The Second Annual Death Valley Daze
Death Valley, California, January, 1997

DVD2 Reports:
Mick McKinnon
Rob Lentini
Darryl Richman
Terry Guder
J.F. Brown
Butch Hays
Alice Raia

From: J.F. Brown
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 97

Hi All,

Instead of the usual trip report, I thought I'd just scribe some random thoughts about DVD II. What a terrific time it was. Great to see so many familiar faces and to connect so many unfamiliar faces with familiar names! <:)))

(Now that DVD II is history, it's time to start thinking about Lost Coast II!)

o CHUG-A-LUG CHAMPION: Scott Lee (Somewhere in the Ozone) performed awesomely Friday nite. I've never seen anybody so well-fried before, even in my college days! More amazing, he was bright, chipper, and up early Saturday morning! I figured he'd crawl outta the tent at noon on all fours, like a sick dog. However, I did notice that Scott stuck to H2O the rest of the weekend. In Scott, we now have a "ringer" who can take on the biggest, baddest, thirstiest Harley rider when it comes to a quaffing contest. Anybody wanna set one up and start taking the bets? ;)

o NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST AWARD: Roland Smith, who wuz popped for 75 in a 55 mph zone coming back from Scotty's Castle. The ranger gave him a warning ticket when he discovered Roland was "the guy who brought all that firewood". Way to go, Roland!

o MOST INAUSPICIOUS ENTRANCE: An unnamed San Diego Prez and Idiot, who wishes to remain anonymous, for running outta gas south of Shoshone. To Butch's credit, high winds and high speeds sucked down the gas faster than he anticipated.

o MOST INAUSPICIOUS EXIT: Bruce & Judy Nelson, who blew a piston 25 miles down the road from Furnace Creek enroute home. (Hey, did you guys and the bike make it home OK? Trip Report, pleeze!)

o MACHO MAN LONG DISTANCE AWARD: Darryl Richman, thru the rain and cold from Seattle and back. (Sorry guys, caging, trailering, and flying in DON'T count!)

o CAMPGROUND CHEF EXTRAORDINAIRE AWARD: Joe Denton, who made sure nobody went hungry. Thanks for all your efforts, Joe. You're elected Chief Chef for *all* future VI-Prez Campouts!

o BRAUMEISTERS AWARD: Tom Childers (for his homebrew) & Dale Blanchard (for an entire keg of excellent microbrew). I have a feeling you guys will be welcome at *any* get-together! ;)

o BEST CAMPGROUND MASCOT: Joe Denton's scrawny, anorexic dog Ruger (Hey Joe, feed that poor skinny canine something! ;)

o LOWEST ODO AWARD:Victor Kimura (new Glacier Green R1100RT), Runner Up: Todd Papke (another Glacier Green R1100RT)

o NEATEST MOTO TECHNO-TOY AWARD: Arno Jones's supertrick GPS setup. By Sunday morning, Arno was complaining about how many times he'd had to demonstrate it (i.e., show it off).

o MOST POPULAR BIKE AWARD: R1100RT. Musta been over a dozen of 'em. Runner Up: various GS-type models (including one li'l R80ST)

o MOST CONSPICUOUS NO-SHOW: T-Mia (Hey, did he wuss outta the Winter Rally, too? IMWTK!)

o MOST CONSPICUOUS NO-SHOW WITH 2 MOTORCYCLES: Damun Gracenin (Hey Damun, that "spare" bike won't do ya any good if ya don't *use* it! ;)

o PILLION AWARDS: the Nelsons, the McKinnons, the Collinses, and the Starks (Hey, it was Herb's decision to *truck* the bike!) (Hope I didn't miss anyone.)

o MOST MISSED: Laurie Robertson. She may have been absent physically, but she was in everybody's hearts and thoughts. We are all praying for you, Laurie, and hoping for your complete recovery.

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