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Name: Bill
Address/Area: NE PA
Phone: 570-342-6880-Home / 570-346-7561-work
Model(s): 94 R1100rs
Comments: willing to assist BMW riders in the NE Pa area: I have some experience with 247 charging systems (an oxymoron?) as well limited experience with K75's and am just learning about my oilhead.  I have tools, manuals and some space in which to work.
Last Update: Sun, 29 Aug 1999

Name: Bruce
Address/Area: Allentown
Phone: 610-437-2278
Model(s): 1988 R100GS. 1995 R11R R90S
Comments: L.V. MOA chapter VP, MOA, RA, Airheads . I will help if I can. Some tools, spares, and friends that ride/and/wrench.
Last Update: Wed, 30 May 2001

Name: Buglehead
Address/Area: Pennsylvania, Wyalusing, North Central PA, Rte #6
Phone: 717 265-2732 Machine
Model(s): '74 R90S
Comments: Repairing "unrepairable" parts (for example,boring a 14mm under tank master cylinder to 16mm and fitting the larger seals.....drilling camshaft to accept bolt for advance plate...mounting bicycle type electronic speedometers )I have a fully equipped machine shop ready to handle your any desire.

Name: George
Address/Area: West Newton, PA (30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh)
Phone: (724) 872-4154 (home, machine on 24 hours)
Model(s): 1976 R75/6, 1986 R80RT, 2000 R1100RT
Comments: half hour from BMW dealer, have trailer, big garage, tools. Will help in emergency; available after 4:15 PM and weekends.
Last Update: Sun, 30 Jan 2000

Name: Haughn
Address/Area: Lady Lake, FL/ Milford, PA
Phone: 352-753-6879 / 570-491-5888
Model(s): 1999K1200LTI
Comments: no nearby BMW dealers, tools and possible overnight storage.
Last Update: Sun, 29 Apr 2001

Name: Richard
Address/Area: Peach Bottom, PA (southern Lancaster county)
Phone: 1-717-548-2587
Model(s): 1994 K1100LT
Comments: BMW dealer 1 hour north & 1.5 hours south, good roads to ride, pole barn garage with concrete floor in case of emergency, some tools, hot coffee for long distance riders, over night a possible in case of medical illness.
Last Update: Tue, 11 May 1999

Name: Rick
Address/Area: Gas Center,Pennsylvania - Near Johnstown, PA. 1 1/2 hour from dealer and 70 mi east of Pittsburgh off Rte. 22
Phone: (814) 446-4306, (814)659-4882-{Emergency}
Model(s): 85 K100RS, 2001 R1100RS
Comments: Located west of Johnstown (6mi), Home of Thunder in the Valley every 3rd weekend of June! Have a small shed and a big farm. Camp under the stars or guest room available in emergency. Access to truck, some tools, just learning oilheads but can use a wrench. Call or email if in the area. Also, I am a paramedic...let's hope you don't need that help, but I keep full medical gear on hand if needed.
Last Update: Sun, 17 Jun 2001

Name: Scott
Address/Area: Pottstown, Pa.
Phone: 610-659-4907
Model(s): 1150GS/F650GS
Comments: Three dealers nearby, one 20 miles away and two 40 miles away, the dealers are North, South, and West of here. I will help if I can. Great country roads several minutes away. Breakfast- There are really only two good stops. Dinner - I can point you in the direction but, it will take 20 - 30 minutes to get there. Burgers - there are plenty of little Hotel Burger Bars in the surrounding country.
Last Update: 11 Aug 2002

Name: Tom
Address/Area: Mechanicsburg PA
Phone: 717.796.1857
Model(s): 1991 K75S
Comments: Gotta problem will try to help. 7 miles from a BMW dealer.
Last Update: 27 Oct 2002

Name: Erik Anderson
Address/Area: Shrewsbury PA, 20 miles north of Baltimore on Route 83
Phone: 410-527-9361 or 717-227-1661 or 717-495-4837
E-Mail: or
Model(s): 87 K75, 78 R100, 77 R75, 66 R50, 65 R60, 52 Zundapp Sidecar
Comments: Truck available, good garage/workspace, camping/sleep area available with a little notice.
Last Update: Fri, 12 Jan 2001

Name: Brad Beall
Address/Area: Long Level PA, (located along the Susquehanna River 6 miles south of Route 30)
Phone: (717) 252-2512
Model(s): 1998 K1200RS 1995 K75 1964 Honda Dream
Comments: I've got a heated (sorta') garage, lotsa' tools, and a good amount of know-how. I've got coffee, and if you fancy, Yeungling Lager on draft. I have a pick-em'-up truck (kinda' tall though) and a very understanding wife. Plenty of camping room, a nice fire-pit, and a nice river view. Always willing to lend a hand, even if it's just a place to crash.
Last Update: Sat, 23 Mar 2002

Name: Jim Bradney
Address/Area: Bethlehem, PA  (lehigh Valley)
Phone: 610-866-2539
Model(s): '98 R1200C
Comments: Have garage and tools to help, located within 10 mins of either rt. 22 or I78 Hellertown interchange. Two dealers within 30 Mins. Retired HR professional and will help anyway I can.
Last Update: Sun, 26 Sep 1999

Name: Allen Brooks
Address/Area: Tunkhannock, Pa (northeast Pa)
Model(s): '93 R100RT, R60/6 sitting in corner waiting for it's turn.
Comments: We do rally's & camping (Time-Out camper behind RT). Simi-retired, some amateur radio.

Name: Daniel Cain
Address/Area: Allentown, PA
Phone: 610-791-0607
Model(s): 1985 K100
Comments: Two dealers within a 25 mile radius(one right up the street). I don?t have a trailer but I can drive you to either dealer or both for repair parts. Some tools, spare parts, floor space(share with the cats), good food, beer, and conversation. There are a couple of day trips in the area that are much fun.
Last Update: Fri, 20 Jul 2001

Name: Tom Cutter
Address/Area: Yardley, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-321-7944
Model(s): 2000 R1100SA L.E.
Comments: Located in Easternmost point in Pennsylvania, just across the Delaware river from Trenton, New Jersey. Can direct touring riders to good local roads, restaurants and lodgings, and help a lost rider find their way - the signage here leaves a bit to the imagination! I have 26 years experience as a BMW Technician and Service Training Instructor for Butler&Smith, Inc. (the former BMW importer) and can provide emergency repair assistance and advice on all BMW models as well as many other makes/models. I emphasize EMERGENCY. Please don't inundate my mailbox with tech questions, I've retired from the BMW business, but am always willing to help a rider in NEED. I do have tools and workspace at my home, and there are no dealers for a LONG ways in any direction. (Hello BMWNA-ever hear of Philadelphia? NO dealer? Why?). If you're in the area or plan to be, call or email.
Last Update: Mon, 28 May 2001

Name: Jeff Dunkle
Address/Area:625 Beatty Road Monroeville, PA 15146 This is just off Rt. 22, east of PA Turnpike exit # 6, a mile+ north of the Hills Department Store plaza.
Phone: home: 412-374-1231 office: 412-826-3939 x217
Model(s): '86 K100RT and some non BMW bikes.
Comments: Bachelor house with small garage, tools, frame jack, and, if home, usually a spare room to crash. I'm 15 miles from Heritage BMW, the only dealer for 100 miles. Can rent a trailer and rescue someone, if necessary.
Last Update: Tue, 15 Feb 2000

Name: Bob Edmiston
Address/Area #1: Scotrun, PA / Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania (overlooking Camelback Ski Area)
Address/Area #2: Princeton, NJ Area (during the day)
Phone: (717) 839-2601 [evenings] or (888) 226-0663 [digital Pager] or (609) 951-2511 [days]
E-Mail: or
URL: (under construction)
Model(s): 1997 R1100RTL Blue

Name: Walt Eiker
Address/Area: Landenberg, PA (very South Eastern corner)
Phone: 610-255-4920
Model(s): '77 R100S, '91 K100LT
Comments: Stop by when in the area. Fair mechanic, plenty of tools and place to work. Dealers within 25 miles and 50 miles Call if you need assistance but no promises.
Last Update: Wed, 16 Aug 2000

Name: Bob Hartley
Address/Area: Harrisburg, Pa
Comments: I have a small garage, and a place to crash. Can show you some good friends and a couple of cool local rides...

Name: Doug Harvey
Address/Area: Latrobe, PA... about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh, right along US Rte. 30
Phone: (724) 539-7568
Model(s): '96 K1100RS SE
Comments: tools and some knowledge available. If you're lucky, my roomie will be around (fixed/restored many beemers, Rs & Ks). Will help in emergencies when I can. One hour from nearest dealer. Feel free to e-mail or call for local riding info/advice. Know many roads in the Laurel Highlands and always up for a cold Rolling Rock (I live in Latrobe... what else is there?!?!).
Last Update: Fri, 25 Jun 1999

Name: Jack Haughn
Address/Area: 4035 Somerset Court, Milford PA, 18337-9303
Phone: 1-570-491-5888
Model(s): 1994 K75RT 1999K1200LT
Comments: no nearby BMW dealers, Suzuki dealer within 3 miles and local all purpose MC dealer within 5 miles. Willing to assist with repairs whenever I am able.
Last Update: Sun, 21 May 2000

Name:Bill Heckel
Address/Area:Pittsburgh PA
Phone:412 247-5114
Model(s):75 R90/6, 1994 R100M Mystic
Comments: Plenty of jungle juice and conversation, fair set of tools, busy most of the time but will help if emergency. Call if you want to get a beer also.

Name: Greg Karper
Address/Area: Camp Hill, PA (Near Harrisburg PA)
Phone: (717) 737-9633 (Home)
Model(s): '91 K75s
Comments: Motorcycle: I enjoy carving up the canyons and the occasional tour ride.

Name: Bill Kaseler
Address/Area: Johnstown, PA  70 miles east of Pittsburgh (Steeler Country)
Phone: 814-255-7166
Model(s): '78 R100/7   ('74 Triumph Trident, '72 Norton Commando)
Comments: Have a truck (see Brit bikes above), some tools.

Name: Brad Kneisley
Address/Area: Lancaster County PA
Phone: 717-653-2586
Model(s): '95 R11RS '88 R100GS '79 Honda CX 500 (2) Honda S90's
Comments: Working tools, conversation, trailer & pickup. Will travel 20 or so mi to help someone. Call for good roads or nice scenery in Lancaster County and surrounding area! Also can advise on area roadfood.

Name: Jeffery Lindenmuth
Address/Area: Allentown, PA
Phone: 610-432-6003 or 610-330-5125
Model(s): 1991 K1
Comments: Ill-equipped and mechanically inept. Will deliver you to one of two nearby dealers or a dozen nearby beer bars. Got a really big couch.
Last Update: Tue, 27 Apr 1999

Name:John Loch
Address/Area:Easton, PA
Model(s):88 K-LT, 78 R100/7, 75 R90/6
Comments:camping, tools, coffie and lies. 3 BMW dealers in 25 MI. RAD.

Name: Clark Luster
Address/Area: Beaver St. Sewickley, PA.15143
Phone: 412 741-4655 home / 412 321-6995 office
Comments: Sewickley is 10 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, near the airport and close to the juncture of the PA turnpike and I-79. Got a truck, trailer and a bunch of bmw parts/tools.

Name: John Lutz
Model(s): 2001 R1100S
Last Update: Sun, 20 Jan 2002

Name: Norm Lutz
Address/Area: York, Pa
Phone: (717) 757-1173
Model(s): 99 K1200lti, 95 R100RT, 85 K100RS
Comments: Garages,trailer,tools,retired
Last Update: Mon, 03 Jul 2000

Name: Ron Maseda
Address/Area: Hanover, PA
Phone: 717-632-4378
Model(s): R1150GS
Comments: Have tools, work space, a trailer, and spare room.
Last Update: Sat, 3 Mar 2001

Name:Paul McCarthy
Address/Area:U.S.A. - Southwestern Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh Located at the juncture of the: Ohio, Allegheny & Monongahela rivers. North-North-East of the interstection of Interstate Routes 70&79.
Phone:emergency voice mail: (412)431-7940,,(pause)ext.777# routine voice mail : (412)431-7940,,(pause)ext,940#fax : (412)431-7940,,(pause)ext,329# digital pager : (412)572-1777 when quiet,press in the number where you are, and "#"sign.
Model(s):rides a full faired (Pichler) '88 K 75 S
Comments:Metropolitan region, hilly terrain, bicycle events includes a good number of BMW riders/escorts, fair roads, entertainment, eateries, breweries, a new airport, home of the SHACK PACK;also, The Four Winds BMW Riders, and a whole lot more, are waiting for your enjoyment. Emergency response when in the region!

Name: Scott T. Ordiway
Address/Area: Bradford, PA
Phone: (814) 368-8435
Model(s): '77 R100RS, '96 R1100RTL, and other Italian and Austrian marks
Comments: Have room to "crash", nice shop and tools, good roads.

Name: Brian O'Shea
Address/Area: Wellsboro, PA
Phone: 717-724-2232
Model(s): 1983 R100RS
Comments: Mechanical help, truck, trailer, camping space I enjoy riding hard and far and mostly alone because I tend to get lost. If in north central PA I can help with good rides and resturants.

Name: Rick Povich
Address/Area: Johnstown, PA
Phone: 814-269-7103
Model(s): 1991 R100GS/PD, 1981 R100-RT, 1976 R90/6
Comments: No nearby dealers, awsome roads nearby. Have a garage and tools. Home of the Laurel Highlands BMW Riders BMWMOA chartered club
Last Update: Tue, 05 Nov 2002

Name: Bill Purcell
Address/Area: (Lancaster County) PA
Phone: (717) 336-2546 or (717) 336-7400 work
Model(s): 98 R1200C & 99 R11RT
Last Update: Sun, 09 Jan 2000

Name: Dean R. Shalvis
Address/Area: box 283 AVELLA PA 15312
Phone: 724-587 3258
Model(s): 2002 gs /88rs/65 r60/67r60
Comments: Willing to help any traveling BMW rider. Have truck and a couple acres for camping riders
Last Update: Fri, 4 Jan 2002

Name: Al Smith
Address/Area: Williamsport, Pennsylvania (North Central Pennsylvania, North of Route 80 and on Route 15)
Phone: 717-326-7810 / Fax: 717-320-7227
Model(s): BMW R1100RT 1997
Comments: Have some tools.

Name: Claude Stanley
Address/Area: 50 miles north of Harrisburg, Pa. near Middleburg.
Phone: (570) 837-5182
Model(s): '87 K100LT, '70R75/5,'78 GL1000 w/ Motorvation sidecar
Comments: Don't be afraid to e-mail or call!
Last Update: Wed, 29 Dec 1999

Name: Steeve Sternberg
Address/Area: Carlisle, PA (20 miles west of Harrisburg)
Phone: (717) 790-9761 HOME / (717) 605-3059 WORK
E-Mail: steeve_sternberg@mech.disa.mi
Model(s): 1999 R1100RT
Comments: Have tools, some parts, and knowledge to work on BMWs. Sleeping space and bike storage available. Dealer within 3 miles. Conversation anytime.
Last Update: 6 Feb 2002

Name: John Trojan
Address/Area: Near Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: H: (412) 664-1983 / W: (724) 925-1450 / Cell: (412) 519-6132
Model(s): 1969 R-50/2, 1985 K100RT
Comments: I live 3/4 mile from the only BMW dealership in the Pittsburgh area. I have a guest room and garage, and am willing to help ANY rider that is in need. I also love to ride no matter what the weather ! If you need a place to bed down for the night, a place to store your bike for a few days, or just a GOOD cup of coffee and a shower, call me. I also manage the Sunoco Station on the PA Turnpike at mile marker 74.5 Eastbound. Feel free to stop by for coffee, directions,(lot's of great roads in this area) or just to say hello. I have tools and know how to use them !
Last Update: Sun, 24 Dec 2000

Name: Bruce M Wagner
Address/Area: Shoemakersville, PA 19555
Phone: toll free 877-503-5794
Model(s): 1999 K1200LT
Comments: 10 miles from PA I-78 and 495. 3 local dealers, normal tools/manuals, Pickup/ramps for the stranded up to ? miles, depends on time/circumstances. ABC#1643.
Last Update: Tue, 05 Sep 2000

Name: Gary Williams
Address/Area: New Tripoli, PA
Phone: 610-298-3353
Model(s): '75 R90/6, '94 k75s
Comments: Airhead friendly, tools, pickup/ramps, 3 dealers, help depends on time/situation/distance.
Last Update: Sat, 4 Aug 2001

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