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Name: John Adcox
Address/Area: Montpelier, Vermont
Phone: 802-229-5232
E-Mail: neuane@aol.com
Model(s): 1982 R100RS
Comments: Tent Space, camper, tools

Name: Shawn & Helen Bryan
Address/Area: Shawn & Helen Bryan
Phone: 802-223-2027
E-Mail: sbryan@tds.net, hbryan@tds.net
Model(s): 1999 F650 "Wicked" (Helen's), 1998 R1100GS "Lurch"  Anniversary Edition (Shawn's)
Comments: No nearby dealers, barn for storage/workspace, some tools, no parts, lots of good roads in area (Route 100, Route 17, Route 302, Route 12, Route 14, all good paved roads, lots of good dirt roads as well), room for tents, always ready to help someone who needs help, a place to crash or a cup of coffee and conversation. BMWMOA, IBMWR, Chain Gang # F650288, Yankee Beemers, BMWMOV.
Last Update: Wed, 16 Jun 1999

Name: Harvey Cohen
Address/Area: Box 261, Colchester, Vermont
Phone: 802 878 6563
E-Mail: bmwarabia@yahoo.cm
URL: http://www.cng.edu/teachers/hcohen/webpage
Model(s): 95r11gsa, 91k75t, 86k75rs, 92k1, 58r50
Comments: I live in Vermont during middle June to early August.Lots of camping space, garage, many tools ... Feel free to give me a call and/or stop by.
Last Update: Tue, 15 Feb 2000

Name: John Van Deren
Address/Area: Montpelier, VT
Phone: 802-223-1494
E-Mail: R11rider@aol.com
Model(s): '94 R1100RSA
Comments: I have storage space, some tools, hot coffee and showers!

Name:Jim Dooley
Address/Area:North Hero,Grand Isle Co.,Vt
Model(s):'75 R90s,Triumph'72TR6R
Comments:I have plenty of tent space,pop-up if your planning was really off, garage with some tools,moral support but no real mechanical talent,knowledge of northern Vt.,southern Quebec,and northeastern Adirondack area for roads/info.Like to ride.

Name: Ken Haggett
Address/Area: Berlin, Vt.
Phone: 1-802-223-7946 (nights) / 802-485-4973 (days)
E-Mail: kenhaggett@juno.com
Model(s): 1995 R1100GS
Comments: dealer 45 minutes away, great local roads and trails, plenty of camping space and reasonable rooms near by , coffee (or what have you) and conversation.
Last Update: Sun, 11 Jun 2000

Name: Ted Hall
Address/Area: Belmont, Vermont- South Central
Phone: 802/259-2427
E-Mail: hfrmystr@vermontel.net
Model(s): R90/6 '75, R100RS '79, R80ST '83
Comments: Welcome to strangers to shoot the bull and fix you up and get you going again.

Name: Rod Hood
Address/Area: 208 Essex Rd., Williston, Vermont, 05495
Phone: 802-878-8537
E-Mail: Tooup@aol.com
Model(s): R11RT, R65LS
Comments: I have 2 trailers for break downs,garage with some tools, tenting area etc. I live 100 miles south of Montreal MOA,RA,MOV.ROV.

Name: Jim McManus
Address/Area: PO Box 38 Hartford, Vermont 05047 USA
Phone: 802 296-3609
E-Mail: James_McManus@valley.net
Comments: General cycleing, trips around New England. Looking for others to ride and chat with.

Name: Greg Winton
Address/Area: Middlebury, Vt
Phone: 802-388-1045
E-Mail: greg@winton.com
Model(s): 1986 K100RT w/ Champion II Sidecar, 1992 R100GS
Comments: 35 mi. South of Burlington. Camping space, some tools, less knowledge, coffee & conversation.
Last Update: Thu, 10 Aug 2000

Name: Percy(Cy) Young
Address/Area: USA, Vermont, Thetford, Exit 14 I-91 (10 mi N of Hanover, NH - call from phone outside school at top of hill for directions)
Phone: (603) 643-2800 days, (802) 785-4457/2483 evenings
E-Mail: cy.young@coat.com
URL: http://www.coat.com/people/psy.html
Model(s): 86 R80RT, Yam RD250 for daughter/wife
Comments: Out in the wilds - Large "barage" for working etc, not much in the way of tools or ability - nearest dealer 80 miles :-( Large Newfy in yard, but very friendly - MOA/RA/BMWMOV/AMA

Name: Brian Youngberg
Address/Area: Richmond, Vt, 05477
Phone: 802-434-3359
E-Mail: bbysly@aol.com or brian@gardeners.com
Model(s): K1100LT, soon to add R11GS
Comments: Have lots of room for tents, a garage, tools, knowledge is iffy, but a great dealer 15 minutes away. Give a call, a phone at gas station in town, and I'll get ya, you'd never would find the place

Name: Bob Zeliff
Address/Area: East Street, Bridport Vt. 05734
Phone: 802-758-2108
E-Mail: bzeliff@sover.net
Model(s): R1100RT, XLCR, KZ200
Comments: Bridport Vt. is 8m west of Middlebury, 35m south of Burlington Barn, Camping Space, some tools, coffee + conversation.

Name:Dean Zorn
Address/Area:Montpelier, VT 05601
E-Mail: deanz@sover.net
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/5044
URL: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Garage/2300
Model(s):1985 R80/1050

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