The Second Annual Death Valley Daze
Death Valley, California, January, 1997

DVD2 Reports:
Mick McKinnon
Rob Lentini
Darryl Richman
Terry Guder
J.F. Brown
Butch Hays
Alice Raia

From: Rob Lentini
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997

Roger and I left Tucson for DV last Friday morning at 0800, about the same time Jeff and Jill Dean were leaving to return to Madison WI. We think we got the better deal! :)

Taking Hwy 93 to Kingman, the explosives capitol, we jinked over to Laughlin and Searchlight, scooted through downtown Nipton (g), then to Baker, and from there north to Shoshone and in the south entrance to DV. Arno Jones attached himself to our formation at Baker. I thought that yellow RSL looked familiar in my mirrors!

I never tire of the endless descent into this deep trench of a valley, and temps rose as we lowered ourselves below sea level. Passing Badwater at dusk, there were still many visiting this lowest spot in the country, 280 below SL. We cruised into Furnace Creek, said hello, got Arno to the campsite, and off we went to Stovepipe Wells, 23 miles up the valley. After a nice dinner and conversation with Randy (Fresno) and Johnny (Prescott), we racked out.

Next morning the majority rode with Rooz while we stayed behind to visit the DV museum and later journey back to Badwater and Artist Drive, a beautiful collection of pastel colored rock and stratified dirt formations much like the Painted Desert. On up to Zabreske Point we went for a few moments of silence for a very sick fellow Prez, then back to the "Ranch" for lunch at the _open_ (!) restaurant. There I learned that the Longhorn Cattle Company, the place we had our Alpine TX lunch, had been closed down recently per the IRS! Just in time...<G>.

Pictures were later taken at the campsite. Later I labored, only somewhat successfully, on Marc Parnes' GS surging problem. And Steve Aikens: thanks for keeping me fueled!

A VERY pleasant dinner was had by Brian Curry, Richard and Meg Meltz, Mick and Linda McKinnon, Roger, and me that evening. Richard capped it off with pie a la mode and politics.

Incidentally, I didn't recognize Curry earlier in the day. His beard was gone! Sorry bud.

Leaving at 0700 on Sunday, Rog and I climbed west and outta DV, sweeped down to Panamint Valley and headed south at 100+ with not a soul to share the road with. In fact, not a mile of Interstate was ridden on as we left Barstow, hit Twentynine Palms, Parker, Salome, and finally I-10 just west of Tonopah. But not for long! Ten miles of Interstate and we were off again on the Salome road to old US 80 going south, twistily, to Gila Bend. From there we had to Interstate drone on in--Oh well!

So DV II was over, all 1400+ miles. Nice roads, weather, destination, prez', food--everything! Thank Rooz and Ira for the work!

Rob Lentini
'94 R1100RS
The "Ride" Is What's Important!

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