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Deming, New mexico
November 21, 1998

Deming 1998 Web Page:

From: Darrin Earhart <>
Subject: BMW: Deming We Came, We Ate, We Went

Fellow Presidents:
Thanks to Steve Aikens and Smiling Don Cameron for giving 4 itinerant Missouri riders a pitiful excuse to attempt a documented "1000 in 1". We left the Springfield, MO police station after getting our starting mileage witnessed at approximately 3:00 a.m. Friday. We arrived in Deming at about 7:30 p.m. local time and got our arrival forms witnessed at the police station. In between, we rode like hell for 1020 miles, collected 8 gas receipts, had great weather, avoided numerous opportunities to have a long chat with a state trooper, and had a sit down meal in Tucumcari, NM! It was almost an uneventful ride except for the fact that our speeds pushed my gas mileage to below 30 mpg in some stretches. I guess an airhead GS is not the most aerodynamically efficient machine at those speeds!

On Saturday, after spending a couple of hours and several dollars in Don's shop, we found the house by following the smell of burning brisket. Unfortunately we had to leave before the party really started, but not before we sampled the brisket and talked "the Woman" out of some coveted black reflective tape! Some of you probably don't believe the contingent from Missouri was really there, but we have the photos to prove it. We put in about 400 miles Saturday evening, spent the night in Tucumcari and had a relatively easy ride home Sunday (except for some fierce cross winds
between Amarillo and OK City - see above comment on R100GS aerodynamic properties). We arrived in Springfield about 6:30 p.m. with a total of about 2100 miles.

On a personal note, I tried an experiment to reduce some of the pain normally associated with a ride of this duration. A friend talked me into trying some magnets - in theory they are supposed to work a bit like the RICE method by increasing blood flow to certain muscles. Did they work? Let's just say I did not experience some of the pain I normally get between my shoulders and in my lower back on a long ride. No other changes in riding position or equipment were made. All standard disclaimers apply here - I have no financial interest in these products and like any alternative therapy, there is little documentation saying whether they'll work for you. If you're interested in this, please drop me a line privately rather than starting a "pain" thread and I'll describe my experience and how it made my ride more fun. Thanks to fellow Springfield presidents Jim Hair, Jim Williams, and Gary Smith for being great travelling companions, and thanks again to Steve and Don for hosting the event.

Darrin Earhart
R100GS "the big GS that could"
Springfield, MO

From: Norm Grills <>
Subject: BMW: Deming BBQ Report

Here's a mini report of the ride to Deming for BBQ.

Left Saturday morning at 5am with the idea in mind of finding out what kind of pace I would have to maintain to qualify for a Bun Burner Gold. It was a bit cool but my Widder gloves and Gerbing jacket kept the chill off the top half. The bottom half got a bit cool. Daylight came about 7am and sun about 10am. After that, the electrics were unplugged and I kept on truckin'. No law enforcement to bother me. More than a few work zones and one major construction effort that had traffic backed up were the only things that slowed me down. Well there was one other. I had to stop too frequently for gas! It looks like the Christmas break will see me installing an aux fuel cell.

Ten and a half hours and 747 miles later I pulled into the motel in Deming (71mph average).

Realizing it would be around 30 degrees when I was leaving Sunday morning, I went by the M/C shop and lucky me, they had Gerbing pants and socks which are now in my riding wardrobe (I think I paid for my BBQ one way or another).

The BBQ gathering was EXCELLENT. 85 of the original 110 showed and there were a few "write-ins". Met a couple of other Iron Butt'rs, including Ira Agins and a few who should be. Riders came from as far away as Green Bay, WI., Montana, Seattle (2), several from San Diego, and Springfield MO. As the sun went down so did the temps. A big ol' bonfire chased the chill away and people migrated to it with full tummies as the temps dropped. Steve Aikens was his normal "mess". The guy is crazy, but loveable crazy. How he gets away with calling his wife "The woman", I'll never know. I would have been dead long ago.....

About 9pm, my legs took all the standing around they could so I headed back to the motel. At 4am local time the alarm went off. On the bike at 5:15am heading back east with my electrics plugged in - nice and toasty. My brake warning light started flickering and worried me. After stopping a couple of times to check things out, I decided to "ride through it". It later stopped. Advice off the web says I should check the ABS sensor gap - will do.

Coming into Las Cruces, the view was awesome. Dawn was just breaking and coming off the high plains with the city in the valley, all the city lights were on and the dawn highlighted the mountain top making a phenomenal outline - one of the most dramatic scenes I have ever seen.

From then on, it was cruisin' all the way back. The temp warmed to the 70's and I had a reasonable tail wind depending on road direction. One radar zap, a long hard look by the officer and that was it. Home at 5pm, ten and three quarter hours and 747 miles later, good enough to qualify for a straight Bun Burner, even with the BBQ and sleep but I did not do the necessary documenting. I have the gas receipts but not the odometer validation. (I did put the other miles on to make it a full 1500 just riding around Deming).

My Tom Simmons seat performed impeccably. When I had it made, I told him that I wanted a 24 hour seat to replace the 4 hour stock seat. He said he would build me a 48 hour seat and he did!

It's amazing the looks you get when you say you rode to Deming New Mexico for BBQ. Even most bikers are surprised but for me it provided a destination and a goal (test myself and the bike for a BBG) plus the opportunity to socialize with people of a like mind - ride for the sake of riding. Some turn their nose up at all that freeway riding. They just don't understand, and I can't explain it to their satisfaction so I don't even try any more. I just like to ride, no matter the type of road. I do
like to put down the miles. It's a personal satisfier.

What could have made it better? Jeff Dean, Paul and Voni Glaves making it and most of all, if Ron Ayres could have gone (and maybe I could have ridden with him since we live just 7 miles apart). That would have been the piece de resistance!


From: "Herb Stark" <>
Subject: BMW: Deming Trip

Wilma and I left Avinger Friday morning about 8 AM. We had an uneventful drive down I20 to Odessa Texas. With only one Walmart stop before, we camped at the KOA in Odessa. After setting up the camper, we pulled the cork on a bottle of Chardonnay we had in the cooler. We had a very nice visit and dinner with fellow travelers at a small cafe on site.

On down I20 and then I10 the next morning to Deming. Stopping at the shop, we had some bar backs installed. After 32k, I decided to see if they would help my short arms. I don't notice any difference in handling and they do seem to help for long straight runs. After a short visit with several Presidents, we traveled on to Don's and set up camp.

Dinner was out of sight. Much beer wine and other spirits flowed along with plenty of sea stories. It was great to see so many of our friends gathered and having a fine time. Kudos to Don Cameron and Steve Aikens. Much work went into making this party a success. About dark, Don started a large campfire in his front yard. The tales continued much later than Wilma and I stayed up.

Wow did it get cold after dark. We were snug in the camper, but we dared not stick a finger out for fear of frostbite. I wore a toboggan cap to bed to keep my balding head warm. From what I hear, it was much quieter in our camper than it was in Don's living room. Bob Straubinger told me he moved into the dining room, but it did not help.

Sunday morning we watched a beautiful sunrise through Don's patio doors while drinking coffee and juice graciously provided by our host. After it warmed up a bit, we packed and headed back to the East. I should have changed my rear tire while at the shop. But I still had tread and thought it would make it back to Avinger and one I had waiting for me at Arklatex BMW in Shreveport. Within 300 miles, I went from having tread to cord showing. What to do? Should I turn around and wait for Deming Cycle to open up Monday? Or slow down and watch it closely trying to make it home. Opting for the latter, I continued on past the point of no return. By afternoon it became obvious that this tire with less than 5k on it would not make it to Avinger. We were not on the Interstate, we had cut across country via Cloudcroft and White Sands. Just before dark, we arrived in Seminole Texas about 80 miles South of Lubbock. We stayed at the Raymond motel, nice covered parking at the door of our room. Clean neat and reasonable, I recommend this motel.

We called Don Cameron at home to ask if he knew if High Plains BMW in Lubbock would be open Monday. He did not know, but gave me Steve Aiken's number. When I got Steve on the phone, he immediately got Jim Davis (One of High Plain's owners) on his other line. Jim said if I could be there at 8 AM, he would put another MEZ4 on for us. We did, he did, and we were on our merry way. Many thanks to Jim and Ronnie for being there. I mean thanks for them opening this dealership a few years ago and BEING there. My first opportunity to do business with them, it was a pleasure. Good service and a fair price on a day they were supposed to be closed.

Reflections and lessons learned: 4000 miles solo across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California deserts, and 1000 miles two up with trailer means it is time to change the tire again. The previous MEZ4 installed at Missoula, only made it about 2800 miles before it blew out. Possibly road hazard. The Dunlop put on at Georgia Mountain Rally made it about 7K. I guess if I continue to pull that trailer, I should stick a spare MC tire on it:). This motorcycle runs faster and I run it a lot harder than my last bike (R100RT). I enjoy running it this way, so I guess I am just going to have to put more tires on it and sooner. An earlier tire lasted longer, but had a tendency to break loose in a hard corner.

Thanks for letting me ramble and thanks to all the folks who help keep us rolling and safe.

Herb <Grinning>

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