The 1996 Finger Lakes Rally
Watkins Glen, New York
August/September, 1996

From: Dave Keuch
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 96
Subject: BMW: Finger Lakes Report

Carol and I left Saturday morning with Larry Fears in tow. We decided to head up Rt-15 since we were getting a late start and wanted to get a good camping spot. The ride up was nice with not a cloud in the sky. The only thing to dampen my spirits was the banging that showed up after a hundred miles of having my steering head bearing nut tightened. This is the second time in 3k miles..

We pulled up to the registration area signed up and headed into the the campground. We took a short tour of the grounds trying to find the IBMWR Banner and ran into Dr. Terry Evans. Apparently he, John Outland, and a few other guys whose names I'm sorry I can't remember had ridden up from Fl. together. Well we figured this must be the place and setup camp.

After camp was setup we ran into Roger Traversa and his SO Elise, Steve Anderson, and Dana Priesing. Figuring we'd beat the crowds we headed off to dinner at the Wildflower Cafe in Town. On the way out we ran into Gary Harris and his SO Cheryl walking up the road. We gave them directions to the Cafe and headed off.

Dinner and company were great, we spent most of the evening talking bikes, wines and just yucking it up. We made arrangements with Gary and Cheryl to get together for a ride in the morning and headed back to camp. Jon Diaz and Sue had just arrived and like most of us were having problems trying to stake the tent.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking, talking and walking around the campground. Morning broght the promise of another great day so after a quick cheap breakfast Carol, Larry and I headed off to the B&B Gary and Cheryl were staying at. We sent the day visiting the Curtiss Museum, and numerous wineries. We had lunch in Snug Harbor at a place right on the lake, the food was real good. Are you beginning to get the theme of our weekend..?

We arrived in time to catch the dinner. I was still too stuffed so didn't bother to eat and just stuck to a liquid diet. Scott and Frances Adams and Ed Tipton and his "very new wife" Nancy joined us as well as Anton . 8pm we all got together for the IBMWR Prez's meeting which finally brought most of us together. Jeff Dunkle and friend Dawn, Roger Wiles and TLN, DCMIKE and a host of others.

By 9pm Gary and I were getting hungry so we walked over to the Pavilion and got some pizza's (personal pan size) Well within 15 mins almost everyone had one. Talking and drinking went well past 1am. Sunday morning came much to soon!

After breakfast Carol and I headed out for Niagara Falls. Neither one of us had seen it before so figured why not.. We slabbed it out I-90 and were there by noon. Thankful to be riding a motorcycle and not a car I found a small place to park and off we treked to the Falls. It's an awesome sight to see that much water fall that distance.

After a couple hours of hiking around we mounted up and headed back. Once out of area we hit back roads and zig zaged our way back to camp. On RT23 I saw a familiar Duo of Sue and John streak by on their shiny R1100's heading towards the Hammondsport area where you were going to spend the night with friends.

Back at the Rally site there was a large group of IBMWR Prez's hanging around our camping area waiting for us.. Actually I think they just liked our Kermit Chairs. We all headed off to dinner which we brought back to our tent site and procedded to devour. As the sun went down I lit my candle lantern and we all pretended it was a fire as about 15 of us sat around it. More drinking, joking and munchies and we were having fun. Dana brought out an astrology chart like device and we were trying to figure out the locations of the various stars.

Slowly folks started to drift off in hopes of getting some sleep before the ride home. By 11pm we were all tucked in our tents not looking forward to heading for home. Morning brought that all to familiar sound of breaking camp. With only a little over 300 miles to home we took our time and had breakfast before breaking camp. We were on the road by 10am and home by 4pm after stopping for a nice long lunch outside of Harrisburg.

As always the folks that put on the Finger Lakes Rally did a great job. I'm already looking forward to next year.


Dave "HUGE" Keuch

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