A Colorado Gathering
Of Presidents & Idiots
Saturday, September 28, 1996

From: Terry Turnbeaugh
Subj: Colorado Gathering Report

Date: 96-09-29

Presidents and Idiots,

The weather was perfect for the Colorado Gathering. A big High ;-) moved into Colorado from New Mexico which brought blue, blue skies, lots of sunshine and 70 degree temperatures.

Here is a list of the people who attended. In no particular order they were:

Barry Bennett
Steve Peterson
Jeff Black
Paul Glaves
Voni Glaves
Steve Aikens & "the Woman"
Pat Burch
Dick Wildauer
Howard Schultz
Tony Black
Chuck Henderson
Ed Guzman
Jay Martin
D. B. Tanner
George McHugh
Ira Agains
Bob April

Spiritual Attendees

David Norton
Jim Shaw

Judging from the repeated trips to the chili pot and the bratwursts, everyone seem to have enough to eat and enjoyed telling lies and kicking tires. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting several local Presidents for the first time and renewing old acquaintances. I especially enjoyed having our friends, Pat Burch, Dick Wildhauer, Howard Schultz, Ira Agains, Paul Glaves, and Voni Glaves spend the night with us. In short, I think a good time was had by all. I hope maybe we can do this again next year.

Terry Turnbeaugh
Aurora, Colorado USA

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