Granville, OH
IBMWR President's Lunch
May 19th, 1996

From: Jim Shaw

Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 11:47:23 -0400
Subject: Re: BMW: Ohio Lunch... a very short report.....

Tom Keen wrote:
> Met 10 presidents yesterday, had a great time.... and once again was reminded
> how much, for the better, this list has enhanced my life.....

...And mine. Good time was had by me; sorry I was late, but David and Kelly and I had been wrestling with David's reluctant R90 all weekend. The Buxton did their part, and Granville was its usual charming self. Like New England in the Spring! Hocking Hills is Ohio's place to ride.

The really good sports award for the weekend should go to Kelly and David, who refused to drop into the requisite funk over their mechanical problems (and the high costs thereof) and had a pretty good time, too. They missed the Presidents Lunch, but Kelly reportedly had a fine time wrenching on David's bike.

A high point of the day was our (unplanned) personal tour of Mark's Re-Psycle BMW Parts, in Carroll, OH. And our three (or so) hours of wool-gathering on the porch there, while Mark and staff worked with David to get Rosie (the R90) back running on all two. Who else in North America could be counted on to have the coils, module, pickups, and knowhow to get Rosie's electronic dual plug ignition working. A big thanks to Mark for making us glad we came over.

When I rode out of Re-Psycle last night about 9:30, I forgot to latch one integral bag on old dBeemer, and I got to the traffic light, listening to the cover scraping on the ground. Lost was the Kathy's liner with, among some valueless dirty clothes, two books that Kelly and David had loaned me. Now, clothes are replaceable, but loaned books are sacred.

When I got home, there was this phone message from Mark; his neighbor brought over the liner, and he'll send it to me. (Maybe I'll ride down to get it, so I can thank him). Hope the books are still there!

Good weekend; good Sunday; good Presidents.

Jim Shaw

Now, does anybody want to sell me just one, right side integral bag for dB, the LT?

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