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Name:Ivar Berge
Address/Area:Lund / Sweden
Phone:Intl +46-46-141470
Model(s): currently without a bike
Comments:I live in the south of Sweden, near to Malm, and Copenhagen-Denmark. We have some wonderful roads just waiting to be discovered. Have room for a bike or two in the garage. If I'm home, you're welcome to stop by. Just give me a call! I only started riding in 1992. After four months on a Yamaha XZ550 (sorry; won't use profane language again) I found an -84 K100RS. Went through an -88 and a -92 before switching to the -92 K1100LT. Let's hope the R1100RT stays in the family a little longer. So far, so good.

Name: Elling Disen
Address/Area: Svarvargatan 5 Kungsholmen 112 49 Stockholm Sweden
Phone: 46 8 6521832
E-Mail: elling.disen@netinsight.se
URL: http://www.netinsight.se
Model(s): K1200RS
Comments: Can advise on touring in Scandinavia and Norway in particular.

Name: Kuno Elander
Address/Area: Karlstad, Sweden
Phone: +46 54 153801
E-Mail: Kuno.Elander@ein.ericsson.se
Model(s): BMW R80 G/S PD (85), BMW R1100RS (95), Yamaha WR400F
Comments: MC Touring, Enduro, Sailing. Planning for biking in US montain states and desert areas, 2001.
Last Update: Mon, 8 Apr 2002

Name: Albert Lindberg, D.C.
Address/Area: Kungsängen ChiropraktorKlinik, Kungsängen, Sweden
Phone: Phone/Fax/TS: +46-8-581 721 22 ~ Mobile/TS: +46-70-838 67 10
E-Mail:  heal@ebox.tninet.se
URL: http://www.bmw-mc-klubben.se
Model(s): 1981 R100RT, 1984 R80 converted to RT
Comments: If you are in the vicinity you are always welcome to visit. Do call ahead first though, at local tel.no. 08-581 721 22. Emergency support - look in BMW MOA Annonymous or SMC and S-BMW-MCK equivalent support guide. My R80/7 is hottet to 9.85:1 dual ignition + a lot more. No charging problem; Bosch 55A and a spare 70A generator. Full dressed winterbike. My R100RT is customized with 10.5:1 compression, dual sparkplugs, a pair of Dell'orto PMH 40 will be mounted soon, + a lot more. There will be no charging problem on this one either - a car generator is being fitted. Neither has starting problem with Valeo startermotors. Can understand and talk some "Francais" and some "Espanol", too.
Last Update: 1999

Name: Sven Soederbom
Address/Area: Skanoer, Sweden - Skanoer (30 km outside Malmoe in the most south region of Sweden)
Phone: +46 40 47 07 00
E-Mail: sven@uni-x.se
Model(s): BMW ?
Comments: I have just sold my old K75, which I had for 5 years, and I have not got the time (and the money) to buy a new one. This will hopefully happen in the winter time. I have recently had some good experience from an R 1100 GS, riding around in Lappland (that's where the lapps live) in Northern Sweden. I am ex-president for the Swedish national BMW-club ("Svenska BMW MC Klubben" is the official name) with now 3600 members.

Name: Sven-Erik Tiberg
Address/Area: Country: Sweden City ; Lulea 1000 km N of Stockholm
Phone: +46 920 55190 ( phone and fax at home) 55542 ( home ) +46 10 2189638 ( mob ) , +46 920 91218 (office )
Model(s):77 R100RS ( 4valve and other mods ). -56 DKW RT350
Comments: Over avg. workshop, like skiining, sailing.

Name: Kurt Wikstrom
Address/Area: Ovre Hantverksgatan 26 831 36 Ostersund Sweden Ostersund is a town 500 km north of Stockholm. Ostersund i close to the swedish mountains and is one of the candidates for the winter olympics 2002.
Phone: 46 63 133016 wkph: 46 63 158000
E-Mail: kurt.wikstrom@atc.mil.se
Model(s): R 67/3 -55 with a Steib sidecar -48 or -49

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