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Name: Neil
Address/Area: Hampton roads /Newport news VA
Phone: 757-249-2597
Model(s): BMW F650
Comments: Riding less than a year. Ride no more than 10 miles over posted speed limit. Go to VA beach often. Nothing else to do in Newport News.
Last Update: Mon, 7 Jun 1999

Name: Michael Ampula
Address/Area: Fairfax, VA
Phone: (703) 273 - 4462
Model(s): 95 R1100RS, 71 Honda CB450, 69 Montesa 250
Comments: Happy to help a biker in distress! Plenty of tools and know how, coupla dogs, a few cats, a big pickup truck, and a gas card! (Don't send any marriage proposals!) I'll be happy to provide roadside assistance, transport to dealership, touring advice or whatever. Gimmie a call if your in the area, I'll be happy to drop everything and go for a ride! (Don't tell my wife!)

Name: Steve Anderson
Address/Area: Locust Grove, Virginia, USA
Phone: 540-854-6147 (home), 540-891-9844 (work)
Model(s): 2002 R1150GS
Comments: Call (before 10pm local time) or e-mail me; calling at work between 9am - 6pm is best way to reach me. Have room for a visitor (tent or floor space) and bike (in garage). Some tools, some technical knowledge, though not expert. I'm the sales manager for Morton's BMW, so have great facilities at my disposal in an emergency. Macintosh user. I know some really good restaurants and historic sites in the Fredericksburg area. Love to travel and meet people from different cultures.
Last Update: Wed, 30 April 2008

Name: Walter Banks
Address/Area: Hampton, Virginia
Phone: (H)757-851-8164 (W) 757-878-3233
Model(s): R80RT, R100RT
Comments: Some garage space, some tools, old pick-up, limited knowledge, spare bedroom for those on a budget, near Chesapeake Bay, chat.
Last Update: Wed, 28 Jun 2000

Name: Michael Camilletti
Address/Area: Fletcher, (Greene County) Virginia 25 mi NW Charlottesville; 25 mi SW Culpeper, 10 mile W Madison (middle of nowhere)
Phone: 434-985-4339
Model(s): 1974 R60/6, 1974 R90S, 1975 R90/6, 2002 R1150R
Comments: Often NOT home. Leave message. Garage, tools, Haynes and Clymer's manuals for Airheads, Truck/trailer (will help haul), spare bed(s), barn, primitive camping. Morton's 60 miles. Hammersley 75 miles.
Last Update: Sun, 12 Jan 2003

Name: Brian Caro
Address/Area: Newport News, Virginia (Near Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown)
Phone: (H) 757-930-3107 or 757-930-3206 / (W) 757-873-2222
Model(s): 1965 R69S
Comments: I have a locked, lit garage(small) with small workshop area, sofa-bed inside or tent space in the yard, a trailer, some tools and mechanical skills from restoring my /2 recently, a good dealer 45 minutes away, willing to rescue a stranded rider (been there myself a few times) and willing to help with touring information. Have a map of all the State Routes (backroads) in the area.
Last Update: Mon, 13 Nov 2000

Name: Mike Chew
Address/Area: Bristol, VA  off exit # 5  I-81
Phone: 540-466-0259
Model(s): R90/6
Comments: Garage space, Tools, Truck and trailer (I'll come and get you within reason). No local shop but if you need emergency parts we can arrange to have them shipped here to the house. Tent space. Extra room. Hot shower. Good coffee. Good ear.

Name: David & Pat Drake
Address/Area: Catawba, VA ( 15 Miles SW of Roanoke)
Phone: (540) 384-6976 H
Model(s): K75RT, GW1500SE, Honda Rebel 250.
Comments: We live on acreage, have truck, trailer, some tools, not a mechanic, willing to assist. Area to camp. Rock drive. Love to ride and visit.

Name: Davis Eichelberger
Address/Area: Christiansburg, VA (30m SW of Roanoke, VA)
Phone: 540-230-4742
Model(s): 1995 R1100R, 1984 R65
Comments: close to BRP, have spare room/bedroll/tent space if needed, garage with tools and a truck, generally available for conversation or a ride.
Last Update: Wed, 02 Jan 2002

Name: Mike Enloe
Address/Area: Herndon, VA ~30 miles west of DC. 5mins from Dulles Intl Airport
Phone: 703-326-0818
Model(s): 1999 R1100 GS
Comments: Half way between Bob's BMW and Morton's BMW (about 70 miles to each). 30 mins to Battley Cycles. Pickup Truck, some tools, and a little knowlege. Always willing to lend a hand to a rider in need.
Last Update: Mon, 15 Jan 2001

Name: Pierce Felch
Address/Area: Blacksburg, VA (40 mi. SW of Roanoke)
Phone: 540-55-7732
Model(s): BMW R1100RT, Buell S3T
Comments: Have bike trailer, garage, some tools,(but limited wrenching skills). Nearest dealer about 105 miles! Know lots of local BMW riders and, thanks to them, lots of great local roads. Willing to visit, ride, or help in most any predicament.

Name: Wes Fleming
Address/Area: Springfield VA (near 95/495/395 junction)
Model(s): 1995 R1100GS
Comments: Roughly equidistant from Morton's BMW (Spotsylvania, VA) & Bob's BMW (Jessup, MD). Can provide food, phone, internet access (for you e-mail junkies), bed-floor-couch or backyard for tenting, company, conversation, and an opportunity to rest a while. Some tools, willing to help out. Send e-mail for my phone # if you need a hand.
Last Update: Sun, 14 Oct 2001

Name: Mark & Jane Flynn
Address/Area: Quinton, VA (20 East of Richmond)
Phone: Home: 804.932.5272; Office: 804.649.8471
Model(s): 1999 R1100S, K75
Comments: camping, bed space, storage space
Last Update: Wed, 15 Mar 2000

Name: Don Graling
Address/Area: Centreville,Virginia. About 20 miles west of Washington, D.C., just off Interstate 66. 14913 Cub Run Park Drive, Centreville,VA 22020
Phone: (703) 818-2375 (H), (703) 934-1024 (W), (800) 710-2935 (Nationwide Pager)
Model(s): 1988 BMW K75S, 1995 R 100 GS
Comments: Some tools, two car garage, limited technical knowledge, but can do the basic things on a K-bike. I live on five acres of which three is cleared and great for camping. I'd welcome anyone who would like to camp or needs a place to sleep including the floor or the couch. Actively involved with local BMW club, BMWBMW. Also member of BMWMOA, BMWRA and Vintage BMW Owners. Interested in buying a mid 1960's BMW but still looking at the market/bikes. Very interested in reading/talking to riders on long-distance trips and offer assitance for such.

Name: Ron Hall
Address/Area: Richmond, VA
Phone: (804) 323-7456
Model(s): 1972 R75/5
Comments: Close to Blue Ridge mountians and the beach.

Name: Brian D. Hedges
Address/Area: Rural Culpeper County, 6 miles from Remington
Phone: 540-937-5565
Model(s): 1980 R100/T, Windjammer, Russell Day-Long Saddle
Comments: I am at the end of 1 1/4 miles of gravel/dirt road. Pretty good set of tools, Haynes and Clymer manuals for airheads, but few BMW special tools, and only moderate mechanical knowledge. Unheated detached "garage", but with lights and electricity from which I can remove a couple of tractors on a temporary basis to make work room or to lock up a bike. Two usually unoccupied spare rooms, plenty of space for camping (I am on 11+ acres, mostly wooded). No trailer yet, but I am looking. About 45 miles from Morton's. Interests dabbled in are long-distance leisurely touring (I prefer speeds in the 50's), French and English literature, classical music and jazz, vegetable gardening, photography. Retired mathematician. On parle francais.
Last Update: Sat, 11 May 2002

Name:Dave Jones
Address/Area: 5415 Winston Place, King George, VA (15 miles East of Fredericksburg, VA)
Phone:(540) 775-9364 (h), (540) 663-2137 X225 (w)
E-Mail: (w) or (h)
Model(s): 1997 F650ST, 1994 R1100RSLA, 1971 Honda CL450K4, 1959 R50 w/Steib
Comments: great dealer only 45 minutes away; motorcycle trailer; tools; dry storage and sleeping space.
Last Update: Fri, 04 Feb 2000

Name: Mike and Vicki Kielman
Address/Area: Suffolk, VA, USA; 15 miles west of Norfolk
Phone: (757) 925-2197
Model(s): 1999 R1100RT (his) & 1997 R850R (hers)
Comments: Excellent BMW dealer within 35 miles; we have truck & trailer for rescue missions. Camping space available in back yard, or there is a nice campground about 3 miles from our house; possible spare BR, some tools, limited BMW expertise; we love to ride, get together, chat, etc. Mike is firefighter in this city, so schedule is a little goofy. Drop us a line!
Last Update: Mon, 8 May 2000

Name: Joe Laposta
Address/Area: Virginia Beach
Phone: (757) 368-8777 (Home) (757) 472-2502 (Cell)
Model(s): 2002 R1150RT
Comments: GREAT Dealer within 10 miles (Adventure BMW), Always available for conversation or a trip through the area (or where ever, I'm an IronButt member)
Last Update: Sat, 27 Apr 2002

Name: Chris Maimone
Address/Area: Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 703-359-9220
URL: Http://
Model(s): K75
Comments: Not much of a wrench, but I have some tools and a carport. Always willing to do what I can for a Prez.
Last Update: Wed, 04 Oct 2000

Name:Phil Marx
Address/Area: Ivy, VA (West of Charlottesville, VA.)
Phone: W. 804 979-BMW4  H. 804 979-4919
Model(s): R27, R69US, R100CS
Comments: Some tools, some knowledge, some pick-up trucks.
Last Update: Fri, 23 Apr 1999

Name: Michael McDaniel
Address/Area: Scottsville, Va
Phone: 804-286-4041
Model(s): '71 R75/5
Comments: Fri, 13 Apr 2001

Name: Rick Moran
Address/Area: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Phone: 1-757-286-5962(cell)
Model(s): 2001 R1100SLA
Comments: Great dealership only 5 miles from house. I have good mechanical skills, tools, and a clean garage to work in. No experience working on BMW's though.
Last Update: Tues., 12 Feb 2002

Name: Paige Noel
Address/Area: Sperryville, VA
Phone: 540-547-3859
Model(s): 1984 R100
Comments: I think I live in the most beautiful part of Virginia. Nearest dealer is Morton's in Fredericksburg, 40min, truck, mechanic available, camping on farm with two rivers close by. Teacher, ready to ride this summer.
Last Update: Fri, 13 Apr 2001

Name: Joel O'Rourke
Address/Area: Clifton, VA 20124
Phone: 703.266.3083 (home); 703.819.5699 (cell)
Model(s): '02 R1150 GS; '00 Guzzi V11 Sport; '98 Guzzi V11 EV; '78 Guzzi LeMans 850
Comments: Appx. 65 mi.from Morton's & Bob's BMW; sleeping bag space; garage with tools (I'm a maintainer, not a mechanic); coffee, conversation, crying towel. Great roads nearby!
Last Update: Mon, 18 Nov 2002

Name: Hank Pfister
Country: USA
State/Region: Virginia
City/Area: Floyd County
Phone: 540-929-5071
Model(s): '82 R80GS,'73 R75/5
Comments: I live in Blue Ridge Mtns. SW of Roanoke, along BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY. Lots of GS riding around here. I can help with backroad exploring in Floyd and neigboring counties along the Parkway, emergency road service, camping. I'm not a mechanic, but could help get you to one. If I can I may come out and ride with U a few miles. .

Name: Bill Ranck
Address/Area: Blacksburg, Va, (about 40 miles SW of Roanoke)
Phone: (540) 961-2044 (h) (540) 231-3951 (w)
Comments: I have a garage that you can sometimes get into, and some tools available to use. Also, I have a trailer if needed. I am in Blacksburg, Va. (about 40 miles SW of Roanoke) and I'm willing to go 50 miles or so to help out.

Name: Robert Sastro
Address/Area: Fairfax-Alexandria, VA
Phone: 703-998-5151 Pager: 703-660-5505
Model(s): 1969 R60US
Comments: Call ahead for bedroll space, shower, starbucks and conversation.

Name: Joe Stancampiano
Address/Area: Herndon, VA
Phone: 1-703-481-9484
Model(s): 1985 K100RS
Comments: Would help out anyone on long trip. I have working space and floor space to sleep on if necessary. Have tools and good mechanical knowledge. Coffee and Conversation welcome.
Last Update: Tue, 17 Apr 2001

Name: Mark Talbot
Address/Area: Berryville, VA
Phone: H: 540-955-1477 W: 540-338-7123
Model(s): 1980 R100RT, 1976 Suzuki GT750
Comments: In the valley, 30 minutes north of Front Royal (the start of Skyline Drive). Hobbyist mechanic. Have: insulated lit garage, tools, compressed air, welder, mechanical know-how. Welcome to: yard, sleeper couch, shower, kitchen, and what ever else I can offer for a safe, fun, successful ride.
Last Update: 23 Sep 2002

Name: William M. Tayloe
Address/Area: Middleburg, Virginia
Phone: 540-687-8621
Comments: I have a pick up truck, ramps, and am willing to help a biker in need. I'm mid way between Alexandria, Va and Winchester, Va off Route 50. I'm 70 miles from Bob's BMW and 70 miles from Morton's BMW.
Last Update: Wed, 23 Feb 2000

Name: Robert Taylor and Wife - Kate
Address/Area: 19 Linden Hill Way, SW Leesburg, Va. 20175
Phone: 703-777-3611
Model(s): K1100RS (that's the special edition) :-) Wife's bike- Honda 500 Ascot
Comments: Great riding in area. Garage space and spare bed room. 40 mi northwest of Wasnington DC. on Route 7. I'm off RT. 15 just south of town.

Name: John Tice
Address/Area: Blacksburg, VA
Phone: 540 951-2126
Model(s): K1200RS
Comments: Nearest dealer is 100 miles. Have trailer, tools , space for tent, space for one add'l bike in garage. Can usually get parts in 36-48 hours. Happy to help with routes, directions and/or take a ride.
Last Update: Thu, 22 Jun 2000

Name: Roger Traversa
Address/Area: McLean, VA
Phone: 703-821-3051
Model(s): 1990 R100GS
Comments: Close to I-495 and Rt. 66.  50 miles to Speed's or Morton's. Garage space (since it's a parking deck, only lite repairs can be done there) and spare couch available for emergencies.  Willing to show you around the local aea or just join you for a day of riding.
Last Update: Wed, 24 Mar 1999

Name: John Weinstein
Address/Area: Centreville, VA (25 mi. west of Wash, DC)
Phone: 703-681-8687 (w); 818-2737 (h)
Model(s): 1996 R1100GS
Comments: tools and workspace available, spare room, always ready to show off great roads of northern va and surrounding states, fair conversation but great coffee.
Last Update: Wed, 21 Jun 2000

Name: Brian Welliver
Address/Area: Yorktown, VA
Phone: W 757-688-1181 - H 757-833-6176
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT
Comments: 15-20 Minutes south of Williamsburg, VA., Southern York County.

Name: Jim Wilson
Address/Area: Arlington VA
Phone: 703-294-6650
Model(s): 1997 R1100RT
Comments: About 4 miles from downtown DC, half-mile walk to Ballston Metro. Small garage, a few tools, ten thumbs. Recently retired and happy to go on rides to show you the area -- if I'm not off on a cross-country camping trip. Email is the most reliable way to reach me.
Last Update: Thu, 05 Jul 2001

Name: Bill Zimmerman
Address/Area: Virginia, Richmond
Phone: 804-262-9322 voice 804-262-9379 fax 804-351-6503 digital page
Model(s): K100RS
Comments: Info available on touringVA, local good roads, recommend resturants around VA

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