Colorado Gathering of Presidents & Idiots
Aurora, Colorado
September 27th, 1997

Terry Turnbeaugh:
They came, they ate, they kicked tires and told lies. In short, another Colorado Gathering has been concluded. Not counting myself, Linda and the boys, those in attendance were:

Howard Schultz - Colorado Springs, CO
	Paul Glaves - Lawrence, KS
	Voni Glaves - Lawrence, KS
	Chris Lawson - Denver area
	Tony Black - Colorado Springs, CO
	Steve Petersen - Aurora, CO
	Jim Van Riper - Woodland Park, CO
	Steve Aikens - Clovis, NM
	"The Woman" - Clovis, NM
	Stan Walker - Longmont, CO
	Jan Walker - Longmont, CO
	George McHugh - Lafayette, CO
	Edward Guzman "Gooz" - Aurora, CO
	Eric VanDenHoek - Blackhawk, SD
	Scott Hayes - Broomfield, CO
	Bruce G. Keahey - Arvada, CO
	Richard Meltz - Sante Fe, NM
	Bill Stettner - Divide, CO
	Bob April - Westminster, CO
	Kathy Garrotson - Westminster, CO
	Warren Harhay - Boulder City, Nevada
	Cliff Lines - Boulder, CO
	Kate Albers - Boulder, CO

I hope I didn't leave anyone out.


All of the prize winners not only received a suitable for framing, collectable, limited edition souvenneer certificate of their achievement, but also a handy dandy prize.

Long distance female rider - Vonnie Glaves

Vonnie received a glamorous official super model make up kit for looking one's best on the road.

Long distance male rider - Paul Glaves

Paul was awarded a giant rubber bug (about 8 to 10 inches long) to add to his insect collection on the windshield of his K75.

Biggest cigar - nobody

Since Ira Agains did not show up with his usual ICBM sized cigar (one truly worthy to be called, "a weapon of mass destruction), everyone else pretty much wimped out in this category. (Ira, we really missed you.) The prize, a deluxe giant faux cigar box in the shape of a coffin was awared to Steve Petersen for nearly being run down on the way over to the Gathering by a preoccupied May Kay sales person. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt.

Most obscure beer brought to the meeting - uh, I can't remember (It was, [drum roll] Bruce G. Keahey - Arvada, CO)

In honor of this catagory and partly because of it, my memory has been "obscured" by poison brain gas, or perhaps by another kind of gas. If you won the prize and know who you are, please let me know who you are so I can post it. The winner was awarded a mug in the shape of a skull--I have no idea why, but I think it may have had something to do with Halloween which is really *next* month. Hmmm.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and fellowship. Thankfully, the weather idiots were either half right or half wrong and the weather was beautiful.

I can't begin to say how much enjoyed doing this. Perhaps we'll do it again next year. To all of you came--THANKS.

Terry Turnbeaugh
Aurora, CO

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