Blue Ridge Blitz to National
July 9th to 11th, 1996

07/11/96, Near Mt. Mitchell on the BRP
Gathering at a rest stop on the BRP, a contingent of riders from the BRP Blitz pulled off to absorb this amazing view, and wait for a group of Blitzers of that were taking it a little slower.

07/10/96, Just Past Mabry Mill off of the BRP.
These guys missed an incredible stack of Buckwheat Pancakes at Mabry Mill (though they didn't have to wait in line...) Did you send Flo the pictures yet? ... ;-)

07/10/96, Gas Stop on the BRP
We scared the daylights out of the two Harley full-dress riders as we pulled in and surrounded them at the gas pumps. Then we started talking bikes and kicking tires and before we knew it we were all gassed up and it was time to hit the road!

07/10/96, A Country Store on the BRP
Phew! All that blitzing sure does take a lot out of a guy! Stopping along the BRP, the weather was so fantastic we all kicked back for 20 minutes or so just to soak it in, then jumped on the bikes to ride as we didn't know how long it would last (it lasted all day ... :)

07/11/96, Even the best plans...
Crabtree Meadows Restaurant (closed) on the BRP where we were supposed to have breakfast. The only guy at the place directed us to the Mt. Mitchell View Diner down the road.

07/11/96, Just off the BRP.
"Watch Out...We've come for your daughters!"
That was the look the lady who ran this place gave us when we parked our 20 bikes and marched in. She immediately put 3 pounds of bacon on the griddle and called her two daughters on the phone to help out. One of them actually took this picture!

07/11/96 Live Action on the BRP!
WHOA...where did he come from!?!?!, a pucker factor of 7...

07/11/96 More Live Action on the BRP!
Jim Colburn didn't know it, but he wasn't the only one shooting "live action" shots!

07/10/96, at the Highest Point on the BRP
Back At Ya Jim...
I caught Jim Colburn in mid-shot as he snaped yet another one of 12 rolls worth of film.
All Photos and Text by Ted Verrill

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