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Name: Bob Alexander
Address/Area: Charlevoix, Michigan(50 mi south of Mackinac Bridge)
Phone: 231-547-2021
E-Mail: rocker@freeway.net
Model(s): K1200LT, K75, R27, K100 w EML, Ducati 900SS
Comments: Great Riding area! Can provide help-have trailer, Bed or Camping Space. Love European travel! MSF Instructor.
Last Update: Thu, 24 May 2001

Name: Fred Anderson
Address/Area: Salem, WI
Phone: 1 262 537 3055
E-Mail: bmwfred@tds.net
Model(s): K1200LT
Comments: tools, garage space, camping space, willing to go for any rides.
Last Update: Tue, 4 Dec 2001

Name: Robert S. Atkinson
Address/Area: 1623 Wind-Dale Dr., Racine, WI. 53402
Phone: 1-262-681-2968
E-Mail: rsatkins@wi.net
URL: none
Model(s): 1988 K75s
Comments: If you are stranded, I have room & a garage. Nearest dealer 35 miles (Bmw-Honda-Kawasaki-Southeast Sales). Nearest qualified mechanic: Herman T Kubowske (10 miles), Harvey Read (20 miles), Beemer Hill (50 miles)
Last Update: Sun, 12 Dec 1999

Name: Robert & Mauree Briere
Address/Area: Okauchee, Wi.
E-Mail: rbriere@attglobal.net
Comments: Over the hump, first 20 years, H.D, the last 25 years B.M.W. and hopefully the next 25 years, B.M.W.
Last Update: Wed, 22 Mar 2000

Name: William B. Burke
Address/Area: 11421 north Port Washington Rd. Mequon, WI 53092 (20 miles N. of Milwaukee)
Phone: 262-241-3381 Leave message if I don't answer.
E-Mail: wbb@execpc.com
URL: http://www.portbmwclub.com/
Model(s): 1996 K110RS( Red), 2001 R1150GS(Mandrin) - License Plates: TRIPN, NIXHD
Comments: I have been riding since 1963 (Mostly dirt, motocross) Started riding street seriously about six years ago when I bought a 1987 K100 RS. I am Vice-president of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Port Washington, Inc Club #116 See our website at : http://www.portbmwclub.com/
Last Update: Tue, 26 Sep 2000

Name: Darren Bush
Address/Area: Madison, Wisconsin
Phone: 608-238-5155 evenings 608-223-9300 ext 228
E-Mail: darren@paddlers.com
URL: http://www.mailbag.com/users/darren
Model(s): 2000 F650
Comments: No nearby dealers (1 hour away). Garage and workspace with limited tools. Spare room most of the time for emergencies, and I have a trailer if necessary, and will drive 40 to 50 miles for a fellow president in trouble. Love to ride, but work schedules do not usually allow me to take off for a day on a moment's notice. But try anyway. :-)
Last Update: Wed, 28 Jun 2000

Name: Jeff Dean, BMW MOA #115
Address/Area: United States: Wisconsin and Arizona
Phone: 608-231-2355 - Wisconsin / 520-498-0108 - Arizona
E-Mail: jeff.dean@worldnet.att.net
URL: Click here for Jeff's BMW R27 FAQ http://www.ionet.net/~jhanna/R27FAQ.HTML
Model(s): BMW's: Range from 1952 R51/3 to 1998 R1200CA.
Comments: President (1997-99) of BMW Motorcycle Owners of America; Motorcycle Safety Foundation Chief Instructor for Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Safety; teach rider education at Madison Area Technical College and at Pima Community College (AZ); BMW motorcycle rider for 30+ years; life member of BMW MOA and American Motorcyclist Association; member of Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners, BMW RA, Madison BMW Club ('MOA #7), GWTA, Classic Wing Club, Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (chairman), and advisor to the Arizona Motorcycle Advisory Council. Some (precious few) motorcycle mechanical skills.

Name: John K. Endrizzi
Address/Area: Nekoosa, Wi.
Phone: 715-325-6882
E-Mail: terrapin@wctc.net
Model(s): '02 R1150RT
Comments: I am 50 miles from a multi brand/BMW dealer and 100 miles from Mischlers BMW. I have a trailer and would be willing to help a disabled rider anytime that I'm home.I also have a fairly well equipped shop and could help with minor repairs.
Last Update: Sun, 22 Apr 2001

Name: Roger G. Klopp
Address/Area: 1206 Elizabeth Street , Madison, WI, USA 150 miles NW of Chicago on I-90, 250 miles SE of Minneapolis on I-94
Phone: 608-255-4692 Home 608-262-4078 Work
E-Mail: rklopp@ssc.wisc.edu
Model(s): 1992 K75 low rider
Comments: Macintosh user and motorcyclist for >30 years who enjoys motorcycle touring, camping, twisty and hilly roads, great scenery, and Alpine skiing. Have garage, some tools, and am located about 40 miles from the nearest BMW dealership.

Name: Cory Kuehl
Address/Area: W 3427 W. Neda Rd. Horicon WI
Phone: 920-387-5124
E-Mail: cjkuehl@powerweb.net
Model(s): 2000 R1100RT
Comments: 15 miles to dealer, willing to help if home with garage and tools
Last Update: Wed, 28 Nov 2001

Name: Ted Latham
Address/Area: Onalaska, WI
Phone: 608-781-3338
E-Mail: tedjeanlatham@centurytel.net
Model(s): 74 R90/6 hers / 86 K100RT his
Comments: Rural. Lots of twisty 2-lane roads. Nearest dealer72 miles. Have space to camp-rustic. Have some tools and a bike lift
Last Update: Sun, 11 Jun 2000

Name: Mike Lea
Address/Area: Racine, WI
Phone: 1-262-681-9546
E-Mail: mrlea@execpc.com
Model(s): 1999 R1100RT
Comments: Have a small garage, some tools, a little repairing knowledge, and fenced in back yard. 40m from nearest dealer If you can find me home stop by!
Last Update: Sat, 9 Dec 2000

Name: Brian Manke & Sue Rihn-Manke
Address/Area: Palmyra, Wisconsin - 40 miles SW Milwaukee, 40 miles SE Madison
Phone: (414) 495-4163
E-Mail: beemerhill@prodigy.net
Model(s): 1971 R50/5 - "The Beast" / 1974 R60/6 - "The Olde German" / 1977 R100s - "Old Resentful" / 1978 R100/7 - "The Tramp" / 1987 K75T - "Rock & Roll" / 1997 R850 Olympic - "GUTA" (Get Used To Abuse)
Comments: Brian has been riding Beemers for over 20 years, Sue for around 10. We are BMW MOA Ambassadors, and also belong to the AMA and the RA. Brian is currently President of the Wisconsin BMW Motorcycle Club (#10), Sue is the Editor of their newsletter. If you need it, we have 6 acres of camping space, work space and some tools, some knowledge, and a trailer - along with the willingness to give a hand if we can. YOU BRING THE BEER. :-)

Name: John McBeth
Address/Area: Brown Deer, WI (suburb immediately North of Milwaukee.
Phone: (414)355-9405
E-Mail: jmcbeth@execpc.com
Model(s): '94 K75RT
Comments: BMWMOA #12321 - 1st of 16 MOA rallies attended was '78 at Rutland, VT. Will be at Missoula; also mbr. of BMWRA.

Name: Jim Guthrie & Joanne Peterson
Address/Area: Mequon, WI
Phone: 262 512-2774
E-Mail: guthriej@execpc.com or joannep@execpc.com
Model(s): '83R80RT and '86 R80
Comments: Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor for Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Safety; teach rider education at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Member of BMW MOA and American Motorcyclist Association, BMW RA, Wisconsin BMW Club. We live in a quiet area near the Milwaukee River and I-43, with about an acre to camp on. Have a shop with some tools and fair level of general mechanical skills and a willingness to help. Also have a trailer if you aren't out too far.
Last Update: Sun, 25 Feb 2001

Name: Gene R. Rankin
Address/Area: Madison, WI (near Dean's place)
Phone: 608-231-1618
E-Mail: grankin@itis.com
Comments: Don't got no steenkin' Beemers, but some of my best friends do (I ride an elderly Ducati and a not-so-elderly Bimota). Got a decent-sized garage not far from the center of town, own metric & ASA handtools (nothing exotic), know where most things in town are (including decent places to get a beer). Been riding (off & on) for 40 years, got a wife & kid, lost most of my Nasty Habits, blah, blah, blah. Confessions: am a member of the Village Idiots (a once-was gen-you-wine BMW/MOA-affiliate), the BoOFs and the DoD, as well as a gazillion Ducati clubs, serve as the DOCC's Capo Della Strada for this part of the midwest.
Last Update: Mon, 3 Jan

Name: Steve Schmitt
Address/Area: Oconto,Wisconsin (30 miles north of Green Bay)
Phone: 920-834-2917
E-Mail: steveeveline@ez-net.com
Model(s): R100RT Classic
Comments: long distance touring rider,so not home much but will help if around.Have some tools,Pickup Truck(when it runs),coffee and conversation.Some very good roads nearby.
Last Update: Tue, 24 Jul 2001

Name: Bill Shockley
Address/Area: Madison, WI
Phone: 608 - 236 - 0595
E-Mail: bmwgsbill@yahoo.com
URL: http://bmwgsbill.homepage.com/Bill_s.html
Model(s): 1983 R80 G/S
Comments: If you need some help or a place to stay, maybe a truck to haul a broken machine in, or need a cold point beer. I have some tools, some parts and a little know-how sometimes even a nice place to work on a bike. Give me a call and maybe I can lend a hand. That is if I'm not out riding myself or trying to get a hold of you because I may need the same.
Last Update: Wed, 5 Jan 2000

Name: Jim Tennessen
Address/Area: Menomonie, WI, about 70 miles east of minneapolis on I94
Phone: 715-235-7976
E-Mail: tennesse@wwt.net
Model(s): 1997 R110RT
Comments: Nearest dealers I deal with are in minneapolis area. I have a nice big garage, lots of tools and I'm fairly good at figuring out what's wrong with something. I also have a trailer and wouldn't hesitate to use it to help out a fellow rider in need. No extra room, but could find a place for stranded riders to stay. Can recommend scenic rides in the area.
Last Update: Tue, 22 May 2001

Name: Tom Van Horn
Address/Area: Madison, WI, west side
Phone: 608-238-5181
E-Mail: gromittt@juno.com
Model(s): 95 R1100RSL, R100/7 sidecar rig
Comments: Member 'MOA, 'RA, Airheads, Oilheads, USCA, FSSNOC, & AMA. Vice-prez, Madison BMW club.  MSF Instructor & USCA sidecar instructor.  Garage space, some tools and bumbling ability.  Know the local roads, eateries and watering holes.  Open to non-emergency visits, though I work wierd hours and can be hard to chase down.
Last Update: Sun, 25 Jul 1999

Name: Peter Weber
Address/Area: Racine WI.
Phone: (414)-632-1642
E-Mail: pcwbmw@wi.net
Model(s): 78 R100/7 (mine), 78 R80/7 (wife)
Comments: Knowledgable on area riding. Assistance if needed.

Name: Dave Wright
Address/Area: Mequon WI
Phone: 262-242-9697
Model(s): 71 Honda CL350 '73 Norton 750 Commando USNOA# 9606 '75 Kawasaki HE 500 Triple '76 Yamaha RD 400 '77 Harley Davidson XLCR '78 Maico 400 Magnum '79 BMW R100 '81 Kawasaki KE100 '85 Ducati F1A '87 Yamaha YSR-50 '98 Ducati 748L
Comments: I am located about 4 miles North West of I43. I have plenty of land for camping, a secure garage pretty well stocked with standard and metric tools (no exotic or special tools), compressed air, mig welder and fermented malt beverages. If needed, ant too far away, I have a trailer with ramp that is capable of holding two 1200LT's. Pay it forward!
Last Update: Sun, 02 Dec 2001

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