electrical/Lighting a specialty). Truck and trailer can come get you if you need it. Distance varies with situation, but Florida might not be too far. Give us a call, you are always welcome. See also Jim Shaw who is close.

Name: Randy Anderson
Address/Area: Lucasville, OH. (80 miles so. of Columbus, OH, 10 miles north of Portsmouth, OH) Near Wayne National Forest, Shawnee State Forest, Ohio River, Serpent Mound.
Phone: (614) 259-3181 nights (614) 354-6802 days
E-Mail: BMW Flyer@aol.com
Model(s): 1993 K100LT
Comments: Sport Touring

Name:John (Jack) R. Basham
Address/Area:USA - Ohio - Cincinnati - North suburbs near Interstate 71 Exit 15, 7 miles south of Kings Island Amusement Park.

Name: Keith Brown
Address/Area: Hudson Ohio (Between Cleveland & Akron)
Phone: 330 650-9540
E-Mail: KB44236@aol.com
Model(s): 1972 R75/5
Comments: Sort of ham-fisted with limited wrenching experience, have truck and willing to help out ... don't hesitate to call!
Last Update: Mon, 7 Feb 2000

Name: Keith Brummett
Address/Area: Columbus, Ohio
Phone: 614-866-9161
E-Mail: bikes@brummetts.com
Model(s): 2003 K1200GT
Comments: East of Columbus, just off I-70.  Two BMW-MC dealers in town, several more within an hour or two (plus BMW Financial Services, if needed).  Have well-lighted garage space (with a full-length lift) for wrenching or parking, a few tools, and a small pick-up truck.  Guest bedroom, food, and all legal beverages available (large dogs and a cat live here).
Last Update: 19 Apr 2006

Name: Ed and Stephanie Buelsing
Address/Area: Anderson Township, Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (513) 624-7388
E-Mail:  ebuelsing@cinci.rr.com
Model(s): '99 R1100RT
Comments: Have PU and garage with limited tools.  Enjoy Kaffee und Klatsch.
Many good roads for short and long rides.
Last Update: Mon, 1 Nov 1999

Name: Edward Cofer
Address/Area:Columbus OH
Comments:I have tools and garage with a medium sized tech library(/2-K bikes).If you need help,in Franklin county,call me at 276-6574,leave a message (I check messages every 2 hrs.) I'm usually home on the weekends.

Name: Jerry and Lynn Cummins
Address/Area: Cincinnati, OH
Phone: 513-948-9443
E-Mail: equimedic@aol.com
Model(s): 2000 K1200LT, 2001 F650GS
Comments: Have trailer and can pick up any stranded cyclist. Some tools. Cincinnati dealer nearby. If you get voicemail, leave a message anyway, as this gets passed on to cell phone, and we might be able to get back to you right away.
Last Update: Wed, 8 Aug 2001

Name: Ed Cvelbar
Address/Area: Steubenville, Ohio 30 miles west of Pittsburgh Pa on Ohio River
Phone: (740) 537-5513
E-Mail: Lectrced@Clover.net
Model(s): '94 K75
Comments: Have truck and some tools.  Room on floor for sleeping bag.  Nearest dealer is 1 hour away in Youngstown, Ohio.

Name: John R. Daeger
Address/Area: Paulding, OH. (70 miles SW. of Toledo, OH, 35 miles East of Ft. Wayne, IN)
Phone: 419-399-5574
E-Mail: bmw4jrd@paulding-net.com or john.daeger@midwayproducts.com
Model(s): 1985 K100RT, 1986 R65
Comments: Tools and workspace with limited tools. Coffee and conversation. Pickup truck if needed.
Last Update: Wed, 6 Feb 2002

Name:Bungee Bob Durrstein & Mama Jo (Cynthia) Durrstein
Address/Area:Dayton, Ohio
Phone:(513) 263-7618
Comments:Available to ride, chat, eat, help, have tools & garage, and floor space for sleeping bags. May be able to borrow a trailer if necessary.

Name: James & Elizabeth Fuller
Address/Area: Kirtland, Ohio. Twenty-five miles east of Cleveland. Two miles South of IS.90 at SR.306
Phone: 440-256-9945
E-Mail: ki_fuller@lgca.org
Model(s): 1997 R850R
Comments: Into touring. Have available for emergency's; Garage, air tools, Van with trailer setup for our bikes, Distance depends on situation. Three dealers with sixty miles, plus many local shops. Small camping space. Floor space, coffee and conversation (bikes). Campgrounds and good accommodations nearby.
Last Update: 24 Nov 2002

Name: Mike Gerlica
Address/Area: Willoughby, Ohio (15 mi. East of Cleveland)
Phone: 440-975-8245
E-Mail: mgerlica@ix.netcom.com
Model(s): 1990 K75S
Comments: Garage; basic tools; fold-out sofa (you may (no, will) end up with a dog sleeping next to you by morning!); brewpub up the street; if you call on Sunday, you may have to wait until after the Winston Cup race!

Name: Tom Gibson
Address/Area: Winchester Ohio (40 mi east if Cincinatti)
Phone: 937 927 5368
E-Mail:   congotiger@dragonbbs.com
Model(s): 71 R60/5, 80R100T
Comments: Good riding SW Ohio and northern Kentucky. Assist with some mech ability/tools, prim.camping, do a few rallys. Trailer avail for H.D.'s
Last Update: Sat, 15 May 1999

Name: Chris Gossard
Address/Area: Mason, OH. Just north of Cincinnati near King's Island
Phone: 1-513-336-9090 nights, 1-513-226-9026 days
E-Mail: csg59@worldnet.att.net
Model(s): 1999 R1100RS
Comments: Tri-State BMW is 15 minutes away. Have a couple of extra bedrooms (with beds!) if you need 'em. I don't have many tools, but my Harley riding neighbor has a lot since he has to do a lot of work on that beast to keep it running!
Last Update: Sun, 12 Dec 1999

Name: Fran & Ray Grodek
Address/Area: Grafton, OH; 30 miles w. of Cleveland
Phone: (440) 926-2994
E-Mail: fran_lg@bigfoot.com
Model(s): '92 K75RT (Ray's), '81 R65 (Fran's), we share: '80 R80/7, '84 R80ST, '95 R1100R
Comments: Have some tools but mechanical knowledge of a pea (we're learning!). Raising 4 kids, so time is limited. Willing to assist if needed. Love to talk beemers.

Name: Dave Guilfoyle
Address/Area: Cincinnati, Ohio 8 miles W of Downtown Cincinnati.
Phone: Home: 513-661-1073 Work: 513-243-2902
E-Mail: guilly@ix.netcom.com
Comments: Have garage space, tools, boxes of parts, pickup truck. Call anytime, always glad to help work on a bike, or talk about them endlessly. Occupation: Technical Writer (Maintenance manuals for jet aircraft engines) Interests: All kinds of Bikes (but boxers in particular), Homebrew beer, Blues music.

Name: Mark Hawkins
Address/Area: Youngstown, OH
Phone: 330-629-9216
E-Mail: yo-mark@att.net
URL: http://home.att.net/~yo-mark/r1150rt.jpg
Model(s): 2003 R1150RT
Comments: Half way between Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Akron. Place to sleep (camper), tools, workspace, dealer 20 minutes away, home brew and coffee.
Last Update: 24 Oct 2002

Name: Scott W. Hatten
Address/Area: Worthington, OH (Columbus Suburb)
Phone: (w) 614-445-4841 (c) 614-419-3731
E-Mail: shatten@techneglas.com
Model(s): 1995 R1100GS & 1999F650SE
Comments: Nearby Dealer (Honda Northwest). Call me if you get in the Columbus Area, and your in trouble. Extensive Tools, and always a place to pitch a tent.
Last Update: Wed, 20 Jun 2001

Name: George Hellinger
Address/Area: Delaware, OH
Phone: 740-369-4830
E-Mail: ghelling@columbus.rr.com
Model(s): '78 R100/7 w/Velorex 562
Comments: Willing to lend a hand. Delaware is about twenty miles north of Columbus. Basic tools are available; garage space is dependent on the number of toys at the moment.
Last Update: Mon, 16 Jul 2001

Name: Wayne Hensley
Address/Area: Trenton, Ohio (Between Cincinnati & Dayton)
Phone: 513-988-0881
E-Mail: wayneh@siscom.net or hensley.wayne@mbco.com
Model(s): 94 R1100RS, Honda XR100, Honda XR250
Comments: Have heated garage, tools, P/U truck, Great BMW dealer (Tri State BMW) 10 miles away. I am a pretty good wrench.

Name: Neil Jones
Address/Area: Dayton (Kettering), Ohio
Phone: (937) 236-6700 days, (937) 643-3315 evenings
E-Mail: NeilJones@aol.com
Model(s): '99 R1100RT
Comments: I have working space, some tools, bedroll space, and an interest in LD touring.
Last Update: Sat, 20 May 2000

Name: Oscar de Jongh
Address/Area: Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: 513-708-7860
E-Mail: oscard@interpoint.net
URL: http://home.att.net/~oscard
Model(s): 1976 R90, 1977 R100RS, 1997 R1100RT, 1979 HD Sportster
Comments: Right smack in the center of the beltway (275); Tri State BMW is 20 minutes away; Terrific roads nearby, just learning them; Garage, tools, cycle lift, manuals & bike trailer. I'm a pretty good wrench and will help any way I can. Tent space available; Spare bedroom possible if wife approves (make sure to check first) Great coffee. Give a shout if you are riding through and need a rest. Wife and I will go for a ride at the drop of a hat if I'm not working.
Last Update: Sunday, April 21, 2002

Name: Al & Judy Kay
Address/Area: Willoughby Ohio 25 mi east of Cleveland.
Phone: (440)975-1336
E-Mail: K100rsrdr@aol.com
Model(s): We ride '86 K100rs (mine) & a '77 R75 with Velorex side car (hers).
Comments: 3 overly friendly Rottweilers and 2 unruly kids. Trailer, garage, tools and some mechanical help available. Coffee pot always on ... not much time to tour,but always have time for a ride. Into anything on 2 wheels or 3. Addicted to roadracing.

Name:Tom Keen
Address/Area:Dayton Ohio USA
E-Mail: tom_keen@coax.net
Comments: I know enough about R Bikes to be dangerous.

Name: Neil Kirby
Address/Area: Ohio, Franklin County (The county that Columbus, the state capital, is in), Village of New Albany : Home: The intersections of State Route 161, 62, and 605. North East of Columbus, in the North East corner of Franklin county. Due East of the I-270 outerbelt on State Route 161. : Work: Just East of the intersection of E. Broad Street (State Rt 16) and I-270. Not far from the airport.
Phone: Work: (614) 860-5304 Home: (614) 855-2623 - Note: If you call me on either of these two numbers for the sole purpose of unsolicited commercial activity, you agree to pay me $100 consulting fee for my time. Friends, members of the list, and people not trying to sell me something can call me as needed.
E-Mail: nak@lucent.com
Model(s): 1994 BMW R1100RSL (Beta version)
Comments: At home we have a barn and a big concrete pad if you you need to limp your bike to a friendly place to wrench on it. There's room behind it to pitch a tent if need be. Please call first if you can.

Name: Mike LaBar
Address/Area: Loveland
Phone: 513 774-9609
E-Mail: labrew@one.net & mlabar@amig.com
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT
Comments: Have garage space, tools, pickup truck. BMW-Tri State 20 min away. Skyline 5 min away.
Last Update: Fri, 14 Apr 2000

Name: Tim and Terri Lynch
Address/Area: Columbus, Ohio
Phone: 614-457-7598
E-Mail: tgrinch@copper.net
Model(s): '77R100S,'72 TR120,'75RD400,'75MZ250
Comments: Truck, trailer, tools, some ex, beer and dumb looks
Last Update: Thu, 13 Dec 2001

Name: Bob Malehorn
Address/Area: Mentor Ohio, 30 miles east of Cleveland off Rt. 90
Phone: 440-358-9455
E-Mail:   bob@malehorn.com
URL: http:/www.malehorn.com
Model(s): R1200C
Comments: Some tools, can get truck, Spare room, conversation, won't leave house while watching a CART indy race.
Last Update: Thu, 25 Mar 1999

Name: Phil Mastman
Address/Area: Blue Ash (14 miles north of Downtown CIncinnati)
Phone: Home (513)651-5858
E-Mail: philm@one.net
Model(s): 1984 R65LS
Comments: Call me at home, weekdays or evenings. I have a garage, basic tools, and limited mechanical ability. No trailer or truck for transporting bikes. Can help subject to time availability. Occupation: TV Commercial Director/Cinematographer. Other stuff: Non-riding wife, and 7 year old son. ONE cat (Quite sufficient, thank you.) DOS and MAC computers, jazz, aviation, books, movies and other cool stuff are always good topics of discussion.

Name: Todd S. Newberry
Address/Area: Mansfield, Ohio USA
Phone: 419-755-9459
E-Mail: TSNEWBERRY@aol.com
Model(s): 1991 K100RS and 1978 R80/7
Comments: I live ten minutes from Mid Ohio Racetrack (Home of AMA Vintage Days) and about 20 Minutes from Mohican State Park (LOTS of twisties in and around the park) Need a route? Send me an e-mail...Hotel or restaurant info? send me an e-mail, Get between a rock and a hard spot and need a local helping hand, call me...

Name: Paul Paessun
Address/Area: Dayton, (Kettering), Ohio -- Near I-75 just south of route 35.
Phone: 937.299.4939(h) 937.781.2403 (w)
Model(s): 1999 R1100S
Comments: Yard available for tents, garage is in the process of being built and will be available for use, tools, some wrench knowledge, beer/coffee/talk/ride, ???
Last Update: Mon, 27 Jan 2003

Name: Bert Pharis
Address/Area: Canfield, OH, SW suburb of Youngstown, 7 miles south of I-80 on Rt 11
Phone: Work:330-565-9500 Home:330-533-0949 Cellular:330-565-5001
E-Mail: bpharis@concentric.net
Model(s): 1998 K1200RS
Comments: Happy to help out anytime. We have lots of space for people or vehicles. Pretty serious heated garage/workshop. Large pickup truck available to haul bikes, if needed.

Name: Jeff and Diane Popa
Address/Area: 5689 Sherwood Forest Drive, Akron, Ohio  (30 miles S of Cleveland)  44319
Phone: 330-882-6950 (Home)  /  330-819-7999 (Cell)
E-Mail: apopj@aol.com (Jeff)
Model(s): 2002 R1150GS
Comments: Two fairly close dealers, spare bedroom, pick-up truck, lots of tools, garage. If I can help, call, day or night. I would also like to just talk to fellow BMW riders and possibly set up some long tours (Canada, Alaska, rallys, ???). Retired police officer, wife still working so looking for riding buddies for touring ...
Last Update: 29 Jul 2002

Name:Walker Powell
Address/Area:Westerville, Oh, near Columbus
Phone:614 891-1011
E-Mail: powell@mindspring.com
Model(s):K75S K100/EML R69/Steib R60
Comments:Extra bed available in case of emergency. Garage space, no dog, but kid bites.

Name: Garry Rennels
Address/Area: Seneca County, North Central Ohio
Phone: 419-992-4359
E-Mail: grennels@nwonline.net
Model(s): '77 BMW R100/7, '74 Suzuki 750GT Water Buffalo
Comments: Nearby former BMW dealer with certified BMW wrench.
Last Update: Fri, 31 Mar 2000

Name: Jerry Riha
Address/Area: Mentor, Oh 44060
Phone:  440-942-9293
E-Mail:  cygnus@megsinet.net
Model(s): 1975 R75/6
Last Update: Fri, 27 Aug 1999

Name: Joe Shalosky
Address/Area: Columbus, Ohio
Phone: 614-856-0589 after 5pm, 1-614-866-9010 8am to 5pm
E-Mail:  Joeshalosky@jadeinc.com
Model(s): 1997 F650
Comments: I'm a new rider, but I have a garage, a few tools, and a history of keeping old yugos and fiats up and running :), I can offer a second room (no bed in it tho) and glad to offer any kind of help, Honda Northwest BMW is just on the other side of town too.  I'm always up for a ride or just heading to a good bar for a couple of drafts.

Name:Jim Shaw
Address/Area:USA, Ohio, Hinckley - between Cleveland (20 miles) and Akron (12 miles), very near the confulence of I71 and I271.
Phone:Home: 216-225-8397
E-Mail:  shaw_towers@juno.com
Model(s):K100LT (1988) and Yam SECA 750 (1981)
Comments:Shaw Towers has spare room for crash purposes with full kitchen priveleges (the refrigerator generally only contains beer). Good coffee. Grand piano. I posess the wrenching abilities of Kermit the frog. Some tools, heated (on request) garage. Nearby dealers: Sells (Cleveland), All Seasons (Wooster - 20 miles), Mathias (Dover - 40 miles). Hobbies: world travel, music, and (new) mooching off Florida riders in the winter.

Name:Eric M. Simon
Address/Area: Bainbridge, Ohio (FAR Eastern Suburb of Cleveland, near the intersection of SR 422  (hiway) and SR 306)
Phone: (440) 708-1053 (H), (800) 686-2825 (W)
URL: http://multiverse.com/~emsimon
Model(s):1997 R1100RT
Comments: Available for and interested in riding, have access to area maps, some tools available. Temporary garage and wrenching space. Day rides many Sundays, absent snow. Can rapidly get in touch with most of the members of the Cleveland BMW Club, who have or know everything about Beemers. Call for help with rescue, if needed, or if you are in the area, and want to grab a beer.
Last Update: Thu, 22 Mar 2001

Name: Roy & Kathy Wagner
Address/Area: USA, Central Ohio, Near Columbus
Phone: 1-614-890-3168 Fax: 1-614-899-0993
E-Mail: rwagner1@columbus.rr.com
Model(s): 1991 K100-LT-abs "AlaKazam-One" ... his 1999 Honda Shadow 600 VLX (with a BMW riding Suit) ... hers.
Comments: Have Trailer and some tools. Closest Dealer is 20 miles. Coffee, Tea, and conversation. We know some of the good local biking roads and are learning the rest. Great rides in SouthEast Ohio, and beyond.
Last Update: Thu, 24 Oct 2002

Name: Bruce Whiting
Address/Area: Akron, Ohio ( southern Summit County-Portage Lakes area)
Phone: 1-330-882-3013
E-Mail: whitng@bright.net
Comments: Couch, spare room, tent space, shower, coffee, some tools, limited tech help
Last Update:

Name: Bob (Kuul) Woofter
Address/Area: Cortland, Oh/Trumbull County/Northeast Oh
Phone: 330-638-1009
E-Mail:  woofter@aol.com
Model(s): K1200LT
Comments: Look for me on the road.....my license plate is "KUUL"

Name: Jon Zurell
Address/Area: Medina Ohio I71 & SR18
Phone: 330-723-2364
E-Mail: jazurell@APK.net
Model(s): 96R11RT
Comments: Lost, stuck or stolen....call for coffee and help. Garage, tools, and sometimes a room if the kids aren't home.

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