The 24th '49er Rally
May 23-27
Quincy, CA

From: Jodi Lee
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996
Subject: BMW: 49er Rally, Quincy

BMW Club of No. California's 24th '49er Rally was really terrific!

It was off to a bad start: didn't get to leave on Friday as planned due to work. Even had to put in a few hours on Saturday morning. On my way in to the city (8am) I rode with some guy on a GS -- the Bay Bridge was practically empty. He tells me he's getting work done so he can head to Baja next week!! Lucky guy! Leave my office at 1130am; parking ticket on my seat; drop bike getting it off the center stand; many swear words; zoom home; board my dog; get riding buddy. After a 24 hour delay, we're _finally_ off at 130pm in beautiful sunshine and increasing breeze.

We decide to take the fast route up so we can make the 6pm Prez meet at the Gazebo. Highways 80 / 113 / 99. It was w i n d y (easily 20 kts) !!! Speedometer wasn't installed yet, but we kept a good pace going up .... Keith is a speed freak and was pushing me too. Got to some good riding at the Feather River Canyon (Hwy 70) with nice sweepers and then to old Quincy Highway - Spanish Ranch Rd with more sweepers and some twisties. Smiles FINALLY show up on my face!

Arrive at the fairgrounds at 6pm on the dot.... NO Prezzes at the Gazebo. Take a quick tour of the grounds -- don't see any familiar bikes. But then.... there are some NINE HUNDRED FORTY ONE registered bikes!!! All the bikes are lined up along the paths, on the grass next to the sea of tents, along the length of the converted stables, barns, Beemers _everywhere_ save the 4 Ducs, and a few Nortons, Goldwings, HD's and UJMs.

Decide to grab a beer and dinner; then wandered into the vendor's area. trouble.... The Corbin guy must have known my butt is still sore from the Lost Coast. We exchanged a few details and my bike should have a new seat next month! :-) In time for the Chief Joseph Rally?? Had a nice chat with Darryl from Washington. Some commotion erupted in the massage tent where unfortunately a man died of a heart attack. I'm sorry I don't recall his name. With the sun setting, we listened to some music, talk to Damun and few more Prezzes. The guy in the next tent snores LOUD! Did Tom Childers make it to the 49er? ;-)

Sunday: Go for breakfast in town where we run into Roozbeh and SWMBO Keith and I decide to relax at the fairground -- watched the English Trials, and Asphalt Trails. Fun stuff. Put the speedo back in. Went for a slow, short ride -- thought a LOT about my new Corbin seat-- turned around, took a nap. Poker Run riders, Fun Runners, and everyone else return. See old friends, meet new friends. After dinner there's an awards and raffle gathering. I'm impressed with the organization and activities!! The Nor Cal club really did an outstanding job.

Another first-- I've NEVER camped in the middle of a THUNDER STORM! Yeah thunder and lightening for 2 hours! it was amazing! Found my tent leaks a little, but better than Darryl who says he slept in his rain gear!! :-(

Monday: pancake breakfast, pack up the bikes, and head for some twisty roads. It's C O L D and still wet, but we still head for the Sierra's (decide to make it truly a '49er weekend). Top of the summit (6,800 ft) has snow and rough roads, still MOST enjoyable riding all along Hwy 49 through Tahoe and Placer counties. We stay on the back roads after Placerville until Lodi-- then slab it home.

Just 576 miles, no tickets, no breakdowns. had a GREAT time-- can't wait 'till next year!

--- jodi

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