First Annual North-East
Presidential Breakfast
Somerset, New Jersey
April 20th, 1997

From: Don Eilenberger
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997

If you make it they will come.. and about 80 people did.

Top 10 NEPB highlights:

1. Many of the candidates for office in the MOA were there - and not a single speach was given.

2. Furthest distance ridden - I think was Jim Shaw from Shaw Towers, Hinkley Ohio.. close behind was Scott Adams, also Ohio.

3. Largest group from one area to show up - I'd guess the Washington DC crowd.. probably about 10 people in total.

4. Shortest distance - I'm guessing here, but since Bob Berto lives in Somerset NJ and the breakfast was in Somerset.. I'm guessin' it was Bob.

5. IBMWR mouse pads - big rush on these - I suspect they sold out (I was 2nd in line - right behind Jim Shaw)

6. Interesting bikes - Elsie Smith's K100RT with the hand-made fuel cell got LOTS of attention. Very nicely done.

7. Got lost - well, somebody from Washington with the licence plate IBMWR did blow by the exit (after blowing by Prez Glenn Martin and I who were slowing for it).. we figured we should follow him in case he got lost, did a turnaround at the next exit and followed him back to the Marriott.

8. Breakfast - well appreciated, especially by Brian Curry who I think was the last one to finish up.

9. Vegamite - was sampled and found lacking by Larry Fears - provided by Brian. After the look on Larry's face, no one else was willing to take the test.

10. Good time - was had by all. I got to meet a few people who I've been mailing to for years (Hi Rich, Hi Sy!), put a few more faces with names, and generally had a great time.

The moral is - if they make it - make an effort to attend!

Great fun.. Jim Dodsmeads wife apparently said something to him like "you're going 200 miles to have breakfast with a buncha people you don't know??" - the answer is - you're going 200 miles to breakfast with 80 of your closest friends - and actually - when it comes to people I enjoy hanging around with.. IBMWR people pretty much are the top of the list, as Pat Roddy often sez "an E-ticket!"

Hopefully, the many pics taken will be quickly developed and sent to webs sites for everyone to enjoy (right Jim?).. dunno if a pic was taken, but as leaving, I did my famous K-wheelie leaving the parking lot - wasn't real visible since I didn't have the 4" lifts on my boots.


From: Barry P. Blank
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997


Many thanks for the creating and organizing the NE Prez Breakfast.

Met some old friends, made some new ones, and am now able to put some faces on some other names. Looking forward to more.

All in all, a warmier and friendlier group can not be found.


From: Bob Berto
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 97

Hello All.

I thought I would try to be the first to post about the NE Prezz meeting since my 6.2 mile journey did NOT win shortest distance. I arrived at about 10:30a after my exhausting ride in. There were about 20 riders at that time, admiring the machines.

I counted 46 bikes before I went in to the restaurant and about eight more were outside after breakfast. I'd reckon about 60 folks sat down to eat.

The feed was a standard hotel buffet brunch, allowing each to eat as much of whatever they wanted.

It was great to add faces to the mental imagery I have formed about my fellow presidents. Now it is time catch up on a cache of digests to try and match the words to the people.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated and the sun actually peeked out as folks were saddling up around 1:30p. Thanks to Gary for planting the seed.

Bob Berto, Somerset, NJ

From: Harold Gantz
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 97

I just wanted to say thanks to Gary Harris for organizing yesterday's North East Presidential Breakfast. I had a great time.

I left my house in south Jersey about 7:45 am in light showers with the prospect of sunny skies and warm temperatures later in the day. My non BMW riding brother-in-law, Joe, was with me. (His bike was the clean FJ1200 parked next to my K75.) We planned to intercept a Pennsylvania contingent enroute and join them for the ride across New Jersey into Somerset. We failed to hook up with them, so the two of us rode along rt 514, a lightly traveled two laner, into the Somerset area and picked our way to the Marriott. We were the first to arrive at the hotel at about 9:35. After cruising the parking lot, we found a suitably empty area to start a bike line. We went back to the lobby for a while to warm up with free coffee and shortly thereafter spotted Mike Delany, Joe Dille, and some of the other Pennsylvania riders who were about 10 minutes behind us. Over the next hour or so we hung out in the parking lot watching the other Presidents pull in. With each wave of arriving bikes, there were introductions, handshakes, and the association of new faces to familiar names. Gary eventually pulled in and managed to leave his vehicle upright without using either the side stand nor the center stand. A local cop car trolled through the lot, maybe looking forward to busting up a bunch of hoodlum biker scum. After realizing that this was an orderly assemblage of distinguished Presidents, he gave up and rolled out.

Brian Curry gave most of us the signal to meander inside to start eating. Breakfast was great. The company was even greater. It was over too quickly. Can't wait to do it again.

With a sufficiently full stomach, I went back out to the parking lot where the sun was shining and it felt more like a spring day, a sharp contrast to the snowy nor'easter we had a few days before. Everyone checked out everyone else's machinery, discussed MOA politics, posed for the obligatory group photo, made plans to get together again at various rallies, and said good-bye. I left with my brother-in-law and we took rt 514 back to Ringos, then 579 towards Trenton, and finally slabbed it the last 20 miles back home.

I've been riding for over two decades now, but I've only been into this BMW "thing" for the last three years. I can only say that thanks to Joe Senner for creating this list, and to guys like Gary Harris and others who organize these types of events, I've meet some of the greatest people in motorcycling and some of the greatest people on earth. Thanks guys, and thanks to all you Beemer pilots whom I've met during the past few years who've made it possible for me to get more enjoyment out of this hobby than all the previous 22 years combined. Yesterday was my best motorcycling day ever. The ride was good, but the company was superb.

Harold Gantz

From: Jim Shaw
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997

Many thanks to Gary Harris and everybody who said hello to me. My guess is that, like me, you're sorry you couldn't have spent time with everybody.

Did you all see Elsie's mustard k-wiener?

There's a rumor that there's gonna be a Mrs. Gary Harris - in October, was it? And Jim Colburn may not have as much time to harangue us, since he's the new photo top man at Time. Everybody be sure to encourage Carol Keuch to get the F650. She's a roundel-kinda-lady.

Little sighs and groans were heard from Beemers in the Joysee parking lot, as they rolled out of the path of FEARSome Larry. The threat is that he'll have his battered 'chine ready for Georgia Mountain. Sure you will Larry - and I'm gonna file my taxes on time!

DC Mike was there, with his Harley genes. Brian fed Larry some Vegemite.

BMWBMW crew at the start of their
mission for the day, Ride, Eat, Repeat...

Actually, I'm sure I saw Brian sticking the Vegemite label on a tube of spermacide, just before Larry made that unforgetable face.

Cy Young was there - most folks decided he's bigger than he looks in his picture. (Most folks think I am, too.) Oh, and Josh Ascher was there, MOA nominating guy, who Haugen would like to hang with the ballot blunder blame (bad try, Haugsy). Somebody said we were within minutes of BMWNA's digs. Next year, we oughta invite them. Frank Stevens - hear that?

All in all, what the Joysee Jaunt needed was more time for meeting tires and kicking riders. Thanks to Jeff Dunkle for a warm dry place to stay, Scotty Adams for documenting my running of the traffic light, the Four Winds and Al Vangura for good company and a place to wash the green beemer on Saturday. You should see it now, after a little rain - and a lot of road slime from the PA Turnpike.

Georgia Mountain, everybody?

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