Jim Shaw's Dinner Group Photo Jim Shaw's Dinner & Gathering
Springfield, Virginia
December 12, 1996

From: Steve Anderson
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 96

A quick note to report that the DC-area gathering for Jim Shaw and Jeff Dunkle went smoothly. A decent number (15 or 16?) of us met at Chi-Chi's for a Mexican feast and mucho good times. Some of us rode through the rain and fog, some of us didn't, but we all had a great time.

At one point, amidst the usual ribbing and kidding around, I turned to Jim and said, "It's a good thing we all like BMWs or we'd probably kill each other." Another fantastic presidential gathering, and it was even documented by roving photographer Jim Colburn. Look for pics on the website any minute now... well, soon anyway ;-)

As I mentioned to Richard "SOD" Bernecker, getting together like this sure lifts the spirits when you're feeling down. It was good to see everyone, and I wish those going to Savannah my very best. Wish I could be there!

From: Bill Shaw
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 96

Hello Everyone,

Well it took a visit from an Ohio Prez and a Pennsylvania Prez to get some DC Prez's together for an impromptu gathering. Someone must have tipped Chi-Chi's about us, since we had a private room in the back. Bob Bell and I showed up at about 7; Bob in his Rolls, and me in my Bentley. We found Elsie, Alden and Bob already waiting. Dave Meyer, Larry Fears, Lou Conley, Chris Kleponis, Steve Anderson, Ted Verrill, Mike Schen, Jim Colburn, Richard Bernecker, Doug Miller, and of course the guests of honor, Jim Shaw and Jeff Dunkle graced us with their presence. Bob Higdon was our spiritual honoree.

In brief, it's always great to get so many IBMWR Rub's together in one room. My suggestion for any future events, however, is to leave the Rolex's at home - I think our waiter was expecting more than the 30% gratuity we gave him.

Special recognition goes to Lou, Jeff, Steve, Bob, Chris, Ted, Richard, Doug and Alden (I think) who road their bikes through the pea soup fog we had last night. Until next time...


From: Bob Ryan
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 96

.... I was sitting on near the end of the table in an inconspicious spot to

observe the subject.

Much to my amazement he swiftly collected three of the four baskets of chips around him and at the same time managed to procure better than a gallon of Chi's Chi's secret salsa. In a blink of an eye they were gone, consumed so quickly ordinary men would think that it was a mirage! This onslaught of chips and salsa continued for more than an hour, with large quantities of ice tea also being consumed.

Dinner was next, the order was placed. The subject said "I take a number 10." The waiter replied, "Sir, I am sorry there is no number 10 on the menu." The subject replied, " Your mistaken I said I want a number 10, give me a number 4,3,2,and a 1. Is that not a ten? The order was placed.

In disbelief, I watched, the man went about consuming the food with a vengence never before seen my mere mortals. First the number one, three tacos, rice, beans, and such gone!! The number three followed, two enchalidas, a soft taco, a bean burrito all gone before you could say El Toro. I stared in utter amazement. The other were dispensed with in simalar fashion. This man was a eating machine. I am not sure but I thought I saw him consume food from several other prezzes plates without their knowledge or consent.

All I can say is Jon, be careful Richard B. is an dangerous man!!!

From your man in the field,

Bob Ryan aka"Motel Bob"

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