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Name: Airyn
Address/Area: Seattle
Phone: home phone: 425-641-6919 / cell phone: 206-853-4044
E-Mail: bikergirl@bikergirl.net
URL: http://www.bikergirl.net
Model(s): 1993 k1100rs (grak)
Comments: two excellent dealers within 15 miles; plenty of good roads; garage w/lift; fair mechanical knowledge; guest room w/futon; tent space; truck/tie-downs to help pick-up busted bike; tools; good company; three cats; adult and non-adult beverages; will come hundreds of miles if need be to fetch a person in need - call anytime (really) for help, or if you'd just like a place to stay for the night.
Last Update: 10 Jul 2002

Name: Greg
Address/Area: San Juan Island
Phone: (360) 378-2818
E-Mail: gregh@portfridayharbor.org
Model(s): i have a 1985 K100RT, a honda hurricane, and a 1947 harley davidson
Comments: i offer a place to stay for riders in the area (a one room cabin and share the bathroom with the main house). i have shop space and tools for repairs and i'm interested in anything with two wheel except off road. there are some great rides out here on the islands and in the northwest in general. i would especially like to hear from european riders with the view towards a future bike swap in each others country. i would also consider a swap with east coast

Name: Garron Allman
Address/Area: Seattle metro area, WA
Phone: home# 206 932 3193 , cell# 206 779 7339
E-Mail: garron11@attbi.com
Model(s): '85 k100rs
Comments: Some workspace (single car garage,) non specific tools, camp in my backyard, and shower, share a meal or two. Ridewest BMW 15 miles.
Last Update: 16 Sep 2002

Name: Dan Arnold
Address/Area: Kennewick, WA, USA
Phone: 509-783-9740 (Voice and sometimes Fax)
Model(s): 1994 R100R 1983 R65

Name: Robert Ash
Address/Area: Lakewood, WA
Phone: Home: 1-253-584-3063 Work: 1-253-966-4489
E-Mail: WildR100@airheads.org
Model(s): 1982 R100 / 1985 K100RT
Comments: 2 miles from Tacoma BMW. Some tools and repair manuals for both R and K bikes. Living room floor space. No SO to ask. No garage so uncovered paved parking space is all I got. No car or truck to pick you up.
Last Update: Wed, 27 Feb 2002

Name: David Bardy
Address/Area: Vancouver, WA near intersection of I-5 and I-205 7 miles
Phone: 360-576-7976
E-Mail: dbardy@pacifier.com
Model(s): 78 r100/7 and 92 Yamaha fj1200 abs
Comments: Happy to lend a wrench or cup of coffee. Close to freeway

Name: Eric Blume & Eva Nachmanson
Address/Area: Seattle, Washington
Phone: (206)789-0682
E-Mail: eric.r.blume@boeing.com, enachmanson@talisma.com, erkaneva@murkworks.net, erkaneva@mac.com
URL: http://www.murkworks.net/~erkaneva/
Model(s): Y2K R1150GS, (2) 1981 R80G/S, '75 Guzzi 850T, 1981 Guzzi LeMans
Comments: We live about 2 miles from Ride West BMW (Seattle Dealer). Assortment of working tools if you are in need (including K-bike tools). Camping/bedroll space. Nice back yard for K&K (or Homebrew).
Last Update: Mon, Oct 30, 2000

Name: Greg Cleveland
Country: USA
State/Region: WA/Eastern
City/Area: Yakima/central
Phone: 509-453-1514
E-Mail: greg@nwinfo.net
Model(s): 1983 R80ST
Comments: If you are in the area and need assistance, call. We know the area pretty well and can give you some tips perhaps. Take care.

Name: Dave Daniels
Address/Area: Marblemount, WA USA (North Cascades Highway--a top shelf scooter ride)
Phone: (360) 873-4106
E-Mail: dandy@ncia.com
URL: http://www.cabinwoods.com
Model(s): Leaky BSA Firebird
Comments: Will be touring Europe/Africa autumn 2001 on a BMW I hope to purchase in the UK. So I'm greasing the karmic wheel by making my services available to any sane bikers passing through. Garage, bed, meal, experienced Beemer ownwer/fixer up the road. If you're in need, give a shout.
Last Update: Fri, 2 Mar 2001

Name:Steve Dickey
Address/Area:USA, Washington state, town of Snohomish. Thirty miles NE of Seattle.
Phone:360-568-8122 (home) 206-266-7652 (work)
Comments:Have tools, garage and spare bedroom. Have been riding for 30 yrs. Call or stop by for help, place to stay or coffee.

Name: Mark Etheridge
Address/Area: Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 938-5602
E-Mail: 2thermo@concentric.net
Model(s): R850R Olympic
Comments: Two dealers nearby. Some great roads, will play hookey to guide with some notice, Great Coffee anytime. Have truck/tools, will rescue if neccessary.

Name: Mark Ewert
Address/Area: College Place, Washington. USA
Phone: 509-522-4721
E-Mail: ewertm@wwics.com
Model(s): 1996 R 1100 RTL

Name: Robert ("Delf") Del Favero
Address/Area: Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 367-6803
E-Mail: delf@wolfenet.com
URL: http://www.wolfenet.com/~delf
Model(s): 1994 R1100RS, 1972 R60/5
Comments: Futon, basic tools, covered storage space, close to BMW dealer, extensive beer selection.

Name: Michael Fletcher
Address/Area: 2162 NE Kevos Pond Dr. Poulsbo, Wa 98370
Phone: 360-598-1966 (w/voice mail)
E-Mail: kl7ixi@home.com
Model(s): 1995 R100R Mystic
Comments: Loose screw about BMWs and Ham Radio. Happy to meet with enthusiasts of both. Sleeper to roll out a sleeping bag for the night. Good coffee. Garage.
Last Update: Sat, 19 Feb 2000

Name: Dennis Johnsen
Address/Area: Port Townsend, WA, on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula, about 40 miles and a ferry ride northwest of Seattle.
Phone: 360 379 9238
E-Mail: djohnsen@olympus.net
Model(s): 1996 R11RT
Comments: A source of information about the local area, some covered space and tools available, and possible refuge or support for travelers in need if not out cruising somewhere.
Last Update: Sun, 25 Jun 2000

Name: Bob Lawes
Address/Area: Washington State Whidbey Island Oak Harbor North end of Puget Sound
Phone: 360-675-2085
Model(s): K100RS
Comments: Camping space in the Fir trees Truck if you're in trouble Working space & tools Just stop by for KK

Name: Scott Lee
Address/Area: Rainier (kinda near Olympia), Washington
Phone: 360-446-4492
E-Mail:  scott.lee@intel.com
Model(s): 1988 K100RS
Comments: I have tools and a big barn, so bike storage and/or wrenching is no problem. Dealer is kinda far away, so parts migt be delayed.. Lots of room in the pasture and barns for tents, and if yer nice we might even let you camp in the den where its' warmer.
Last Update: Fri, 1 Dec 2000

Name:Stefan Linden
Address/Area:Tri-Cities, Washington USA
Model(s):'85 K100RT

Name:Henry & Lyn Meyerding
Address/Area:USA, WA, Sultan. This is a small town 30 miles more or less East of Seattle, WA / half-way to the Cascades
Phone:360.793.1564 (home)
E-Mail: hwm@goomba.com / lyn@goomba.com
URL: http://goomba.com/home/homepage.html
Model(s):'96 R1100RT
Comments:Just another old Harley convert biking about. Speak for yourself, says Lyn whose interests are must more varied that that!

Name: David Mitchell & Lisa Giles
Address/Area: USA - Washington - Bainbridge Island (6 miles west of Seattle in Puget Sound
Phone: 206.842.6907
Model(s): 91 R100GS/PD
Comments: Camping space, some tools, no covered workspace, good knowledge of local area.

Name: Tom & Laura Nicholas
Address/Area: USA, WA, Vancouver We live in east Vancouver but we're close to the Columbia River Gorge, Mt St. Helens, and other places of relative interest.
Phone: 360.944.6508 (home)
E-Mail:nicholas@teleport.com (home) & twn@sdiusa.com (work)
Model(s): '90 K75RT
Comments: No special interests - just the obvious: Beemers & Computers!

Name: Ed Olsen
Address/Area: Silverdale, WA. 15 miles N of Bremerton.
Phone: 1-360-779-3334
E-Mail: edolsen@alum.mit.edu
Model(s): 1993 R100GS/PD
Comments: I can offer some help / garage / tools.
Last Update: Sat, 12 Aug 2000

Name:Chad Otis
Address/Area:Seattle, Washington. USA
Phone:206.217.0886 or 206.556.8878
URL: http://www.halcyon.com/chado/
Model(s):R60/5 (1971), formerly R100RS (1984)
Comments:I would be glad to help BMW tourists in any way I can when in Seattle.

Name: David Petersen
Address/Area: Edmonds, WA (15 mi. N of Seattle on I-5)
Phone: 425-672-7917 (home)
E-Mail: BMWCYCLFAN@aol.com
Model(s): '96 R11GS, '89 R100RT
Comments: Have emergency bedroll space, sometimes a spare room, a garage to work in and some tools. Also have a small trailer that can haul bike in an emergency (time and distance permitting). Close to two BMW dealers. Call before 9PM. Enjoy touring on the GS, and like to get off the pavement. Most riding is two-up, so trail riding is limited.

Name:Bryan Prazen
Address/Area:Seattle WA
Phone:(206) 727-1076
Model(s):'72 R60/5

Name:Alan Richrod
Address/Area:Aberdeen, Wash
Model(s):I own a 1970 R75/5 It's mittnacht schwartz
Comments:I only wish my computer was as reliable as my BMW

Name:Rick and Jana Roney
Address/Area:Seattle, Washington
Model(s):Rick rides 1987 K100RS Jana rides 1973 R75/5

Name: Rob Scott
Address/Area: Langley, Washington - on the South end of Whidbey Island
Phone: 1-360-221-6536
E-Mail: rob@unixguy.com
URL: http://www.unixguy.com/
Model(s): 2001 R1150GS
Comments: Two Seattle area dealers are a ferry ride + 30 minutes away. I am located about 10 minutes from the Mukilteo/Clinton ferry dock. Have many tools and a covered outside workspace. Bunk space available in an emergency.
Last Update: Mon, 04 Jun 2001

Name: Barry Smith
Address/Area: Spokane, about 1 mile off I-90
Phone: (509) 455-7601
E-Mail: raincity@concentric.net
Model(s): 1972 R75/5 SWB, 1973 R90/5 LWB project
Comments: Many tools (zero skills), garage space, bedroll space, distress calls only after 10pm, K-n-K, usually home.
Last Update: Sun, 28 Mar 1999

Name: Jack Tavares
Address/Area: Seattle
Phone: 206-937-2427
E-Mail: tavares@drizzle.com
Model(s): 83 R80/ST, 94 Ducati E900
Comments: Tools, workspace.
Last Update: Tue, 04 Dec 2001

Name: Dennis & Karen Withner
Address/Area: Bellingham/Blaine WA the "4th Corner" of the USA.
Phone: Hm 360-332-8851 Wk 360-676-8029
E-Mail: denx7d@nas.com
Model(s): R100/7 - R100GS - CX500
Comments: Co-Airmarshals WA State(Airheads), WSBMWR, MOA, RA, IBMWR Camping space for a bunch, tools and shop space w/some repair knowledge and a lot of resources. P/U for possible local rescue. Interested in international bike swaps. Your 4th Corner pit stop.
Last Update: Mon, 06 Aug 2001

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