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Name: Bob Anundson
Address/Area: Tualatin (about 15 miles south of Portland), Oregon, USA
Phone:(503) 692 2841
Model(s): '94 K75 standard
Comments: Member of UMCI, Rose City Motorcycle, Oregon BMW Owners, AMA Glad to be contacted and may be able to put you up while in the Portland area if contacted with enough lead time.

Name: Gary U.S.Bonds
Address/Area: Dallas. OR (near Salem)
Phone: 503 623 3150
E-Mail: g.bonds@ix.netcom.com
Model(s): K75T
Comments: Secure, dry garage and some tools A place to sleep May be able to pick you up if you're stranded Feel free to stop in for coffee, beer and rest.

Name: Scott Conary
Address/Area: Portland, Oregon (northwest)
E-Mail:  stuff@conary.org
URL:  http://www.conary.org
Model(s): 1991 K75S
Comments: Relatively new to the area. Some tools, some mechanical skill, but little to no work space. Almost always interested in going for a ride.
Last Update: Mon, 15 Apr 2002

Name: Francis Ferguson
Country: USA
State/Region: Oregon
City/Area: Portland
Phone: 503-646-3491
E-Mail: fpf@gasco.com
E-Mail: fpf@teleport.com
Model(s): 94 K75
Comments: I can put folks up, provide space for tents, have garage and tools. Am happy to share a coffee or a beer, and conversation.

Name: Gene Fessenbecker
Address/Area: Eugene Or
Phone: 541 344-1442 day - 541 935-7141 eve.
E-Mail: gene@Contracting-Academy.com
URL: http://www.Contracting-Academy.com/
Model(s): R100GS, KLR650, K1100LT
Comments: Information on dual sport riding in the area. Have tools and can work on airheads. Can travel to collect bike.
Last Update: Wed, Oct 18, 2000

Name:Dan Harrington
Address/Area:Eugene, Oregon
Model(s):BMWR60, 1974

Name: Mark Hodges
Address/Area: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503 520-7606
E-Mail: mark.hodges@sun.com
Model(s): '01 R1150GS
Comments: spare room, coffee and chat, may be able to pick you up if stranded.
Last Update: Tue, 27 Feb 2001

Name:David Karikas
Address/Area: (U.S.) St. Helens, Oregon (30 miles North of Portland Oregon) or 60 miles East of Mt. St. Helens.
Phone: Wk (503) 264-2016 Hm.(503) 397-1543
E-Mail: davek@scooter.intel.com, davek@littlei.intel.com , david_karikas@ccm.jf.intel.com
Model(s): 95 R1100RS 84 HD FXWG
Comments: Visitors welcome!, Extra room, but sleeping bag required, Garage with enough tools to do most anything, Pickup truck in case of emergency. Member of AMA, NCOM, H.O.G., WMTC, L.S.M.F.T. Stop by and I'll take you on Dave's Right Hand Turn Ride.

Name: Max McHatton
Address/Area: Medford, Oregon (aproximately 30 miles north of California border on I5)
Phone: (541)772-6915
E-Mail: bmwmax@cdsnet.net
Comments: services available depending on situation.

Name: Gary F. Oberg
Address/Area: 318 SW 19th ST., Ontario, OR 97914
Phone: 541.881.9450
E-Mail: garyoberg@hotmail.com
Model(s): 96 K 1100 RS; 82 R 100 RS; 05 Harley Road Glide
Comments: I have camping space, some storage and working tools
Last Update: Tue, 11 Jul 2006

Name: Steve Palmer
Address/Area: Baker City, Oregon
Phone: 541-523-1021 days, 541-523-7592 eve.
E-Mail: Lubdepot@bakervalley.net
Model(s): K1200lt
Comments: Have trailer and can usually pickup within 50 mi, garage and basic tools, great local roads, day number is quick lube that I run where coffee is always on , feel free to stop on the way by.
Last Update: Thu, 5 Dec 2002

Name: Lee Raynor
Address/Area: Roseburg Oregon (on I-5 between Portland Oregon and San Francisco, CA.) about 75 miles East of the Oregon Coast and 85 miles West of Crater Lake.
Phone: 541/673-2139
E-Mail: bmwguy456@Earthlink.net
Model(s): 99 R1100GS
Comments: 2 Dealers close, Eugene 70 miles North and Medford 100 miles South. I have no truck or mechanical skills but I know where to find almost anything (except female companionship) a BMW Rider might need. There are lots of places to camp and many reasonably priced motels in the Roseburg area.
Last Update: Sun, 4 Aug 2002

Name: Dan Richardson
Address/Area: Portland/NE
Phone: 503-282-5929
E-Mail: plympton@teleport.com
URL: http://www.teleport.com/~plympton
Model(s): 1987 K75s, KLR650
Comments: Have tools and ground-level basement/garage to work on. Can drive ~20 miles to help, can't transport though.

Name:Bob Sonn
Address/Area:Philomath, Oregon, USA Our nearest point of interest is probably Mary's Peak, the highest mountain on the Oregon coast range. We are also only 40 miles from Newport Oregon--new Home of the famous Keiko-the killer whale.
Phone:(541) 929-4401
Model(s):Right now I'm riding my a 1985 K100 RT--103,000 miles and still going strong! Soon, perhaps a new 96 K1100
Comments:Interests: Motorcycles,Motorcycles,Motorcycles--All aspects(Touring,Racing,etc.) Restoring classic cars Model Railroading

Name:Keith Underdahl
Address/Area:Albany, Oregon
Phone:(541) 967-7695
Model(s):'85 K100RS
Comments:Anyone touring through the area is encouraged to contact me and stop by. I have a secure garage, tools, and a flexible schedule. Bis Spater!

Name: Jim Von Stein
Address/Area: near Grants Pass, Oregon
Phone: (541) 479-7344
E-Mail:  vonstein@cdsnet.net
Model(s): 1981 R65
Comments: Garage, generic (not special BMW) tools, pickup truck, space for sleeping bags or tent, coffeemaker, beer, talk. Airhead, Village Idiot.

Name: Al Waddell
Address/Area: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-288-6624
E-Mail: ALW@involved.com
Model(s): 1992 R100GS, 1968 R60/2 w/Jawa S/C
Comments: Have tool box, not too much expertise. Covered bike storage. Close to central city, room for camping.

Name:Gary Wasserman
Address/Area:Portland, OR
Phone: 503-417-6785 voice mail/pager
URL: http://www.teleport.com/~grw
Model(s): '95 R1100RSL
Comments: Eight minutes from downtown Portland, garage, tools, happy to meet and help traveling BMW riders, happy to meet and ride with local BMW riders, can accomodate overnight stays by prior arrangement.

Name: Ted Witting
Address/Area: Portland, OR
Phone: (503)279-3037
E-Mail: twitting@spiretech.com
Model(s): R100S
Comments: I live in a shoebox in downtown Portland (i.e. not much space). I do have a pick-up and some tools, though. Call in an emergency or for coffee and/or beer.

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