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Name: Rob
Address/Area: Flower Mound, TX
Phone: 214-868-8862
E-Mail: robmu@airmail.net
URL: http://web2.airmail.net/robmu
Model(s): 1996 R1100RTL
Comments: Two dealers about 25 miles away. I have a basic set of tools, but I'm not a wrench. I can offer garage space, the tools, a trip to the dealer, or a local riding companion. A few worthwhile local roads ...
Last Update: Tue, 03 Apr 2001

Name: Rojen
Address/Area: Eagle Mountain Lake just nw of Fort Worth
Phone: 817 234-6889 or 817 691-3788
E-Mail: nieuwsma@airmail.net
Model(s): 2001 R1100RT
Comments: Have pickup, some tools including portable welder, but no fix-it knowledge. Coffee, bed, garage to store bike usually available. Traveling distance depends on work schedule. Would enjoy riding, conversation, company as you travel through too.
Last Update: Wed, 03 Jan 2001

Name: James Abel
Address/Area: Houston, Texas - 5 Minutes west of downtown in the historic Heights section of town.
Phone: (713) 862-4784 - Home (I am often out, but I check my messages regularly, or often include alternate ways to reach me on my message machine)
E-Mail: jabel@cybersim.com
Model(s): 1987 K75T
Comments: I have tools, K bike Manual, hopefully a garage soon, also have a truck in the event a bike must be carried to the dealer. I have floor/extra bed space most of the time. Also am glad to simply share beer or coffee and information about this area and most of the rest of Texas

Name: Geoff Adams
Address/Area: Arlington, TX (Dallas-Fort Worth)
Phone: 214-341-8337 days, 817-657-7908 evenings
E-Mail: k100rs@sbcglobal.net
Model(s): '85K100RS, '85K100C/EML-GT
Comments: Tools, tech help, no truck, no trailer, 10 miles from dealer.
Last Update: Mon, 15 Apr 2002

Name: Steve Allert
Address/Area: Richardson, TX
Phone: 972-231-1110
E-Mail: Steve.Allert@Wcom.com
Model(s): 1978 R80/7-S
Comments: Just north of Dallas. I've tools, space, trailer and the knowledge to keep older airheads on the road. Also located very near BMW of North Dallas (dealer).
Last Update: Mon, 29 Nov 1999

Name: Eric Barnes
Address/Area: Austin,Texas
Phone: 512-371-7067
E-Mail: better4it@hotmail.com
Model(s): 1985 K100RS
Comments: BMW dealer in-town, favorite roads: Lime creek road, SH 337 in bandera county, Hamilton Pool road. Large music scene, abundant hotels, a great place to party!

Name:Glenn Barnett
Address/Area:5659 Candlewood Houston, TX 77056-1606
Comments:No Bike today! Looking for a used Rallye or R-65/75 with ABS in Texas area.

Name: Chris Bell
Address/Area: Austin, TX
Phone: 512-447-8980
E-Mail:  chris.bell@house.state.tx.us
URL: http://ww2.ddyne.com/cyclecats/
Model(s): '90 K75RT and '73 R75/5 Toaster
Comments: Can provide directions, tools, carport, spare bed, and technical assistance (more airhead than K-bike). Willing to accompany visitors for riding, eating and drinking around Austin and the Texas Hill Country.
Last Update: Wed, 16 Aug 2000

Name: John Bennett
Address/Area: Lufkin, Texas (Middle of East Texas)
Phone: hm. 936-637-7174 , wk. 936-853-8450
E-Mail: jbennett@lcc.net
URL: http://people.txucom.net/jbennett
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT
Comments: no nearby dealers, Lufkin is a long way from anywhere. I have a garage, basic tools, and a truck. I'd be willing to pick up your bike and haul it within a 50 mile radius of Lufkin day or night. I've been stranded and know the feeling.
Last Update: 15 Oct 2002

Name: Mark W. Bennett
Address/Area: Houston, Texas (10 min. SW of downtown)
Phone: (713)668-3597 (home, but I'm an infomaniac, so I check messages frequently).
E-Mail: markb@blkbox.com
Model(s): '79 R100S
Comments: Lots of tools, garage and cot space, and a telephone line for visiting BMWRA presidents.

Name: Richard Bernecker
Address/Area: Plano, TX
Phone: 214.392.8223
E-Mail: rbernie@attbi.com
Comments: Can travel 75 miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth area to help, lot's o' tools, some spares/consumables, garage space, small pickup, guest quarters available.
Last Update: Mon, 15 Apr 2002

Name:Robert Bolton
Address/Area:Columbus, TX (about halfway between San Antonio and Houston on I 10)
Model(s):1976 R90S, 1965 /2 conversion sidecar rig, wife's R100S, & various others.
Comments:Lots of tools (lathes, mill, TIG welder, MIG welder, etc.), storage space, camping space. My special interests are sidecars and homebrew conversions and modifications to same.

Name:Todd Buchholz
Address/Area:west Houston, TX
Comments:I have a few tools and a little experience.

Name: Rick Bush
Address/Area: Wichita Falls, TX
Phone: (940)- 322- BUSH (2874)
E-Mail:  RBush01@aol.com
Model(s): 1980 R100RS (Inge)
Comments: Nearest Dealer: 130 miles to BMW of Fort Worth.  Coffee,  Conversation, Couch, Cats to pet.Have a pickup ( small), garage, tools (limited)

Name: Rick Chevrie
Address/Area: Austin, Texas
Phone: 512-858-2885
E-Mail:  rchevrie@ix.netcom.com
Model(s): 1995 R1100GS  -- black of course.
Comments: Tools, garage, spare room, knowlege of some good riding roads.

Name: Michael and Lyn Cortes
Address/Area: Austin area, TX
Phone: 512-260-5045
E-Mail: michael_cortes@yahoo.com
Model(s): 2000 R1100RT & 2001 R1100R
Comments: Available for help with broken vehicle, road selection in TX hill country, company on long and/or spirited rides, and we're always looking to ride.
Last Update: Fri, 30 Nov 2001

Name: Thomas Creed
Address/Area: Austin, Texas 78704
Phone: 512-462-0126 / cell: 512-470-1887
E-Mail: moto@lazyeight.net
URL: http://lazyeight.net/
Model(s): 1989 R100GS, 1977 R75/7
Comments: Call in case of emergency. Great local dealer. I have airhead tools, garage w/room for bike, yard to camp in, couch to sleep on, ramp, tie-downs and truck for bike and cold beer in the fridge. Email for good routes/local information. Hablemos espaņol.
Last Update: Wed, 2 Jan 2002

Name: Mark Crowder
Address/Area: TX, Garland (Suburb of Dallas) East of I635, West of Lake Ray Hubbard, Just South of I30
Phone: wk: (214) 995-3799 hm: (214) 226-9674 pg: (214) 305-1635 wk: (214) 995-3799 hm: (214) 226-9674 pg: (214) 305-1635
E-Mail: crowder@spdc.ti.com
Model(s): R100RS
Comments: Have pickup, ramp, garage, tools, good relationship with dealer. Can be bribed with beer.

Name: Jim Davidson
Address/Area: West Texas
Phone: 806-792-9533
E-Mail: hp1bmw@aol.com
Model(s): k1200lt--k1--r90s
Comments: mechanical ability -- help when i can -- (out of town alot)
Last Update: Tue, 12 Sep 2000

Name: Roy G. Daum
Address/Area: El Paso
Phone: 779-1614
E-Mail: rgdaum@ix.netcom.com
Model(s): I ride a 96R11RT
Comments: While not a "wrench", I can provide info. as to how to get needed things.

Name: Roger Dempsey
Address/Area: Bryan, TX
Phone: 979-589-3337
E-Mail: rdempsey@txcyber.com
Model(s): 2002 R1150RT
Comments: Dealer located 2 hours west in Austin. A few tools, truck, tie downs, ramp and a trailer. Local bike shop for items I can't handle (Motorcycles Plus). Call if you are in town and I'll beg the wife to give me a hall pass for riding or beer.
Last Update: Mon, 2 Dec 2002

Name: Bob Dickey
Address/Area: West of Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 817-441-5013
E-Mail: bdickey1@ix.netcom.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/panthercity
Model(s): 1994 R1100RSA
Comments: BMW of Fort Worth and one of the best BMW mechs around (Hugh) within a 45-minute drive. Some shop space, metric and `murican tools available. Datsun pickup, ramp, tie downs and Canyopn Dancer Harness available when SWMBO or MIL aren't using the truck. Coffee ALWAYS available. Shop and sleeping floor generally available. Dogs ALWAYS available for pets!
Last Update: Sat, 10 Jun 2000

Name: Greg Elenbaas
Address/Area: Lake Jackson, TX (50 miles S. of Houston)
Phone: (979)299-6553 (Leave a message if no one answers)
E-Mail: grege@computron.net
Model(s): '88 K75
Comments: Tools, garage, some tech help, no truck or trailer, have couch or floor space. Pitch a tent in the backyard if you want. The riding in this area is not all that exciting (straight, flat, salt grass prairies).
Last Update: Tue, 13 Jun 2000

Name: John Evans
Address/Area: Beeville/Coastal Bend
Phone: 512.358.7000
E-Mail: Panex@connecti.com
Model(s): R1100RT, Various /5's
Comments: I do a fair amount of riding (30 to 40K per year), so I am always looking for somewhere else to go. I would be happy to share my experience and knowledge with anyone interested.

Name: Lenny Fein
Address/Area: TEXAS, AUSTIN
Phone: office (800)999-7279x2607 home: (512)892-9020
E-Mail: lfein@fc.net
URL: http://www.powercc.com
Model(s): 1975:R90/6
Comments: Had a 1958:R50/2 Looking for R90/S or newer and more powerful Beemer.

Name: Lyndon Field
Address/Area: Pampa, Tx.
Phone: 806-665-4369 home and 806-669-3333 work
E-Mail: ljfield@nts-online.net
Model(s): 1996 R1100RT
Comments: nearest dealer - 180 miles South comments - have garage and some tools, manuals on the R1100RT
Last Update: Tue, 6 Feb 2001

Name: Will Fiveash
Address/Area: Austin, TX
Phone: 512-45- 0429 home / 512-838-7904 work
E-Mail:  will@austin.ibm.com
Model(s): 1992 K75s
Comments: Happy to give advice on good routes around the Hill Country and things to do in Austin.

Name: Brian Gallimore
Address/Area: Paris, Texas (100 miles NE of Dallas)
Phone: 903-783-0619 (h) 903-737-5388(w)
E-Mail: gallimore@engineer.com
URL: http://users.lamarelectric.com/~kb5won/
Model(s): 98 K1200RS
Comments: Willing to help out riders in need or go for rides if I am can!
Last Update: Thu, 9 Mar 2000

Name: Bruce Garrett
Address/Area: Leander, TX (10 miles north of the North Austin area)
Phone: 512/259-9144, mobile is 512/576-1544
E-Mail:  brugarrett@aol.com
Model(s): 1990 k75rt
Comments: warehouse (storage space) if required, tools, k shop  manual.  I work on my own machine; good dealership close by.  have truck, will travel 50~60 miles to come get you should you become stranded!!
Last Update: Fri, 30 Mar 2001

Name:Thomas and Lynn Garrett
Address/Area:Austin Texas 78727-3126
Model(s):'95 R11GS/'83R65LS - His 'n Herz
Comments:Will assist if schedule allows in 30 mile radius of Austin. If you are in the area on Saturday/Sunday morning, call and I may ride with you a bit. Tools and Workspace available, spare bedroom in emergencies.

Name: Barry E. Gibbs
Address/Area: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Phone: (972) 241-2002 ext: 100 Days / (817) 481-7500 Evenings/Weekends
E-Mail: barry@nine-eleven.com
URL: http://www.nine-eleven.com/
Model(s): '91 K100RS
Comments: Dallas native and Porsche/BMW/Mercedes repair shop owner
Last Update: Wed, 24 Jan 2001

Name: Ed Grant
Address/Area: Abilene TX
Phone: 1-915-692-3932 or 1-915-692-2463
E-Mail: epgrant@camalott.com
URL: http://www.camalott.com/~coleen (Abilene Bridge Clubs)
Model(s): 1981 R100RT and a Suzuki RF900R    cages: 1995 VW VR6 GTI / 1974 Lotus Europa TC
Comments: Nearest dealer is Lubbock/Ft. Worth. Watch for DPS troopers between Ranger and Eastland on the I-20. Best to stay off the interstate if you want to travel fast through this part of Texas. The county and state roads are excellent and lightly traveled. My other hobby is tournament bridge. If you are a bridge player, we have a game on Monday and Friday at 7pm, Sunday at 1:30 and Wed. at 1pm.

Name: Dan Greenlee
Address/Area: Houston
Phone: 713 864 4513
E-Mail:  dngreenlee@yahoo.com
Model(s): '74 R 90S, '78 R100RS Mtsp, '78 R80/7S/C, '84 R100 RT/S '85 K100RT, others: /2,/5,/6, /7
Comments: MOA codes: KK,C, B, R, D?, P/6/7 , T, M, LD/ SRT Tour Sidecars, Modifications, Perversions, Poverty rider, Airhead. Interested in buying wrecks, baskets, and projects.
Last Update: Wed, 14 Aug 2002

Name: Jeff H.
Address/Area: Houston, TX ; downtown / Montrose area
Phone: 713-942-7102
E-Mail: jhtx@aol.com
Model(s): '90 K75S
Comments: A generic shop nearby, can fix most bikes, some tools here, new to BMW...no useful knowledge. Lots of flat freeways close by. Come see how much bigger by BMW is than my Bultaco trials bike.
Last Update: Fri, 7 Jul 2000

Name: David Hartman
Address/Area: Spicewood, Texas, i.e. The Moot Point, a small spread 30-miles NW of Austin.
Phone: 512 264 0378
E-Mail: dhartmantx@earthlink.net
Model(s): 2000 1150GS "Giselbertus"
Comments: Lone Star BMW/Triumph in Austin is a good dealership; plenty of excellent roads to ride, with terrific views; I've a trailer for towing as a last resort.
Last Update: Sun, 11 Jun 2000

Name: Mike Haven
Address/Area: houston,west
Phone: 281-579-8885
E-Mail: MKHAVE1000@aol.com
Model(s): 56 to 94 R's K100RS
Comments: Own bmw car repair shop, but ride daily. Interests include restore, ride soon to race. Love twins of horizontal or 90 dergree persuasion. Truck trailer avail. some parts, MANY TOOLS!! Student zymurgist, wanne be adventure tourer.

Name:Jesse C. Hay
Address/Area:Austin, Texas USA
Phone: 512-448-1644
Comments:have tools and arc welder for emergency repairs "Kill Your Computer, Ride your Beemer! The further you ride, the closer you get. Austin,TX call.I know the hill country.

Name: Roger Hazlewood
Address/Area: 35 miles SW of Houston
Phone: 713-727-5309 (pager)
E-Mail: rogerhazlewood@netscape.net  or  bemerman@nstci.com
Model(s): 93 R100GS/PD
Comments: Have spare couch, trailer, and covered storage space.  Some tools and elbow grease available.  Let's ride.

Name: Gerald Hinrichs
Address/Area: Richardson, Texas (Northern suburb of Dallas)
Phone: 972-690-3948
E-Mail: gerald.hinrichs@ix.netcom.com
Model(s): 1984 R80RT / 1999 R1100RT
Comments: Quite a few tools - limited work-space. Perform own maintenance, so familiar with above models. MSF instructor. Willing to provide tourist information on North Central Texas area.
Last Update: Sun, 18 Feb 2001

Name: Don Howson
Address/Area: Dallas/Ft.Worth
Phone: 817-421-0807
E-Mail: howson@cyberramp.net
Model(s): 1988 R65 (Yes, 1988. Canadian spec.)
Comments: Just getting back into it after years of almost no riding. Cut my teeth in the Alps, mostly, and been to Moscow and back.

Name: Heidi Hulsing
Address/Area: Austin, TX area
Phone: 512-858-2885
E-Mail:  hhulsing@austin.rr.com
Model(s): sold the F650ST, need a new ride!
Comments: Garage, tools, secure storage. Willing to help a fellow rider and point out my favorite Hill Country rides.
Last Update: Tue, 15 Aug 2000

Name: John Hubbard
Address/Area: Mount Vernon, Texas
Phone: 903-860-7267 or 903-860-3188 (Danny)
E-Mail: Hubbardj1@aol.com
Last Update: Fri, 15 Sep 2000

Name: Al Kay
Address/Area: Sanderson,Texas ~350 miles from Austin, San Antonio, El Paso,Tx. / Edgemont,S.Dakota ~80 miles south of Rapid City
Phone: email first since we travel
E-Mail: thekays@brooksdata.net
Model(s): 1975 R75/6 BMW and a VW engined trike by Trikemaster
Comments: Coffee, Conversation, Help, Directions, Info., Storage, etc., etc. BMW MOA member for 15+ years. See anon listing. Plus, A cat, Chev. pick-up, trailer, and we love to ride, and talk/listen.
Last Update: Tue, 22 Jan 2002

Name: Ken Korn
Address/Area: Texas, Austin South Central Texas on I-35
Phone: (512)258-9054
Model(s): 67 R60/2, 77 R100RS, 98 R1100R
Comments: Ride the TX Hill Country - it's great! Have bike trailer and tools for emergency.
Last Update: Thu, 9 Dec 1999

Name: Bo Kral
Address/Area: 1041 Green Meadow Street, Beaumont, TX 77706
Phone: 409-860-0598
E-Mail:  bo_vk@email.msn.com
Model(s): R1100RT, R100GS
Comments: Have garage, space in the house.

Name: Dave James
Address/Area: Spring Texas - 25 miles north of Houston
Phone: 281-355-1161
E-Mail: bigwavedave12@juno.com
Model(s): 1985 K100RS, 1998 K1200RS
Comments: I am not much of a mechanic, I have a few tools a somewhat cluttered garage and a pickup. I am about 45 miles from the only 2 Dealers in the Houston area (go figure that one out in the nations 4th largest metropolis). A long-time friend of Bill W and Dr. Bob, I know of some fun roads within 30 minutes to an hour of Spring. I would enjoy a call e-mail or visit for coffee, a meal or fellowship from other BMW and Euro bikers, especially K-RS owners.
Last Update: Thu, 15 Aug 2002

Name: Sonny Johns
Address/Area: NW Austin, TX (Parmer & Metric area)
Phone: 512.636.8270 cell
E-Mail: sonny_johns@hotmail.com
Model(s): 1995 R1100GSA (rode 50k+ miles last year)
Comments: Can provide directions, tools, garage, spare bed, back yard, and technical assistance (mostly Oilhead). Willing to accompany all motorcyclists - locals, or outta towners for riding, eating and drinking around Austin and the Texas Hill Country. GS riders c'mon! Love rallies, long rides, bike camping, BBQ, cold beer, hot women, and anything BMW related! Call anytime and ride well!
Last Update: Sun, 24 Mar 2002

Name: Rob La Gesse
Address/Area: San Antonio, Texas
Phone: 210-240-3891
E-Mail: rlagesse@intersil.com
Model(s): 1999 R1200C
Comments: Help in any way I can, if I can.
Last Update: Sun, 18 Aug 2002

Name: Rick Landi
Address/Area: NW Austin, TX
Phone: (512) 401-9490 home / (512) 744-1608 work
E-Mail:  Rlandi@minecorinc.com
Model(s): 1986 K75C, 1985 K100RT and some other brands
Comments: Nearby dealer, nearby good roads to ride, pickup truck and a willingness to travel to pick up, garage with tools and mechanical ability, warehouse, spare bedroom, always happy to help out a traveler.
Last Update: Mon, 11 Jul 2005

Name: Leah Larkin
Address/Area: Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) 471-5773 (most days) (512) 462-1609 (home)
E-Mail: leah-perle@mail.utexas.edu
Model(s): '72 R75/5, '72 R50/5, '76 R60/6 (broke)
Comments: I have a pick-up w/ bike ramp, tools, repair manuals for (older) R-bikes, a comfy couch, a shed, and a garage in progress. I work on my own bikes, and if I can't fix something, I can usually break it worse. My favorite drugs are coffee and beer; feel free to drop in for either.

Name: William Lewis
Address/Area: Fort Worth, Texas
Phone: 817-568-1140
E-Mail: lewiswb@worldnet.att.net
Model(s): '99 R1100RTA '89FLTC
Comments: Small truck spare bedroom some tools coffee and conversation
Last Update: Sat, 11 Dec 1999

Name: Bill Mackey
Address/Area: Longview, Texas
Phone: 903-236-3299
E-Mail: wcmjr@aol.com
Model(s): '93 K1100LT
Comments: Iron Butt Witness list
Last Update: Mon, 8 Jan 2001

Name: Randy Masters
Address/Area: Arlington, Texas (between Dallas and Ft Worth)
Phone: 817-483-8180
E-Mail: RAMasters@aol.com
Model(s): '73 R75/5
Comments: New to it, but have some tools, space to work, floor to spare. Welcome for coffee/conversation, overnight, assist, etc.
Last Update: Sat, 3 Jun 2000

Name: Phil Marvin
Address/Area: El Paso, Texas 79936
Phone: 915-599-1376
E-Mail: 75523.3210@compuserve.com or valcyr@whc.net
URL: none, yet
Model(s): '96 K1100LT, '95 K75RT, and '95 K75
Comments: I have a trailer and will travel up to 250 miles, depending. I have tools and have worked on the older boxers. Will help with repairs. Love talking with travelers coming through town and on the road.  I travel to Mexico frequently, and know the ropes for getting bikes into Mexico.
Last Update: Tue, 09 Jul 2002

Name: Roger McKissack
Address/Area: Austin
Phone: 512-424-1101 (wk)
E-Mail:  rmckissack@aus.teainet.com
Model(s): '90 K75
Comments: Been away from riding for a while - glad I'm back! I'd like to join other Austin - Hill Country riders for daytrips, rallies, and beer.

Name: Giselher G. Meyer
Address/Area: El Paso, TX
Phone: 1-915-849-9304
E-Mail: gismeyer@utep.com
URL: http://www.student.uni-augsburg.de/~meyergis
Model(s): 1987 K 75 s, 90.000
Comments: Cannot offer much, since I'm no technician. But I am willing to try whatever is needed to help.

Name: Michael M. Moore
Address/Area: Santa Fe, TX
Phone: Cell- 832-236-7844
E-Mail: mmmooretx@earthlink.net
URL: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~mmmooretx
Model(s): 1982 R100RT - Black
Comments: 15 miles south of Houston. Can get trailer, shop space, bend a wrench, and advise on locations for the best Houston crafted beer (brewed on premises beer).
Last Update: Wed, 28 Mar 2001

Name: Michael Moorman
Address/Area: Austin, TX
Phone: home (512) 447-3206
E-Mail: moomi@io.com
Model(s): 78 R100/7
Comments: I'm into riding, wrenching, networking with local/traveling BMW owners.

Name: Mike Morrison
Address/Area: Austin, TX, USA
Phone: (512) 471-4510 (work), (512) 477-8027 (home)
E-Mail: jmike@mail.utexas.edu
URL: http://www.en.utexas.edu/~jmike/
Model(s): '85 K100RS
Comments: What I can do to help: I've got tools, a decent bit of mechanicking know-how, and shop manuals for K bikes. I've got a Subaru station wagon, but no trailer.

Name: Cissie Myrick
Address/Area: Brownwood, TX
Phone: (915) 646-4370
E-Mail: smyrick@web-access.net
Model(s): 1993 K75RT, 1980 R100RT
Comments: Nearest dealers are Ft. Worth/Austin (120 miles, either way), but I do have tools; storage area; spare bed & telephone in an emergency; and access to a (local) BMW-trained mechanic with a trailer. SELF: Rally-rat, sometime LD rider, RAT run participant; coffee, beer, and conversation always available.
Last Update: March 1998

Name: Jim and Mary Ruth Nelson
Address/Area: Granbury TX
Phone: 817-279-8357
E-Mail: jimnelso@itexas.net
Model(s): 2000 R1100RT
Comments: 50 miles to nearest dealer but they are very good. BMW of Ft. Worth. Have tools, place to sleep, and room to store your bike. Can get access to pickup truck if needed. Stop by for coffee or beer.
Last Update: Thu, Oct 19, 2000

Name: Rick Ott
Address/Area: Brownsboro, TX (between Dallas and Shreveport)
Phone: Day (903) 566-2161, Night (903) 469-3503
E-Mail:  rott@tyler.net
Model(s): R60/6
Comments: I have some basic tools and just enough mechanical ability to be dangerous.  However, I do have a pickup (this is Texas) and a willingness to help.  The nearest dealerships are 90 and 120 miles away respectively.  BMW riders have an overnight place to stay if they don't mind a few scaly pets. Hot coffee and cold beer available.

Name: Al Patton
Address/Area: TEXAS, HOUSTON near Westhiemer at Hwy 6
Phone: work: 713 235 5957 - home: 713 497 3864
E-Mail: apatton@i-link.net
Model(s): 1985 R-80

Name: Gregory Penn
Address/Area: Austin, Texas
Phone: 512-912-1851
E-Mail:  pyrogerg@yahoo.com
URL:  http://gregoryp.home.texas.net/
Model(s): 1975 R90S
Comments: Have couch, tools and Clymer for Airheads. Can provide more advice than you want about the area. Available for riding, food and drinking.
Last Update: Sun, 5 Sep 1999

Name: John Petty
Address/Area: About 40 miles north of Houston.
Phone: 936-827-9543 (cell)
E-Mail: jepetty@yahoo.com 
Model(s): '83 R100RT, 1996 R1100RT-P
Comments: Caretaker of these Non-Anonymous pages and the R-Bike Tech pages. Some workspace, some tools, decent mechanical abilities, utility trailer for hauling a bike if needed. Large dog (German Shepherd) and two kids. New dealer in The Woodlands.
Last Update: 21 June, 2006

Name: Mike and Shauna Pikula
Address/Area: Lake Tanglewood, Amarillo, TX 79118
Phone: (806) 622-9308 (unlisted, and please keep it that way!)
E-Mail: smpikula@arn.net
Model(s): Was riding a 1975 60/6, we bought in 1975 in Germany, got blown off the road, west Texas winds are a bugger and endo'd it. Currently shopping for 88 or later R100RS or RT.
Comments: "Coffee & conversation", Have garage and basic tools, have small trailer and will drive to assist, also have space of limited overnights, Grand Canyon (of Texas) is about 15 miles from here, very scenic, Panhandle Plains and American Quarterhorse Assn museums are local.
Last Update: Tue, 08 Aug 2000

Name: Jim Price
Address/Area: Pittsburg Texas (NE Texas)
Phone: 903/856-2605/2675
E-Mail: frjimprice@aol.com
Model(s): BMW R1100RT, Suzuki GS850G
Comments: 125 miles east of Dallas, 120 miles west of Shreveport, in the piny woods lake country area of Texas. Historic small towns, good riding year round.
Last Update: Mon, 12 Nov 2001

Name: Steve Rankin
Address/Area: 10 mi. W. of West, Tx.; 12 mi. N. of Waco
Phone: 817-829-2272
E-Mail: slrankin@swbell.net
Comments: Have a place to camp, storage, trailer, truck, tools, coffee, beer, conversation, and a little know-how.

Name: D G "Davy" Roberts
Address/Area: Midland & San Angelo, Texas
Phone: Midland/Cell: 915-352-7295; San Angelo: 915-224-3000
E-Mail: bmwrider@hot.quik.com
URL: http://www.dgroberts.org
Model(s): 1971 Large tank R60/5; 1972 Toaster R60/5; 1973 R75/5 Toaster and Large Tank; 1974 R90/6
Comments: I have tools and a truck and I am willing to travel 100 miles to haul you if needed. Extra bed, coffee, conversation anytime. Few parts. Nearest airhead mechanic I trust is Boxers by Bruce in the Arlington area.
Last Update: Tue, 20 Aug 2002

Name: Rick Rohlf
Address/Area: Round Rock, TX  78664
Phone: 512-310-1472
E-Mail:  RROHLF@austin.rr.com
Model(s): 1999K1200LT, 1994 R1100RSL, 1979 R100RS
Comments: Chat, ride, whatever.
Last Update: Tue, 31 Aug 1999

Name: Martin Sauer
Address/Area: Amarillo, TX
Phone: 806/356-6661
E-Mail: Synic@aol.com
Model(s): 1979 R100RT
Comments: Good dealer 125 miles south; local club - Palo Duro Riders; quite a few interesting roads; friendly natives; info on NM and CO, too.

Name: Fred (Lonny) Scott
Address/Area: Austin, TX
Phone: 1-512-731-8620
URL: http://www.friedchickenhead.com/
Model(s): K-75/100/1100
Comments: Dealer nearby, garage space, floor camping available, a large assortment of tools, skilled in the repair of K bikes. Emergencies only, please.
Last Update: Wed, 7 Mar 2001

Name: Kevin Scott
Address/Area: El Paso, TX
Phone: 1-915-585-2902
E-Mail: kscott@borderscooters.com
URL: http://www.borderscooters.com/
Model(s): 1984 R100RT, 1984 MotoGuzzi V65SP
Comments: Nearest Dealer - Deming NM, coffee/conversation, some tools, lift, garage, camping, moral support
Last Update: Fri, 9 Mar 2001

Name: Arnold Smith
Address/Area: Galveston, Texas
Phone: H- 409-762-2743 / P- 409-643-3399
E-Mail:  Arnoldbsmith@usa.net ICQ: 7620784
Comments: garage space, tools, pool and extra room available
Last Update: Fri, 06 Aug 1999

Name: Bob Smith
Address/Area: Tyler- East Texas
Phone: Home 903-825-3046 / Work 903-579-8628 / Cell 903-360-1255
E-Mail: bob@bobsmith3.com
Model(s): 73-R75/5, 87 K100LT, 97 K1100LT
Comments: Dealers-Shreveport La. and Dallas area. Have truck, trailer, tools, place to work. Spare bed in both Tyler and Carthage Tx.. Son in Carthage with truck, tools and place to work. Storage available. Drinks, food, conversation and any help I can offer. Lots of yard if you want to camp in either Tyler or Carthage.
Last Update: Thu, 3 Jan 2002

Name: Joe Spuckler Jr
Address/Area: 1035a Janis Drive Killeen, TX 76542
Phone: (817)526-2882
E-Mail: 102442.1244@compuserve.com
Model(s): 1976 R90/6
Comments: Primary mode of transportation and cruising. I am a Graduate student in Political Science. And Killeen has its own BMW shop --in the unlikely event someone should breakdown-- Impact Kawasaki/BMW Their number is (817) 526-7772

Name: Terry Stewart
Address/Area: RT 1, Box 42T, Damon Tx. (30 miles south of Houston)
Phone: 409-345-4211
E-Mail: quintana@computron.net
Model(s): K75RT
Comments: tools, truck, trailer.

Name: Cary Stotland
Address/Area: Round Rock, TX
Phone: 1-512-970-7953
E-Mail: carys@mindspring.com
URL: http://carys.home.mindspring.com/
Model(s): 1985 K100 RT
Comments: Have Bike...Will Travel.. Ping me when ready. Call if you need help.
Last Update: Wed, 29 Aug 2001

Name: Keith Stowers
Address/Area: Pampa, Texas
Phone: 806.669.4356 days,  806.665.4572 eve
E-Mail:  kstowers@pan-tex.net
Model(s): R1100RT
Comments: Located in the "Top-O-Texas", have tools, trailer, secure storage. Nearest dealer is 180 miles southwest.
Last Update: Mon, 16 Aug 1999

Name:Bob Taylor
Address/Area:Schertz, TX (between San Antonio and Austin TX)
Model(s):1986 K-100
Comments:Will provide roadside assistance/hauling (have trailer) within a distance determined by other work activities. Will provide space (not well-secured) to store disabled bikes for limited periods of time. Member of MOA and RA.

Name: Michael Tetzlaff
Address/Area: Austin, TX  USA
Phone: 1-512-291-9876 hm / 1-512-424-1214 wk
E-Mail:  mtetzlaff@hotmail.com
Model(s): 1999 R1100RS
Comments: Great local dealer (Lonestar BMW).  Right on the edge of the Texas hill country.  Give me a call or e-mail if in town, glad to show you around or go on a ride.
Last Update: Mon, 07 Jun 1999

Name: Dave Thompson
Address/Area: Lubbock, Texas (Guns Up!)
Phone: (806) 798-7401 (Home) or (806) 742-3485 (Work) -- I'm in and out of the office a lot, so catching me can be hard. Please leave a message and phone number and I'll call you back.
E-Mail: thompson@shelob.ce.ttu.edu (work) or dbt@arn.net (home) -- email ahead of time and I'll meet you.
URL: http://shelob.ce.ttu.edu (and follow the links)
Model(s): 1995 R1100RA (Jezebel)
Comments: I have some tools (at least basic metric), a garage, and probably three-and-a-half wrenches (out of a Haynes 5) skill with repairs. I have a truck and will borrow a ramp and tie-downs if needed. Local dealer is High Plains BMW and I know Ronnie and Jim well. I'll come help (distance depends on work load), hang out (coffee and conversation), or ride part way. I know some of the roads around Lubbock (there ARE a few good roads) and (surprise) Missouri (Show Me!).
Last Update: Mon, 1 May 2000

Name: David and Regina Tomlinson
Address/Area: Cedar Creek Lake, Henderson County, near Athens
Phone: (903) 489-1500 W/H have answering service, if it is truly an emergency they will page me.
E-Mail: belle@airmail.net
Model(s): '97 F650, ratty R75/5, pretty nice R75/5, and hopefully summer of '98 a touring BMW monster!
Comments: Have big and small trailers, usually a full size truck available (depends on work), stop and find out where all the police hang in my county and who not to make mad, also conversation, coffee, soda available for the asking, have fairly secure "free" storage and know of secure storage for rent. Dealers: Dallas/FW both 85miles, Austin about 160miles, but have halfway competent "all brands" bike shop near by.

Name: Kenneth Upchurch
Address/Area: Ft. Worth, Texas USA ( 5 minutes south of downtown in Historic Elizabeth boulevard section of town.)
Phone: (817) 924-0876 home (817) 827-7830 beeper (817) 832-4286 mobile
E-Mail: KUpchu9702@worldnet.att.com
URL: http://home.att.net/~KUpchu9702
Model(s): 1985 R 80 G/S PD, 1987 R 80, 1971 R 50/5 racebike
Comments: I have trailer, truck, tools, garage, extra bed space and telephone. I am close to BMW of Ft. Worth (best dealer in Texas) if he can't fix it it can't be fixed. Coffee & conversation anytime.

Name: Carlos Valenzuela
Address/Area: 2416 Reilly Rd. Wichita Falls, Texas
Phone: (940) 851-8101
E-Mail: r11rtrider@yahoo.com
Model(s): 1999 R1100RT Midnight Black
Comments: No nearby dealers, closest dealer is in Plano or Dallas/Fort Worth, room, garage and conversation along a good cup of Java!
Last Update: Sun, 10 Jun 2001

Name: Terry Vandeveer
Address/Area: San Antonio
Phone: Day/work phone: 210-736-4221 Home phone: 210-673-8762
E-Mail: Vfubar@aol.com
Comments: Have tools, some spares, workspace and/or storage space if needed. Confirmed airhead, also ride those deformed airheads (Moto Guzzi) on occasion. Have room for company, time to help, or just ride the hill country, as desired.
Last Update: Thu, 28 Nov 2002

Name: Spike White
Address/Area: TX, Round Rock, North Austin, TX
Phone: wk (512) 834-9962 x5083, hm (512) 244-7273
E-Mail: spike@hal.com
URL: http://www.hal.com/users/spike
Model(s): '87 K75S
Comments: Grad student at UT. I'm a computer nerd by profession, wife's a realtor.

Name: Rex Wright
Address/Area: San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-824-3929
E-Mail:  rexpam@earthlink.net
Model(s): 1977 R100RS
Comments: 50 miles to help, working space, some tools, some parts, lotsa coffee.
Last Update: Wed, 24 Mar 1999

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