First Los Alamos Lunch
Los Alamos, New Mexico
May 11th, 1997

Photo's by Ira Agins

FROM: Richard Meltz

Hi Everyone,

By now Presidents such as Ira Agins, Steve Aikens (wish those two would decide on the proper spelling), Mick McKinnon, Rob Lentini, and Bryan Lally have done a good job of describing the now historic Los Alamos Lunch, held last Saturday. So here's a few additional comments.

I must start by thanking Bryan Lally again publicly for organizing the food. It was delicious, plentiful, and I know it was a lot of work. Thanks Bryan!

At 8:30 am riders from the area started congregating at Centaur Cycles for coffee and donuts. About 18 bikes left the shop for the Jemez around 10, and arriving at the beautiful site Bryan had arranged, found food, other riders and a warm welcome. Meg and I each independently counted 36 bikes (my apologies to Ira who counted more than that, but I think we did it accurately.) Below is the list of 41 attendees who signed in at the Lunch.

The riding was really spectacular, and the showers only enhanced the scenery. I love looking off into the distance and seeing mist rising from the hills and valleys, and the road ahead. Meg and I rode back to Santa Fe with Steve Aikens, Mick and Linda McKinnon, and Rob Lentini, all four bikes were R11 models. I was behind Mick and every so often would hear the unmistakable sound of beat frequencies as our two engines ran close to identical speeds. I never fail to get a kick out of that phenomenon.

Thanks to all who attended and leant their energy to this Happening. See you all out on the road soon I hope.

Los Alamos Lunch, List of Those Who Attended In their Corporeal Bodies:

	Steve Aikens Clovis, NM
	Becky, aka "The Woman", see above (stayed in Santa Fe on business)
	Roger Austin Tucson, AZ
	Ira Agins Santa Fe, NM
	Kevin Beverage Albuquerque, NM
	friend, Eric,
	Tony Black Colorado Springs, CO
	Gordon Bunker Santa Fe, NM
	Dan Byrne Albuquerque, NM
	Joe Conti Albuquerque, NM
	Ursula Ehrhardt Hamburg, Germany
	Bob Gillispie Tulsa OK
	Dianne Goodie Rio Rancho, NM
	Ken Goodie Rio Rancho, NM
	Scott Hayes Broomfield,CO
	Dan Hughes
	Bruce Kentner Albuquerque, NM
	Bill Koup Albuquerque, NM
	Margie Koup Albuquerque, NM
	Claudia Krause-Johnson ABQ, NM
	Bryan Lally Los Alamos, NM
	Rob Lentini Tucson, AZ
	Craig Littlefield   Tucson, AZ
	Dallas Masters Los Alamos, NM
	Linda McKinnon Tucson, AZ
	Mick McKinnon Tucson, AZ
	Richard Meltz Santa Fe, NM
	Meg Meltz Santa Fe, NM
	Edward Mignardot Albuquerque, NM
	Gary Oleson Albuquerque, NM
	Horst Schrader Santa Fe, NM
	Patty Schrader Santa Fe, NM
	Howard Schultz Colorado Springs, Co.
	Randy Scott Colorado Springs, CO
	Darryl Simpson Santa Fe, NM
	Gideon Slaanan Los Lunas, NM
	Mark Smith Albuquerque, NM
	Jim Steiner Los Alamos, NM
	Tim Stone Albuquerque, NM
	Josef Tornick Santa Fe, NM
	Terry Turnbeaugh Aurora, CO
	Jim Van Riper Woodland Park, CO
	Vincent L. Vigil Rio Rancho, NM

FROM: Steve Aikens

Ira Agins wrote:
> Well, the weather held (mostly) and 45 motorcycles were parked at the Jemez
> Falls campground. Burgers, Brats, and chicken, along with accompaniments
> sated the appetites of the assembled masses. Aikens got a sticker saying
> "186,000 miles per second - it's not just a good idea, it's the law!"

Mr. (I can't spell my name right) Agins is correct:

There *were* 45 motorcycles sitting in, mostly, very pleasant weather at the Jemez Falls campground cooling down (including Terry Turnbaugh's machine with his new hand-crafted solo saddle and luggage rack), Damn close the where the line started at the "Chez Brian", where one of our most gracious hosts was demonstrating his expertise with a grill (I got there first <G> and had the sumptuous "Chef Lally Special", Bratwurst - grilled to bursting perfection, Kraut, Pot-salad, a chip or two, and some of the strongest, most flavorful coffee to hit these rather abused taste-buds %^}). The organizers of this gathering are to be commented for a well organized lunch in a beautiful area with great *riding* roads.

I'm pleased to announce, to my knowledge, no-one received any information on how to contact the local magistrate's, from any of their minions, this outting - including me! Which brings us to the bumper sticker mentioned above.

First, I have no bumpers on my bike <G>. Next, I have no idea why I would be presented such a sticker, assuming the presenter(s) have no knowledge of my significant interest in the good (and former) Mr. Einstein, whose picture graces the sticker. However, I am flattered to have been thought of and will proudly display the sticker for all to gape at in awe, in an undetermined location on my bike.

The ride back down the mountain was uneventful and a lot of fun in spite of Mother Nature keeping the road wetted down for us. Well, until Rob, then I, slipped up on this unmarked patrol car doing 65. No, *he* was doing 65. Rob and I were well into the thre digit range, with Mick and Linda and Richard and Meg damn close behind us. Some hard brakeing to stay behind him and he left us about 3 miles down the road. We decided he was just getting off and wanted to head home to Mamma - which we also decided was a *good* thing.<GRIN for all>

I implored friends Rob Lentini and Mick and Linda McKinnon (who were tossed out of CA and into the hoards in Tucson, AZ.) to come to Santa Fe for the evening, in spite of their plans to head to Albuquerque for the night. Accepting, they rode down to the motel "The Woman" and I were staying at, with two of our Hosts, Richard and Meg Meltz, and I. I had been offered the "Supper Club Tour" by The Inimateable, *Former* 'RavenStar' Owner, Josef (aka. Joe Beemer) Tornick. Josef offered his wisdom and dining out expertise to all choosing to accept. Having never had the good fortune of meeting his lovely bride, Annie, I was quick to accept. After a quick hosing down, a total of 8 of us were wisked to the Blue Corn Saloon in 4 wheeled monsters (except Richard, who rode his RT; unfortunately, Meg had a prior commitment), where merriment and bullshit was the order of the evening, along with the mixed drinks and micro-brewed beers. Can't speak for anyone else, but I gotta tell ya, the Carne Adovada (spicy mexican pork meat) dinner was great, but way too much for my skinny butt to absorbe, so I had to send half the beans and rice south (burrrpp).

Next we knew, we were all freezing our butts off in the motel parking lot, which had turned into a round table get-togather location for us until the late evening hours. Finally, Josef and Annie decided they'd had enough, McKinnons thought they might be tired (have no idea why) and Rob and I decide to default to the wisdom of the group and call it an evening.

After a very loud wake-up call by the motel fire alarm, around 5:45, we were all stirring about without power. Seems some hoser center-punched the power pole north of us and took out half the lighing in Santa Fe from about 1:30 am. Guess the back-up battery for the alarm just petered out and it klanged it's dying 'klang' about that time. Shortly after, power was restored, "The Woman" got the coffee maker cooking and we all had a parting cup before "The Woman" and I watched Mick, Linda, and Rob head for hotter pastures in Tucson.

"The Woman" headed to the flea-market with the dogs and truck, I headed back to Clovis on the bike. Got to the underpass of I-25 and US-285 and saw a sign to the interstate, for Las Vegas, NM. Been years since I'd been there, but remember, there was this little Bakery/Cafe there; called Carman's Spic 'N Span, that had these great pecan-goop stickey buns and Sunday morning live music, and thought, Hell, I've got time for a 150 mile detour. To my surprise and pleasure, Carman's is still going strong, messy sticky buns, live music, and atmosphere you'll remember for a lifetime. If you're in the area, it's on Douglas Street, downtown, and is still the "hub" of Las Vegas, NM on Sunday mornings.

Highly recommended.

After an uneventful ride back home, I check to find 297 messages. Now I know what those of you that didn't make it to the Los Alamos Lunch were doing <G>

> Beautiful ride and wonderful weekend. Thanks to Bryan Lally and Richard
> Meltz for getting it together. Nice seeing the usual suspects, Rob
> Lentini, Terry Turnbaugh, Tony Black, Mick McKinnon among them.

Agreed. What a pleasure to see so many old friends and meet so many new faces, including a couple ladies visiting from Germany (both on there own bikes), one of whom won the "Long Distance Female Rider" coffee mug.

Credit where credit is due: The hospitality of Richard and Meg Meltz, Brian Lally, and Josef and Annie Tornick will not be soon forgotten. Thank you, good friends, for hosting such a super weekend ride, lunch, and evening meal.


FROM: Mick McKinnon

OK folks,

We made it! 1,201 miles door-to-door (that's the Tucson door) for our first Los Alamos Lunch. We saw some old friends, met some new ones and had a GREAT time.......Even the "Lentini shortcut" complete with thunder, lightening, RAIN and hail didn't dampen our spirits too much. We even had good luck with Rob on our trip home.....the requisite Thunder, Lightening, rain (not so much this time) and HAIL couldn't ruin the high we were on as we headed down out of Mule Pass on our way back to Tucson.

All in all it was a great weekend. Not sure when we'll get the pictures developed

but it should be sometime in the next few weeks. : )

Mick & Linda

FROM: Dallas Masters

To all those that attended the Los Alamos lunch in the Jemez Sunday, you missed the grand finale last night. On a whim, I decided dinner at Los Ojos in Jemez Springs would kill two birds: get in a nice evening ride up in the mountains and a dinner outside of Los Alamos County, a very culinary poor county. On the return trip around 10 p.m., the elk were out in force... in the middle of the road that it is. Very exciting to have these HORSE-size animals sharing the road with me. Instead of being sedate creatures mowing down the grass along the road, they were rather frisky, scurrying this way and that. Not just one or two mind you, but more like the entire 15,000 head that inhabit the Valle Grande. Speed was kept to around 40 mph for the length of the Valle stretch, and my eyes scanning for any reflective eyeballs. Despite the unpredictable danger, it was one of my most satisfying rides yet. Truly a different experience than a cage could offer: a multitude of stars and a multitude of elk all within arms length.

Ok, the sap runeth over...

Thanks to Bryan Lally and Richard Meltz for organizing a great lunch. It was nice to put faces to the signatures. See you at the next one!

Dallas Masters
Los Alamos, NM

More Photographs
Photos by Meg Meltz (scanned - Steve Aikens)

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