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Name: Scott Boyd
Address/Area: RI, Portsmouth 10 miles North of Newport, RI
Phone: 401-841-7210 x147 days 401-683-0732 nights
E-Mail: boyd@in83d.npt.nuwc.navy.mil
Model(s): 88' K75s
Comments: Glad to help distressed riders, Like to meet fellow local riders. Have some space/tools for those in a jam.

Name: Crist Costa
Address/Area: Providence, RI 02908 Approximately 1 Hr from Boston, MA and 3+ from New York City
Phone: W:401-456-9553 H:751-9286
Comments: I've been riding for 20+ years, BMWs since 78, and own three of them. I have travelled thorughout most of New England and the Maritimes so I can provide reasonable suggestions as to routes and scenic spots as well as good food. Despite some space limitations, I can accomodate people in need of a dry spot for the evening and there is very good mechanical help within 30-45 minutes. Feel free to call if passing through or in need of assistance.

Name: Pierre Gouvin
Address/Area: Wakefield, RI
Phone: 401-783-1383
E-Mail: pierregouvin@csi.com
Model(s): '85 K100 RT
Comments: I'll lend a hand if needed, okay to call any time. Always happy to take a ride. I am now gearing up for my second cross-country trip for the month of September 98.

Name: Walter Hobbs
Address/Area: Lincoln, RI - Approx. 10 minutes north of Providence, RI and 1 hour south of Boston.
Phone: 401-725-3339
E-Mail: WaltHobbs@aol.com
Model(s): '84 R100RS, '87 K75S
Comments: Enjoy working on BMWs, talking about BMWs, learning about BMWs and the people who ride them. Small back yard (tent space), Small garage (two bikes in there already ), Good selection of tools and willing to use them. I work from 4p to 12 midnight so contact me in the morning.

Name: Roy Jackson
Address/Area: Tiverton, R.I. (S.E R.I./Ma. area)
Phone: 401-624-9298
E-Mail:  R1100RS94@aol.com
Model(s): 1994 R1100RS
Comments: Work days. Lend a hand if possible. No storage & few tools. Like to talk BMW's over coffee. I am a member of the OSBMWR (Ocean State BMW Riders)

Name: Joe Kaiser
Address/Area: Newport, R.I.
Phone: (401) 846-0935
Model(s): 1959 R-60
Comments: My primary mech. knowledge is of older R bikes, but I will ponder and attempt to heal any type you may be having a problem with. Work space & tools on hand.

Name: Bill Kenney
Address/Area: Foster, R.I.
Phone: (401) 397-8300
E-Mail: blast54@aol.com
Model(s): 88 K100RS
Comments: Lots of camping space, plenty of tools and garage, no alcohol, coffee is always on. Great riding in the area.....

Name: Roy A. McClymonds
Address/Area: 66 Girard Ave. Unit 203, Newport, RI. 02840
Phone: Newport, RI. 02840
E-Mail:  ramnpt@edgnet.net
Model(s): 1983 R80RT (Ride of choice)
Comments: BMW Rider for just over 1 yr. Member of  the MOA, RA, Airheads. Like riding anywhere whenever time permits. Tools and working space available.


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