Tent Pegger Rally Trip Reports
April 19-21, 1996
Florida Campland USA

From Larry Fears:

Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996
Subject: BMW: TentPegger

I've been super busy all day long but I wanted to post the list with a short(long?) report of the weekend. Hmmm... Where to begin?

Highlight of the weekend: This is a tough one because the chance to finally meet some of the characters I have been bantering back and forth with on this list was a real gas. But hands down Wild Bill is a god among mere mortals. He put on a feast fit for a President. As many of you know I have been in an ugly war with my fat cells but I didn't even make a token effort before I sucumbed to the aromas and taste of Chef bill's preperation of Hiriam the pig. I had 3 1/2 plates (ask Rick Landi about the half plate. That will learn ya to turn your back when at the table with the DC crew) before I was so stuffed I thought a certain scene from the excorcist was about to be replayed. :-) The best part was our party area was set up right next to the line for the rally food. I heard one of the people in line smugly say that we were the "internet geeks" He didn't look so smug after he saw what he got versus what we ate. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of the effort and expense Bill went through to prepare this feast but it goes along way to proving my point that IBMWR is filled with some of the best folks around.

I don't think I have laughed harder or longer in a great many years. Rick Landi decided to try and supplement his mileage contest by riding that little R50 Honda around the Camp at night. Sorry Rick I feel as though it is my duty to tell the MOA folks. It must be on BMW, you see. He did help us prove that a mag light is a pretty good substitute for a headlight in a pinch. At least he kept his clothes on this time. ;-0

BTW, Pink Man, I called the makers of Kermit Chairs today and they said if we get a picture of you and me sitting in your chair they will give me a free chair. Thing is we have to use your chair for the test. I say we go for it.

Biggest disappointment- No show on Terry. Terry I spent the better part of a week thinking up some lies to swap with you. I guess I'll have to wait until GA Mtn. You will be at GA Mtn wontcha?

Personal achievements: We decided to leave at 6:00 a.m. so I got to find out I really could break down my tent in the dark. Who knows what it will look like the next time I unroll it, though. :-) Got to my exit around 10ish and had in about 914 miles. I was sucking vapors so as I pulled in to get gas I started really getting bugged about how close I was to 1000 in 1. Some how I caught my second and 1 trip around the beltway and a detour towards Baltimore did the trick. 1011 miles and about 18 hours. Not documented so no pin but I KNOW and that is all that counts. I haven't talked to Dave Keuch yet today but I suspect he got his 1000 in 1 AND rode to work today. Personally I sat on a hemroid doughnut all day today and most likely I'm sterile but what the hey. :-0

I'm looking forward to seeing all of my new friends and meeting more at the GA Mtn. Let's see what did I do with that Preperation H ?

Larry Fears
1982 R100RT "Old Black"
1992 Mazda Miata "Half Cage"
Wheaton, MD

MOA, BMWBMW, AMA, Graling Gang #1
"This whole working thing really gets in the way of my riding" - Me

**************** Crazy Corners Wacko Riders Slab Race **************

From Rick Landi:

Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996
Subject: BMW: Tentpegger Rally

The Tentpegger Rally went off in fine fashion, buoyed by the best weather Florida has to offer.

IBMWR Presidents in attendance included:

Greg Pink               Greg Horne

Wild Bill Weiser Bill Huelsdonk

Tom Hazzard Roger Wiles

Don Graling Larry Fears

Dave Keuch Paul Proue

Tim Samuelson Jim Shaw

Myles Lewis Hans Ruys

Dr. Robert Harms Me

some others, sorry I missed you

One highlight was the spectacular way our own Greg "Crash" Pink was had by his own clubmembers. On the route of the poker run, all the turn speed signs had auxiliary markings, e.g. 35mph, Except Greg, Careful Greg, Watch out Greg. With his recent lowside experience, it was nice to know that someone was watching out for him.

It is true that I got quite a few miles in during the rally, but that was no Honda, it was an R5 airhead half-boxer. I'm turning in the miles.

The Graling Gang showed up and erased all doubt about the sanity of their Four Corners Birthday Ride. They have no sanity between them so it should be easy. Consider this trip most likely to be covered by CNN. Be sure and tune in.

But, the reason that this rally will go down in history is the First Annual Wild Bill Weiser Tentpeggar IBMWR A-Pig-Died-So-We-May-As-Well-Eat-It Dinner Fest and Plate Stealing Event. A pig sacrificed itself so that we could eat until our eyes bulged out. We did. A nobler gesture I can't imagine. Wild Bill was duly nominated and unanimously elected "King of Pigs". I learned an important lesson at this Pig Fiesta. Never turn your back on your food when Larry Fears is sitting nearby. Anybody riding the 4 Corners with him would do well to remember that. Don't let it happen to you.

My congratulations go out to the BMW Owners Club of Florida for hosting a great event. They've been doing this for a while and it shows. And Wild Bill, what can I say? You've taken Presidential gatherings to a new level. Thanks to all.

See you next year,


Rick Landi AMA #120621
Orlando, FL and wherever Presidents go BMWMOA #71199
'87 K100LT T-Mia #5

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