The Georgia Mountain Rally Trip Reports
May 1 - 5th, 1996
Hiawassee, Georgia USA

From Pat Roddy:

Date: Mon, 6 May 1996
Subject: BMW: GA MTN Rally-afterthoughts

I'd like to thank all the presidents for all the kind words about the GA Mtn Rally that have been posted here. It WAS fun, wasn't it? :-) We were blessed with great weather and the rest of it pretty much took care of itself.

It certainly was a pleasure meeting so many fellow IBMWR riders. The list of presidents I met this weekend is long and truly impressive. This 'virtual club' never ceases to amaze me with the quality of it's membership.

The "official" tally has been misplaced, but the last count before the Sat. evening dinner was near 60 in attendance. Needless to say, the IBMWR took the Combined Club Miles award, with nearly 24,000 combined miles! This shattered the previous record of 16,000 from a previous year. At least two Californians rolled in, contributing nearly 5,000 miles to the tally all by themselves! I was duly impressed.

The winner of the Aerostich suit was Martha Kennedy of Roswell, GA. She WON the winning ticket as a door prize at the Annual BMW of Georgia Banquet this past January. Her SO, Phillip Warren, WON the R11R at the Rocket City Rally last Memorial Day. Talk about a lucky couple! I hope they play Lotto regularly :-)

Thanks again to all the presidents that attended the GMR. It was an event that will be long remembered in the minds of many as one of the great ones! :-)


From Jon Diaz:

Date: 7 May 1996
Subject: BMW: Georgia - wotta time (long)

Well, my butt still hurts and I'm not too motivated about work today, but I gotta say that I will look back upon this trip/rally with a lot of fondness when we are sitting around next winter. I enjoyed myself.

We left on Thursday afternoon to head to Indy for the night. Dave Soine rode my K75 due to a freak snowstorm at his place in upper Michigan which buried his K-LT, and I had Caroline from South Africa on the back of my RT for her first really long motorcycle ride.

We were loaded to the gills with camping stuff and clothing not knowing what we would run into, and despite the obvious performance compromise that resulted, I'm still glad we brought all of it. For once, I used everything I brought. Except my rainsuit, but more about that later. :)

Got to Bill's around 6:30 and made it over to BMW of Indy for Tim Balough's birthday party. Sue had arrived about 30 minutes before us and claimed to have left Chicago after us. Hmmm.... Chatted with Indy club folks and Jim Buchanan most of the evening, and Sue bought a Multivario for her K75S and a helmet faceshield since she was going to be on the road for the next week or so. We retired early to Bill's house in preparation for the long day ahead.


Bill led us and two more bikes down I-74 to the 275 loop around Cincinnati and we arrived at the rest area meeting point a mere six minutes late. Scott Adams and Ron? were there, along with Walker, Dan, Tom, and the Ducati guy whose name I forgot for a giant parade down the interstate. That lasted for exactly one tank of gas (cars got kinda pissed with our mile long freight train) and then we split up. Sue, Dave, and I made our own little group, and trucked it to Knoxville where we picked up US129.

129 is a smooth, fast road on the TN side, and after following some nice rolling hills, we passed a turnout with a group of bikes and headed up the hill. This became Deals Gap, and the subsequent workout of making a 650lb bike with two people and a weekend's worth of shit change direction repeatedly melted my arms into rubber. I eventually backed off because my centerstand was scraping on every corner, and we tiptoed into the Crossroads of Time for a closer inspection.

I followed Jim Bessette and Rick into the parking lot (they had passed us further up the hill) and started talking. Then the DC guys rolled in.....then the Pittsburgh contingent. Shit, I knew everyone here. Wow. We killed some time talking and taking pictures and then DC Mike volunteered to lead us back to the campsite via the 'secret way.' Oh boy.

Now DC Mike says he has been riding for three years. Bullshit. When I was able to keep up (not for very long), I was entranced by his smoothness and skill on his K75. Excellent....must be the goatee. :) We were having so much fun we missed the turnoff for the secret road, so after flipping around we headed up secret road for more fun. At this point I fell way behind and just wanted it to be over. :) We made a gas stop, and then cruised back to the campsite at Mach 6 and I was entertained by a Ted Verrill hand waving demonstration as we used the various cars on the road as moving chicanes.

Got to the rally site and registered. Ran into Greg Hutchinson, PinkG, Herb and Wilma, and omnipresent rally rat Dave Roof immediately, and then moved off to the unofficial Internet camp site at the front of the park. We were setting up tents when pr came running over to say hi and bye, as he was trucking a large group of people to one of the many eateries simply named 'restaurant' in north Georgia.

Spent the evening wandering around the campsite (it was Sue's first BMW rally, and she LIKED it!....thanks pr) and ran into Jim Shaw, Carl Kulow, Jeff Dunkle, and others until the night was over. Sue was on the road the next morning to see family in Manassas, so it was off to sleep around 10. The Thermarest worked as advertised.


Woke up about 6am and found some empty showers with hot water, which was a nice change from the iceberg runoff water supply used at our local rally. Gathered a group together for a breakfast run, and supported the local pork lobby with more buffet-style eating. Met Dr. Curve and chatted for a bit, and then Sue and I rode off together to see the Blue Ridge Parkway before she had to ride north.

She had plotted out a route on US64 east, and it was fun. Lots of twisties, light traffic, and no cops for 100 miles. I followed the whole way watching her with her new bike, and was enthralled as she carved around corner after corner with no brakes and lots of speed. Neato. :)

We wound our way up to the BRP and said our goodbyes. I headed SW at that point and picked up 23 for the run back to Hiawassee. It was hot, damn hot, and the bank temp said 90 as I got back thru town. I arrived at the site in time for field events (Caroline won the weenie bite), and accidentally blew off the Oilhead tech seminar I was supposed to be leading in order to reserve the special Internet eating area.

Chatted with Jim Shaw, Dave, Carol, and Richard Bernecker, who graciously let us call him dickhead about a million times until he found out how much I dislike VFR750's and started dishing it right back at me. What fun! Watched Herb assemble two camp chairs without reading the  directions (strike another victory for the male species), and teased just about everyone who walked by. It was just good to sit and be with friends.....I enjoyed that part of the rally a lot.

Dinner was standard GA rally style with cooking your own steaks over a pit, and to get him back for all the VFR teasing, I conveniently put Richard and myself right next to Jim Bessette. :) Heh heh.

Wandered around the campsite after the awards ceremony with a lightly loaded T-Mia and Gary Harris, and although Hazbro wouldn't come out of his tent to say hi, he did leave a bottle out for Terry to load up on before our next stop. I ended the evening chatting with DC Mike and Bill Hamilton about something important. I forget what it was.


Got up bright and early when the tent nearly blew over from some nasty winds, and quietly packed stuff up. The DC crew left early to make it home in one day, and we kinda poked along because I had allowed two days to get home.

We left the site around 9am and wandered west on 64. Attended another buffet in Murphy, and then turned it north on 294 to pick up 68. These were great RT roads....nice smooth pavement and gentle curves to keep the undercarriage off the ground. We picked up 68 toward Tellico and got off on 39 to head toward Athens. The temperature was already picking up, and the wind was blowing hard.

We finally got to 127 north and stayed on that for awhile. This road had a bit more traffic, but didn't seem to mind getting passed repeatedly by motorcycles and no one shot at us. :) Picked up route 90 north of Albany and went west toward I-65....we had heard about nasty storms around Louisville and figured since we were so close to Bill's house, we would just make Indy for the night and blast right thru the water.

Got to the south side of Louisville and the sky got dark. It rained a bit on us going thru town, and then on the north side the skies opened up. I had passed on putting my rainsuit on since the fairing does such a good job at speed, but when the cage nitwits decided to slow our pace down, the droplets started coming in over the top and there was no safe place to pull over. As I felt that last dry spot on my body get wet, I figured there was really no point in stopping since that would just be like admitting defeat. No way. I flicked the heated grips on and the four-way flashers and we continued thru the spray. :)

Our group got split up, but we all ended up in Indy about one hour later for pizza and heavily laced hot chocolate. I found out later that tornados had touched down from the weather system we went thru, but we really never saw anything worse than lightning and lotsa rain.

Everyone was a little sore getting off the bikes that one was scrambling to eat pizza when it showed up, and I know I slept soundly.


Left Bill's house about 10am and got to my house around 2pm. Washed bikes, clothes, made some spicy spaghetti (Dave called it Red Death) and ice cream, and lounged the rest of the day.

Kudos to the BMW onwers of GA for putting on a helluva rally, pr for promoting the hell out of it, and me for making the weather at the rally so damn nice and enjoyable. See everyone at Square Route. :)

Jon Diaz
K Whiner MC

From Dr. Terry Evans (T-Mia):

Date: Tue, 7 May 1996
Subject: BMW: Highlights & Lowlights of a Ga Mountain... (long but good and Hubris ;-)

(+) - Ride 2-up from Miami. Did 293mi the first evening and the rest of the 757 total the next day. Comfortable and leisurely.

(-) - Ride home. HOT HOT HOT. One shot, gotta stop "doing Atlanta" on the way back and leaving in the late afternoon. At least I didn't have 2 x 40oz of Fosters like I did last year. :-( Only Ice-Tea - not much of a diff, IMO.

Herb and Wilmma Stark had us by 30 miles on the Two-Up - then somebody with 1,100 miles won :-(

(+) - PRESIDENTS both new and old. ALWAYS a pleasure. Some standouts <forgive if I forgot YOU> :

Dr. Curve: A true Southern Gentleman. Been trying for months to get him to come to one of these things. He surprized us all. I though HE was the "surprise guest" - turns out it was the "No-Show Curry" ;-)

Adam Wolkoff - Although we never really chatted like I'd have liked to. Great for the Name/ time, huh?

Pat "pr" and Linda Roddy - I just hope to be a "Rally Host" like them whan I grow up. I didn't get into the forey of the "PRoddygate" because I knew him to be a Gentleman beforehand - it was just a slip of the mind and mouse button. I _do_ hope all is forgiven as I never even had to consider it.

Meeting S African Prezz, Caroline Hoets. Getting the Tank Girl to sit <still> next to me at the photo-op. Seeing John Diaz and Susan, again. Now having met ALL the K-Whiner M/Cs with lower numbas than me.

- -The Rally Couple....The Rally Couple...The Rally Couple:

Roger Ramjet and Norma.....................................who'd ya think???

Edwina had so much fun - I think we've erased about 50% of those bad Bulow memories...Let's see if we can do the rest by Rocket City and Sq. Route. Many will come to me when I hit the 'send' button. But you all know...

(-) Prezzes I missed or only skimmed the surface with:

To those I only saw on Friday - I was toast from the ride up and not my usual but I'malways in awe the first day meeting people that I know so well in Cyberspace. I figured I catch you all on Saturday - not to be - we ALL were riding!!!

- - Larry Fears - broken wrist and busted bike, never even made it :-( Consolation is that my sides were spared and I was able to ride. We missed ya Larry!!!
- - Eggplant : Wot happened??? My shoulders are big ; so I'll take the blame for your no-show ;-)
- - Prezzes who even Lurk in person - you're really missing out on all this good historical stuff. Be a little more social next time.
- -Eilanbereger and T-Cora - others from your neck of the woods made it. Is it the toxins in Joisey or sumtin'?

(-) Others <non-Prezzes> I missed - got to work on that and be able to sreach myself a little further.


(+) - Deal's Gap - made me realize there's more to biking than The Destination.

- Just about every other road in a 100 mile radius!!! You folks within 50 miles are truly fortunate. Me, I have to ride almost 800 miles to experience that but then again, I'm in Tee's and shorts all year and don't have to shovel nothin' - break even.

(-) So many cliques, factions and impromptu gettogethers: I would have loved to ride with Rick; Dr. Curve; an extended with Gary Harris; Corky; and all you other nuts between the bars. Next time, too, huh?


(+) The Food
(-) The Food

What do you want? If you want food - go to Square Rt, Rocket City etc. This is a Riding Rally.


- -PINK-G: Lose the white socks with sandles...believe me, not cool at all. If you do that - I and Mr. Blackstone will forgive that hat and flip-ups.
- -Only Jon Diaz can do "Squid" but not _look_ squidly.
- -DC Mike: Lose the hat.:-)
- -Best Black Leather Pants: Leah Larkin
- -Best Laid Back: Esquire Ted
- -Best Law Firm : Verrill, Wolkoff, Adams and Smith
- -Best Docta: Jim Roche <sorry, I wasn't alowed since I'm a judge>
- -BIGGEST tent - T-Mia's Coleman. Runner-up: Jerry Duke and Hillary
- -Best H.S. Bunch: The Savannah Boyz
- -Nicest Fairing: DC Mike Schen
- -COOLEST < despite 90degs and one piece racing leathers>: - Gary Harris and Jim Roche
- -Nicest Bike: Dr. Curve's '89 K-1, 12K miles of pristine Laguna Blue Metallic #657 - so what, I looked it up! Rarest of rares...
- -Going Steady? Roger and Norma!!!
- -GOING STEADY! - Herb and Wilma Stark...several runners-up.
- -Best Nickname: Richard Berneker
- -Best Cigars: Dickhead, again!
- -Coolest Looking in a black IBMWR Tee-Shirt: Dave Roof aka Yane
- -Best Camping Set-up: Tom "Hazbro" Hazzard
- -Best Camping Gagets and stuff: Ted Verrill
- -Best Southern Accent(tie): John Outland and Dr. Curve.
- -Time to get new riding clothes: Scott Adams
- - IBMWR Long Distance: Jim Shaw - he came from Kari's, right?
- - Two Bikes at Rally: Jon Diaz
- -Snowed in but still came: Dave Sione<sp> from Michigan. KWMC#4
- -Gotta try a two-piece 'cause you're burning us up: Gary Harris
- -Youngest Prez: At 19, Jonny Jacques
- -Lowest BOOF: At Numba Two - Herb Stark
- -Notable No-Shows: Brian Curry, Tom Keen, Bob Bell and eggplant
- -Best Sunday Breakfast: Andrew Lunde, Edwina and T-Mia.

Pays to leave a little late: The Winnebego Bunch gave us: Smoked Country Ham, Sausage, Scrambled eggs, bread, jelly, butter, fixins' and GRITS!!!
We couldn't finish it all - yummy!!! :-))))

I can go on and on but you get the picture.....

What, 60 Presidents???

Not enuf time, 2 days. But stokes the fires for next....

Pat Roddy always sez it best but I'll try:

This whole IBMWR thing and Presidential Meetings is the best E-Ticket around bar none.

To all that aren't convinced yet?

Give it a shot - you'll be a better person for it.

Joe Senner: Thanks, again - this time I _really_ mean it!!!! :-)))


Oh, yeah, TLE, too ;-)
So, thay ask what's next?
Rocket City - Memorial Day W/E <who's da IBMWR Host? Jim Killian?>
Square Route the nest week-end <take it away, Steve Anderson>

From Gary Harris:

Date: 7 May 1996
Subject: BMW: The Ga Mtn Rally aka An AWESOME Weekend

From the wonderful hospitality of Dave and Carol Keuch, to the AWESOME roads of Northern Ga/Tenn/NC, to the absolutely splendid weather, this will be one to remember!!

John Fletcher (a good friend from NJ) and I pulled into the Keuch Estate of Maryland @ 2am Thursday morning, soaked from the downpour that started mid-way thru Pa. I had never before been so happy to see a garage door open up in front of me. Thanx again Dave!!!

Later that morning, Dave & Carol, Larry Fears, John and I headed for Ga.

Since it was on the way, we decided to take the Blue Ridge Pkwy for a few miles. Breathtaking views made it very difficult for me to keep my eyes on the road. Since there was no cage traffic to speak of, we *really* had a good time....until. I promised Larry I would let everyone know...."He stayed right with us!!"

Get well soon Larry!!! I hear you're scopin' a K100LT. Go4it!!!

I've gotta hand it to him though, throughout the entire ordeal, he never lost his sense of humor. Whatta Guy!!

Finally arrived at the rally Friday morning, about 9:30. Then the *real* fun began!! Rick Landi led the way to what can best be described as a "roller coaster for motorcycles"....Deal's Gap. It was the most fun I'd ever had on public roads. It was also the first time I'd ever seen anyone toss an LT around like it was a dirtbike! You're a wild man, Rick!! ;`)

Just when I though it couldn't get any better, it did!! The next day (Saturday) I went searchin' for curves with DC Mike, Mike Cornett(sp?), Jim Bisset, and Dr. Curve himself...Jim Roche (who, contrary to the tonality of some of his older posts, is in fact one of the nicest guys you could ever meet!! Oh yeah, he can RIDE too!! It was a pleasure, Dr. Curve!).

One of the highlights of that day occurred after Jim B. and I were separated from the rest of the group by a slow moving cager. We had fallen way behind by the time we were able to get around it. Trying to catch up, Jim and I pushed the pace up a bit, taking the straights @ 90mph. Finally, coming over the crest of a right hander, we could see the front three about a quarter mile ahead. Then, after a few more curves, they were gone!! Vanished!! As it turned out, they had taken a quick left off of a blind right-hand corner. Jim and I were focused on the corner and we blew right by them. A few miles later I began (as did Jim) to wonder what the hell happened to them. Then, in my mirror, I see a motorcycle coming around the last left hander and up the up-hill straight like a bat out of hell (remember, Jim and I are doing 90+). As it gets closer I can tell it's a K1. Now, how many K1's are you going to find along the back roads of Ga? Of course, it was the good Dr. Curve reeling us in to turn us around. I was laughing in my helmet for the next 5 miles! ;`)

Later that day the broil-your-own-steak was a delicious way to wind down. Got the chance to meet and talk with more prez's, too many to name. Saw Jeff Dunkle's K75. Nicely done Jeff!! And, for some reason, Dana Presing's K1100RS looked better than any other graphite K I've seen!

After Terry-Miami used his Jim Beam and Tonic to keep me up 'till 1am Sunday, I was barely functional at 4am when it was time to pack and head home. But, eventually I regained my senses. Covered the 875 miles in 13.5 hrs. Great ride that "K"!! ;`)

Thanks Pat!!! The rally was great!! The people were great!! And the roads were even better!!

When do I sign up for next year? ;`)

Gary - NYC

From Adam Walkoff:

Date: 7 May 1996
Subject: BMW: GA Mtn Rally: A winner (long)

Geo Mtn Rally Report
- -or-
A Minnesota Yankee in Pat Roddy's Court

Your Man left Minnesota late Wednesday afternoon, AWOL from work and ready for riding. The chosen destination: Hiwassee Georgia, site of the Georgia Mountain Rally and soon to be home of up to 60 some IBMWR folk. I'll spare you all the blah blah about much of the ride down, since it was mostly slab. Two notable exceptions: (1) It's after midniight, I have the road to myself. The full moon, directly overhead, sheds cool light over me, the bike, the road, the land. (2) TN Hwy 68, from Madisonville south to 74. My first encounter with those wonderful souther 2 lanes. This is just an ordinary road, but its got curves! Lots of fun to drive, especially since they aint got roads like that round these parts. I found many roads in the area of the rally to be quite entertaining--lots of gratuitous twisting.

Arrived at the rally site, but did not spot the banner up front. Drove back into the nether regions of the campsite, and promtly met Rick Landi, Roger Wiles and Greg Pink. Shortly thereafter, Mr Proddy arrived, with news that the original meeting spot is now up and running. After a visual recon of the new site (good excuse to ride pillion on Pat's new GS) I resolve to move up front for the next night. I end the night discussing law, politics, and cigars with Ted Verrill. We earn our stipes as the last ones awake that evening, and then retire.

The following morning, I move my camp to the front. Shade, soil (I could actually sink a tent stake), semi private (if secluded) facilities: a winner. Meet Mike Schen and his K75. Admire the PIAA setup. Since the 1100 mile ride down was not sufficient, I did a bit more riding: Deals gap into foothills parkway into scenic 73 into clingmans dome into, well you get the idea. If you have not had the pleasure of riding in this part of the country, you owe it to yourself. The Gap needs no additional description from me, but I will say I've never whooped so loud in my helmet. While I may not have slayed the dragon, I would be comfoprtable calling it a draw (better than the fellow DC Mike and Ted encountered the same day. Poor guy trashed a brand new squid bike. He only became upset when Ted asked for his photograph...but thats another story). The road up clingmans dome is neat too, especially the curve that corkscrews over on top of itself. A Never ending turn, the perfect metaphor for this day of riding.

I return to put more names with faces: Scott ADams, T-Mia and the lovely Edwina (wearing a lovely, cat-festooned shirt), Mike McDaniel. I spend time admiring Mike's sweet 71 75/5. Just like my first bike, only about 40 times nicer. Friday evening is devoted to socializing. A small group ride in the back of Pat's pickup to a restaurant in town, aptly named "Restaurant." If you left hungry, it was your own fault. The evening special consisted of your choice of protein, accompanied by choice of 3 sides, plus desert and drink, for a whopping $4. Good food, friendly service (Pat reports they tried to refuse a tip for being "too big!"), a real winner.

On the way back to camp, we hit the local beer shack. Dueling banjos twanged as we walked up, but we all left without grunting like pigs or help from Burt Reynolds. As evening turned to night, I imbibed, strolled, and told lies with my fellow propheads. A good time was had by all.

On Saterday afternoon, the road beckoned, and I packed up and headed north. The weather was top notch, as it had been all weekend. I haven't been that hot on a bike since late August 95. Had fun with the southern interstate system, crusing at 85, leaning into sweeper after sweeper. Plenty of purty stuff to gaze upon as well (mountains, valleys, and the new olympic whitewater rafting facility, to name a few). The interstates are helped today with an application of music: Frank Zappa's "Mothers, Roxy and Elsewhere" and Beefheart's "Clear Spot" seem to really do the trick, esp when forced to dodge (another!) dam minivan who wanted my lane at least as much as I did.

<ATTENTION MINIVAN OWNING RIDERS: I'm sure this was just A COINCIDENCE and has nothing to do with my earlier minivan incident, or the intelectual abilities of those that own these wretched vehicles>

The night is spent at the Tri State Motel, in a room without TV (acceptable) or hot water (not).

Sunday dawns gray, and gets colder and wetter as I head north. Nothing but the slab and the rain. I try to cope by applying speed. It helps. Even the Ohio State Trooper who pulls me over is understanding. After discussing my bike and Nancy Griffith (who was playing on the stereo) he lets me off with a warning about driving 75 in a 55. Thank you, Sir.

I'm home now, and warm, and clean. I wish it were Wednesday again. Pat, thanks for all your legwork. It was a pleasure meeting my fellow prezzes. I hope to see you all again On The Road soon.


Adam Wolkoff
St. Paul, MN

From Greg "Bounce" Pink:
Date: 9 May 1996
Subject: BMW: GA RAlly Report, WILL IT NEVER END?

After wading through 125 digests from our group, R1100, Tech and VI, I finally have a chance to write something. Now, isn't that special!

I knew the rally was going to be unique when Rick (alias T-Miami) didn't show at our meeting place at the appointed time. After leaving an MOA message I motored up I-75 at a leiesurely pace. About 1/2 hour later Rick come screaming by. Now, I was doing 75 mph for 1/2 hour when Rick caught me. He got the message 10 minutes after I left it. How fast must he have been going? You do the math. Oh, did I mention that Rickbert has 10 points on his license? That took guts or, well you know......

The next indication I had that the rally was going to be special was when Rick and I made our first gas stop. Rickbert was shivering so I told him to put on more clothes, DUH! He opens his luggage and all I see is alcohol. There weren't many clothes. If he crashed on the way up, his bike would still be on fire today. Rickbert was in full rally mode.

We stopped at REI in Hotlanta to drool for a while and in walks one of the Rally workers. Talk about a coincidence. Rickbert purchases some boot sealer and I get the ugliest hat I can find. Away we go. A mile down the road Rickbert decides he really doesn't need the boot sealant and throws it out on the highway. Those 22 liter latches are great, aren't they.

We arrive at the rally around 3 and run into Hazbro and Roger Ramjet Wiles. Roger has a new squeeze and looks really happy. I'm happy for you buddy. Jonny Jacques, our newest member is also there. This kid is already one heck of a rider. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who could ride slower, so Jonny wins a lot of field events.

Planning ahead, I move my tent (which should have been included in the largest tent contest) near the stream. The running water should drown out Jim Buzzard Shaw's snoring. One day Godzilla will take this as a mating call and we'll all be doomed.

Throughout the day more prezzes show up and it's like old home week. Is there a better feeling than seeing a prezz role up? The IBMWR group splits into two factions: one across the covered bridge and one up front. Midnight raids are planned, but never come to fruition, possibly because no one could walk by midnight (see Rickbert's luggage reference.)

Friday is twisty day. Guess who's late (see Rickbert's, well, you know) :-) Richard "SOD Founder and President" Bernecker and I head out to find Wayah Road. The overlooks on 64 are marvelous as are the 26 miles of curves on Wayah Road. The gravel road to the top of Wayah Bald is a must. As we are sitting at the top thinking know one is around for miles, Hans Ruys walks up. It's a small world.

Richard is starting to get into this dirt and gravel stuff. I think we created a monster. Off we go to the Gap with Myles Lewis in tow. Our first mistake was to feed Richard before we rode the dragon. His green face clashed with his red GS. After checking out the road it was time to open it up and fly back. Man, was this fun. No, I did not cut that car off. No, I did not s**t my pants when that semi came around the corner. We flew by the DC crew and Rickbert, who were heading north, on the way back.

After Richard thought his lunch would stay put we found some really neat dirt roads in the J. Kilmer Forest and a wonderful overlook. Did I say I own an RT?

Saturday became waterfall hunting day. After Hans jump started Hazbro's bike, he, Ian, Myles, Richard, Buzzard and I headed toward Franklin. Now, when a guy sitting in the dark asks you if you have a battery because his died, don't you immediately think flashlight? Sorry Hazbro.

28 south of Franklin is loaded with waterfalls. These aren't the size that a beer laden biker makes at 3am, but huge 10 story types. Man, talk about beautiful. You can drive your bike behind one and walk behind another. Dry Falls was anything but. After a leisurely lunch the ride became a 'catch me if you can affair.' Ian on his R80 G/S led the way. He know the roads like the back of his hand and can fly through the corners. Richard is also one hell of a rider. Talk about a nice lean angle on the GS's. I felt like the Spanish Armada trying to keep up with the English Privateers. The RT ground things that I'm sure weren't meant to be ground trying to keep up.

What a great ride!

At the awards ceremony, T-Miami and Gator were sighted talking to each other. No good can come from this meeting. IBMWR won the largest club in attendance. I won a $25 Touring Gadgets certificate which I parlayed into a $30 Gerbring certificate. We do get three or four hours of cold weather a year in Florida afterall. A picture was taken of the group in front of the banner. We booed everyone who drove in front of us.

Some final observations:

I finally met Herb and Dr. Curve who are both great guys
The Doctor reminded me immediately of Dr. "Bones" McCoy of Star Trek fame
Herb and Dr. Curve - "I don't need no stinkin' tire until I see cord" :-)
Pat, Ian, Mac and the GA group put on one hell of a rally
Deb made the rounds explaining her Duc
Larry Fears was missed greatly, although the local trees were glad to not have a bike leaning on them.
The DC group was neat.
Two West coasters made the ride
One South African made the trip.
One hell of a storm must be in the future for the Rainman since it didn't at the rally.
Mike Cornett is going home Ya'all.
Jim Shaw's excellent adventure is coming to an end.
Jeff Dunkle, a huge Brown's fan, kept wondering why he lived in Pittsburg. (Sorry Jeff, I used to live in Cleveland.) ;-)
Don Graling pulled his "it's lonely at the top" routine and went to a club meeting instead of coming to the rally.
The speed limit signs followed me up from the Tentpegger.
I didn't have to bounce.
A squid did what comes naturally at the Gap.
Ted tried to do what comes naturally with his camera at the Gap.
Rickbert needs a new fairing, centerstand, valve covers, footpegs, shoe soles, side stand, handlebar ends,....
Yes, I need a new front tire.

So many friends, I wish I could have spent more time with everyone. What a great group this is.

Later folks.

Greg "Bounce" Pink
SOD #4

From Jim "Dr. Curve" Roche:
Date: 6 May 1996
Subject: BMW: Intense Ride, Great People - N. GA.

>Beyond that, too many good things to list: good friends, good food,
>good drinks, good stogies, good weather, good time. Met the legendary Emma
>and her more legendary caretaker. As usual for me, I go elsewhere to meet
>people from my hometown. I hope to hand out several Warsteiners soon.
>Thanks to Rick for leading a good ride. Many many thanks to Pat
>Roddy, Mac Macenheimer and the rest of the Georgia gang for putting on a
>great rally. Send in your money NOW for next year!
>Dave Roof

Ditto Dave, what a good, intense, and deep curve run I had with four fellow netmates whome I had never met except on here. Five different bikes, five different state tags, five serious experienced drivers and a thousand curves.

The GA. rally offered enjoyment for all. I ended up having the most fun and my best ride with this particular group of guys although I had ridden eariler in the AM with fine riding other BMW guys. To his credit, "D.C. Mike" led us thru the drunk snake roads in a concise, clean line, fast manner, that had us all grinning in our lids. D.C. was on a well prepared K75 with a bar mount faring but he drove it more in the manner one would a 851. Gary Harris was on a outright bullet of a bike - a dark maroon ZX-9 RR that would lean over till mama said no. Jim Bucannan was on a beautiful 87 or 89 K100RS that had the tires worn over to the "no-no" marks and no bags of packs attached. Then there was a 6'?' Texan from Chicago on his 100,000 mile 86 K100RT or LT (with bags) that could damn sure put that tour rig thru the paces. Off we go, me from Florida, Gary from NYC, D.C. from Baltimore, Jim B. from N.J. and "Texas" from Chicago.

Off we go and in no time we are glued to one another in a fast paced train of right and left bends. All tires got a workout and each of us was running different types. No slips of slides by any -- shows us how good they all really are compared to just ten years ago.

On and on till one feels the tires heat up and began to take a set in the tights allowing us to stay more on power thru that corner and into the next. Some areas have no guard rails or cable stops on any kind so when they say "off the road" thats exactly what they would mean -- unless you could grab a tree limb on the way down, of course. We stop first at a "motorcycle only" campground (TWO) for a coke and then continue on even more and better and faster. Eventually we get lost and just eat at any old BBQ place we see. Rough Life As If!

So much fun driving in that manner with those fellow Net Mates. Texas could drive in the way that only long term experience can provide and drove the Big KT in a sure footed "point it where it needs to go " manner. We other four were impressed with a tour bike going that good.

D.C. Mike was so very smooth and assured in the tight stuff and led us all so gracefully. Jim B. and Gary Harris were dicer types that stayed within 30 feet of each other much of the time and were a beautiful sight to behold as they laid it over to the pegs as I watched from behind where I rode some of the time.

That we could meet, talk, ride hard, and part better friends captured the spirit of the meet and seemed to be the way it was for all at this just past, most excellant, GA. Mountain Rally.

Please guys, invite me again. Best to all.


Ted Verrill's "Multimedia" Trip Report

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