The Second Annual Death Valley Daze
Death Valley, California, January, 1997

DVD2 Reports:
Mick McKinnon
Rob Lentini
Darryl Richman
Terry Guder
J.F. Brown
Butch Hays
Alice Raia

From: Butch Hays
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 11:57:43 -0800

NOTE: I just finished Jim Brown's DVD post, if you did too the following will be pretty poor reading, butt I'm sending it anyway ... you've got a DELETE KEY --- Use IT!!

It's been three days since I got back from DVD and I'm still *high*. I can't work, I can't think of anything else butt gettin' on the bike and riding around with a BIG S#!@eatin' grin under my mirrored visor.

I never had a better time at a get-to-gether ... I just can't bring myself to call DVD-II a rally. I got my pictures back yesterday, and noticed that of the 80 plus pix I shot, only a couple even had a motorcycle in the photo... IT's the PEOPLE that I go for. And DVD had the Presidents, and the Idiots, and the weather, AND the roads, providing you don't go screaming around Dante's Peak, right Sam :^).

Tks to Rev Dan Arnold for going to the trouble to ride fm Kennewick to Portland, (didn't you check the weather channel before riding off???), oh, I ferget ... it IS a GS after all. .... then risking his *life* gettin on an airplane (fer gawds sake ... definitely a *blooming* Idiot) ... to San Diego, and good friends willing to put up with him in spite of his many, many shortcomings. Fulton .... yet another bloomin' Idiot, actually loaned him his own *pride and joy*, a pristine K75 for the trip. I loaned 'im a nice sog in a gerbil carrier, butt I guess it got lost in the heavenly cheeks contest confusion. ... Butt I digress.

Mick Collins is *world class* when it comes to Road Captains. His choice of backroads out of Ramona to Santa Rosa Peak, Joshua Tree and Palm Desert ... and across the Mojave through Baker to Shoshone were like Fulton's Peanutbutter & Jelly Cheesecake. It was much, MUCH better than it sounded!

Unfortunately, Mick has one very obvious shortcoming ... he associates with Idiots; one Idiot in particular who rides a minifaired K75 that was getting lousey gas mileage. Who'd a thunk 175 miles and no more. I sputtered to a stop at the road to Tecopa Springs. The sign directly across the way said Shoshone 5 miles. I took a break, afterall, it was a nice afternoon, beautiful orange and pink colors in the late desert sky. Amazing how quiet it gets on the side of the road, kickin' rocks and bidin' my time. Hell I don't even have a smoking habit to keep me company. Mebbe that's why Fears kept running outta gas, it makes for some L O N G smoke breaks. Now I hear he's givin' it up. Which one are you giving up Larry? Smoking or running out of gas? :^)

Chris Wenzel, R1100RT'd, comes back like a knight and comiserates for a while before riding down the road to Tecopa to see if they have gas. Then Jim Brown putts up and pulls over offering some petrol if I can get it out. We struggled with the port gas line all the way up until Mick & Lani returned with a half gallon from Shoshone! I humbly poured the stuff in and returned to the saddle. That's the first time I've ever done that, honestly; unfortunately I had *lots* of witnesses! :^(



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