20th Anniversary IOWA Rally
Iowa City, Iowa
June 7-9

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From: Adam Wolkoff
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996

Subject: BMW: Iowa Rally Report (long)

"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold...anarchy is loosed upon the world..."

Yeats may have been thinking of something else, but he easilly could have been describing the 1996 Iowa rally. Willy B could also have been commenting on the weather this "spring," during which we have seen copius sun at *Bagley* and mud like nobody's business at Iowa City. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

I left St Paul determined to take the scenic way to the rally. This plan held until Hwy 43 near Mabel, MN, when the sky erupted. Oh well, head for 52 South. On the way down I played with the newly installed Fuel+ (full report forthcoming, but no complaints so far) and enjoyed the equally new Parabellum tall shield (+2" and no mre bufeting).

I was greeted with a massive traffic jam as I pulled into the rally site. LOTS of cars (I think m/c must stand for "mostly cars") a few bikes a a buttload of mud. Greasy, thick, brown dirt suspended in water. Folks, I've been to this rally 6 times (I know, just a pup) and have never seen it this sloppy. I run into Eddie James, returning from town with a newly washed bike. Reminded me of the scene in the Holy Grail where they can spot King Arthur cause he's not all covered in it. Eventually set up down in the 'quiet area' and proceeded to enjoy the "traditional Iowa Rally Beverages."

Foreshadowing: immediately upon arrival, I set up the Wild Bunch banner near my tent. I cackled away at the irony of the Bunch establishing a beachead in the QZ--with full intentions of taking full advantage of the peaceful silence. On Sat PM, my master plan backfired. The band played forever, and got louder as it got later. Some of my fellow rally-goers decided that Rap Music at 0230 was a Good Thing. Other, less inteligent guests chose to revtune their bikes, howl like animals, fire up the old pickup truck, etc. What goes around, etc.


Fri night proceeded apace, with mist/rain ongoing. Morning came, gray and wet. Tim Foreman and I enjoy a tasty (really) breakfast, then go pester Ed until he gets up. We agree to ride over to the Amana colonies. I go to retrieve my bike. I see that someone has thoughtfully set their tent up directly in front of the bike. Thanks!

I dodge the tent, but still get stuck. Thanks for the push, guys.

I'll skip ahead to the good part: IBMWR Pres Mtg. First, thank you to the Viper, who not only designed some Real Cool shirts, but remembered EVERYONE'S name. More than once. Lee, you rule. Also fun to put names with faces, esp. Vonni, Jon (again), Tom, Susan. I think we will have some amusing photos of certain people, which I will leave for the future.

I see this is getting (too) long, so will wrap up thusly:

1. Kudos: Lee. The folks who spread new gravel on muddy roads-a lifesaver. PSTA for keeping the price down; this rally is a real bargain. Vendors, and lots of them (especially the Sheepskin Lady. What a nice person, AND the seatcover fits perfectly AND it works even better!)

2. Razberries: Outhouse pumpout crew MIA--yuck. Canceling the field events!? And then rafeling off the prizes?? Why not do like at falling leaf, and have bikeless field events if too wet (or why even cancel? many complained bitterly). Johnny Revtune and his 3AM barnyard friends. Sat PM band (folks, volume will not serve as a substitute for musical chops.)

In the end, the Iowa Rally is about seeing old/new friends. As usual, PSTA saw that mission more than successfully accomplished.

See you on the road.


Adam Wolkoff

From: Lee Freedman
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996

Subject: BMW: Iowa Rally Report

WELL, the 96 Iowa Rally has come and gone leaving behind wet, wacky and wonderful memories. Mostly it was about 1000 motorcyle folks enjoying the good food, copious quantities of beer and socializing despite some adverse weather conditions. It was about a President's meeting that was so good, we held it twice---once on Friday and again on Saturday. It was about the ubiquitous Jon Diaz doing a fly-by with a long enough pause to make the Saturday evening steak dinner. It was about the Rainbow ladies, Pat Purple and Voni RedOne being their charming selves.

It was about not being able to convert anyone to Beam and Tonic although i kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see a Tia-Mia look-alike climbing over the fence. It was about the Presidential Rally Virgins who showed up to share the camaraderie for the first time and of course, got all kinds of bad advice from the old timers

It was about Don (Fake Knee) Faichney broccing people and slipping handouts for the Rolling Broccoli Rally in their pockets when they weren't looking. And of course, we had the usual Rally and Presidential stories, humour and lies from the usual suspects like Tom (Don't call me Tim) Buttars, Tony Black, Steve Huber and others. It was tales from Roger Klopp and John Steifel, members of a select group---survivors of a face to face meeting with a former Prezz who shall remain nameless.

It was the people who joined us even though they weren't IBMWR-connected like Jacques (sp ?) from Toronto, because we were having such a good time.

It was getting the banner up on Friday and then getting it mailed off to Antwerp on Saturday so it would get to Carlo in time for his Belgian Blast.

I sincerely hope everyone who attended the two Presidential meetings had as good a time as I had, putting faces to names, re-visiting friends from other times and places, eating and drinking and talking with our Internet family. Gjotta do it again, soon.

Presidents In Attendance at the Iowa 96 Rally

Phil Covertg            Paul and Voni Glaves         Don Faichney

Roger Klopp Jim Wroblewsi John Stegman Steve Huber Duane Schreiver Mike Kalinosky Jon Diaz Tony Black Tim Forman Bill Huelsdonk Aric Wilkerson Adam Wolkoff Pat Burch John Stiefel Sandy Cohen Chuck Lanczkowski Milo Wieberg Tom Buttars Lee Freedman

If I missed anyone, my apologies for the oversight.

Best regards

Lee "VIPER" Freedman

"Before we find fault in others, we should first seek perfection within ourselves."
The Inscrutable Hop Sing

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