The '97 RA National
Fontana, North Carolina
September 18-21, 1997

No trip reports yet, just a few photo's :) Send 'em in!

Brian Curry, Jim Shaw, Lee "VIPER" Freedman, Roozbeh Chuback, Voni Glaves & Larry Fears

Walker Powell &
Tom "Mr. K75" Keen

The Registration pavillion (LOTS of motorcycle parking, plus a motorcycle wash station!) The (free) Beer station. Thanks to the local authorities, the beer permit was yanked the day before the rally and the beer had to be given away (good for us, bad for RA.)
Jon Diaz & Paul Glaves passing the eternal "which spline lube is best" question back and forth at the tech session. The good Doctor Terry Miami and The Lovely Edwina©.

Sigh.......One of the many motorcyclists that were stopped by two of the many allegedly professional law enforcement officers. "To Serve & Protect" unfortunately quickly became "To Harrass & Intimidate."

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